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  1. Baez is going to fun to own. Love watching w the leather and could break out and be a 20/20 guy or just be good vs lefties.
  2. Cotton Benintendi Baez
  3. i am staying up way to late tonight.
  4. did you realy need miggy with votto?
  5. Ee
  6. Villar bergman kemp jansen porecello pereza teheran diaz
  7. Dee feels like the obvious pick with hopefully a ton of sb and a batting avg .280. but baez is a tantalizing talent that could go 20/20 and is Swiss army knife playing multiple positions. who do i keep?
  8. buxton price. just have more faith in that combo than than the latter.
  9. can harvey ever be the dark knight agagin? strasburg seems to be on your hit list as well.
  10. Si amigo
  11. Cmart
  12. I guess streaming pitchers makes me biased. But I always seem to find some guys off the wire.
  13. 1st base is shallow. 2nd/3rd are deep. SS I want a top 6-7. OF is shallow. sp is deep
  14. so you not keep sanchez? than you just paid mookie, a 2nd and darvish for turner and syndergaard. way to much.