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  1. ho hum another homer, double 4 rbi tonight, hitting .343
  2. There are certain players I just want to be on my team, no matter how dumb the decision may be. He is one of those guys for me. 5 player keeper; no matter I am keeping him!
  3. would love a win every once in a while. geez
  4. Yikes. not good.
  5. would he be consider a top 50 dynasty asset?
  6. any chance? acuna?
  7. sell high
  8. riding him to the ground.
  9. As astros fan I want altuve for the rest of his career. Time for astros to tear up contract and extend him.
  10. had him since day 1 in a keeper league. Maybe time to sell.
  11. it look like he winced after a pitch and tweak his back.
  12. James shields sucks. over last 6 starts, +8 ERA.
  13. if i had to guess, pick him now because i think he starts on Wed.
  14. he turned into Cano.