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  1. I have him down for about 1,400 total yards and 14 combined TD, glad to see others are in the same ballpark. If (and it's a big if) he can stay healthy, this could be an absolute BEAST of a year.
  2. One potential difference is that LaFleur was part of the team to sign Deon Lewis, where he has no such "attachment" to Jamaal Williams. Ultimately, pass blocking and injuries are the two potential "gotchas" here, but I don't think LaFleur will be as attached to Jamaal as he was to Deon.
  3. That distinction goes to my 1/2 combo of Hunt/OBJ, but this was a rude start to my "wing and a prayer" lineup...
  4. Jackson... feels like Carson could easily play half of any game then hurt himself...
  5. Blount