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  1. what do we do with this guy? can sell for a mint right now, but i am scare to do that.
  2. who is he pitching against tomorrow?
  3. is he going twice this week? tuesday and sunday?
  4. This week all righties I believe. May have to make room in the starting lineup.
  5. 3 left handers next week, is the fun over?
  6. Who is mlb comparison?
  7. may be time to pick this guy up.
  8. how bad did it look?
  9. Now the time to pick him up??
  10. carrasco type guy
  11. thinking of buying high. i want a ticket on this train.
  12. maybe he was hurt
  13. he was sold for carrasco in my league. not sure he couldn't have done better.
  14. standard league, h2h, no hold league...... on my wire........got a ticket, no idea when to play him, but i want on this ride.
  15. man i want to be part of this ride, but standard league and he doesn't have much value.