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  1. Rumblings kid could make a move to the #2 hole. Streamers; .283/10 hr/13 sb/60 rbi/ i think there could be room for more.
  2. so torn on this guy. feel like he could be a top SS but that 2nd half slump has me worried. would you guys think he would bat in that lineup. i remember in the playoffs dude was batting 5th, which hurts his value.
  3. Dynasty leagues, how would he be rank? I had Luck as my #1, now i am having second thoughts.
  4. Is Murray a free agent after this year?
  5. Guys ahead of Baez for 2017. Altuve Dozer Cano Trea Odor Murphy Kinsler Pedoria Kipnis that look about right? so fridge top 10 guy for next year for me.
  6. next year i think he takes the next big step.
  7. Jeffrey is killing me. can't sit hit with such a cushy matchup, can't start him. FML.
  8. Gut wrectching. Just going back to bed.
  9. not worth my #1 waiver pick. sitting tight.
  10. I need u Bryce. Just like that week in April. I need u now. U have it in u. Just one week.
  11. misdirection!
  12. on bench playoff week. geez.
  13. he will get 10-12 carries and RZ looks.
  14. anything to see here?
  15. theo riddick?