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  1. Only because we've seen this movie, Week 2. Welcome, have a seat. Popcorn's made fresh hourly.
  2. In PPR, the fact that Bell/DJ can and do get double digit targets in some games separates them from Carson. That said, I was more than happy to let DJ go in a trade and was unwilling to swap him out for Carson. I am mostly drawn to the consistency of Carson's game. DJ is going to be stuffed running more often than not, so he's dependent on having big receiving games, which will be hit or miss. Bell will even out once they get Darnold back from his pretty-boy disease. I'd take him over Carson at this point, largely because of the receiving prowess and that he'll be running behind mid-tier o-line so rushing won't be abysmal. Bell > Carson (Bell gets more targets and is just as consistent) Carson > DJ (DJ has more targets, but Carson's consistency wins out for me)
  3. Wilson only had to complete 17 passes last game (because of this stud) and one of them was Carson's TD. This wasn't a case of being invisible as much as it was that he literally dominated the game rushing and wasn't needed in the passing game. He's seeing plenty of targets and making some nice catches along the way. I know you can't just ignore things that've happened to cherry-pick stats so I'm not going to erase the fumbles, but that he's sitting at RB 16 ppg with three fumbles and having sat out half a game (as a result of the 3rd) is incredible. This guy is a no-doubt RB1 in all formats. He's even got some rushing TD regression coming (not a single one yet this season, which is an absolute anomaly). Some may say "yes, but he's a fumble waiting to happen" to which I say "doesn't matter, this coaching staff has his back more than any other situation I've seen". (Now, that said, please don't fumble for at least another 3-4 games after you've put to bed that it's a chronic issue!)
  4. Behind that atrocious o-line, 4.1 YPC (in each of his healthy weeks) is incredible and shows his true talent. The issue here is that Zac needs to start involving this guy more, especially in the passing game. As one poster showed, there was a series last game that he took over and dominated, and as soon as they took the ball out of his hands, it was 3 and out with a punt. This is a utilization problem, not a talent problem. Get him consistent touches, and better yet get him into space, where he's dangerous, and it'll open up the 1st and 10 runs that much more. He's already showing he can be productive on a per-touch basis against some pretty decent defenses. Now, his schedule doesn't ever really "lighten up" but he's at least looking (similar to last year) consistent per-touch. I'd much rather have him than an Aaron Jones where the four TD's he's gotten have skewed the perception because "per game, he's top 12". Well, TD are flukey and hard to predict, so I'd much rather have the guy consistently getting 60 YPG rushing (still a 1k rushing season) and see the vast majority of his team's backfield touches than almost any other RB in the league. He's had a slow start because of injury and a lack of TD. Even if he'd avoided injury and had "only" 60 yards a game plus 3-4 catches for another 15 a game, we wouldn't be having this collective freak-out. /bought-low /super-happy-about-it
  5. Am I overpaying? 1.0 PPR My Mike Evans Aaron Jones Evan Engram Terry McLaurin His Keenan Allen George Kittle Tyler Boyd I figure: Allen > Evans Kittle > Engram Boyd > McLaurin < Jones Another way to look at it: Allen > Evans Kittle = Jones Boyd = Engram < McLaurin Thoughts?
  6. Thought I bought low, perhaps I bought high 🙄 He'll get back on track...f
  7. No doubt. Just traded for this guy, but the trade doesn't process until tomorrow (thankfully... I think?)... hoping he can turn it around... What happened to Tunsil buying Watson more time?
  8. Edelman. Williams is second fiddle at best. At least you know that when on the field, Edelman is Brady's guy.
  9. Contrarian here, I think Allen has looked pretty darned good of late. I'd be tempted to start him. Brissett will be managing the clock after Mack runs roughshod all over the place.
  10. 1.0 PPR Terry McLaurin Josh Gordon Preston Williams Terry was the shoe-in until he hurt his hammy... Gordon against BUF is rough, so am I crazy thinking of starting Preston?
  11. 2nd this motion. Picked him up late last week. Dude's arrow is pointing UP.
  12. I have this feeling he's going Week 3 Godwin tonight, but I'm firing him up because Scary Terry may not be able to suit up Sunday. Ugh.