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  1. freaking jay bruce is having a better year. JAY BRUCE!!!!
  2. Worth a flier?
  3. where would you rank andrew miller as a closer for the yanks?
  4. MLBAngels ‏@MLBAngels 9m9 minutes ago Tyler Skaggs to return Tuesday with start for Angels at Kansas City - Los Angeles Times: Los Ang... http://bit.ly/2aoTMVS #angels #ml \
  5. so a comparable player
  6. feel like cubs are mystery team
  7. lucas against that SD lineup
  8. I hope he gets traded
  9. Has no value. Can't even trade him in a keeper. No interest.
  10. I am doing it. no risk, no glory.
  11. so that a good thing thing or a bad thing?
  12. Anybody going to actually start him?
  13. Interested. Very interested