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  1. Hr last night. Had been 1-18 since returning but now at 17 hr in AAA and counting.
  2. Looks amazing tonight.
  3. can't he just take over 3rd and replace headly.
  4. only been better than harper the last 30 days.
  5. and we get a second start......yippy
  6. Fun fact: He is tied with Clayton Kershaw in xwOBA His 3.33 xFIP is tied with Chris Archer and is .04 better than Carlos Martinez His 0.54 HR/9 is only bested by 5 other pitchers who have made 8+ starts (Godley's made 8 starts) His 60% GB rate is only bested by Keuchel, Wood, Perdomo, McCullers, and Stroma
  7. time to stash fellas. i know a guy, that knows a guy told me this: "My sources within the Red Sox organization have told me that with the recent DL placement of Pablo Sandoval, they are closely monitoring the development and readiness of Devers. He is expected to be called up within the next 2 weeks as they figure out the best course of action with Pablo, whether that be DFA or finding a suitable trade partner."
  8. i think he will be up in the next two weeks.
  9. heard low back issues
  10. butler seems easy enough to replace with some good outings.
  11. you good
  12. party pooper. Cashman says first infield move would be to Tyler Wade, not Gleyber Torres
  13. Reinstated today. Ryan hanigan optioned
  14. how did the kid look? anyone watched?
  15. starting on Wed vs. Rangers. Hmmm