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  1. Starting Lineup for Week 1 (WHIR-Leave a Link)

    Thanks guys. Cook going against NO made me think he maybe worth a start.
  2. Starting Lineup for Week 1 (WHIR-Leave a Link)

    Yeah, I'm considering all options. Don't know what to do.
  3. Trade counter here? WHIr

    I wouldn't do the trade. I'm not a huge fan of Martin either.
  4. QB: Philip Rivers RB: Jay Ajayi RB: Kareem Hunt WR: Julio Jones WR: Jarvis Landry WR: Martavious Bryant TE: Martellus Bennett FL: Dalvin Cook DEF: Patriots K: Prater Bench: Carson Wentz, Danny Woodhead, Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman, James Conner, Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins Thinking of switching out Watkins maybe for Cook? PPR .1 for every 1.
  5. Rate my team WHIR

    That's an awesome team. You're going to do great as long as everyone stays healthy.
  6. Rate my Team 100& WHIR

    A lot of "risk" with Hunt and Cook but if they are hits that's a solid enough running back core. I would try to find a way to upgrade Tate though. But you should be making some noise this year. Just need help on the rookie draft:
  7. Rate My Team- WHIR 100%

    That's an amazing team for 16 teams. Maybe the TE position needs some help? But that's just nitpicking.
  8. Thanks, that was my main concern.
  9. How about the rookie draft?
  10. Rate my Team please - WHIR :)

    Solid team for sure. Big year for Crow.
  11. Julio for sure. Mixon and Hunt for cheaper and I'd try to sneak Woodhead in. People don't like him because he's older and off an injury but for PPR leagues he's always been gold.
  12. Trade jonathan stewart for coleman??WHIR

    I'm a Browns fan and I'm a believer in coleman this year but Stewart should still get the goaline rushes. I'd hold.
  13. Rate my team WHIR

    Like Ty more but Hopkins is a stud too. Great team!
  14. Draft has been going on through email some rookies have had spikes in their stock since the beginning which explains some odd draft spots. Draft Results: 1.01 : Joe Mixon, RB 1.02: Christian McCaffrey, RB 1.03: Leonard Fournette, RB 1.04: OJ Howard, TE 1.05: Mike Williams, WR 1.06: Corey Davis, WR 1.07: Dalvin Cook, RB 1.08: John Ross, WR 1.09: Alvin Kamara, RB 1.10: Samaje Perone, RB 2.01: David Njoku, TE 2.02: Evan Engram, TE 2.03: Kareem Hunt, RB 2.04: Skipped 2.05: Chris Godwin, WR 2.06: Zay Jones, WR 2.07: Team: 10 team / PPR / Dynasty League (Year 2) QB: Phillip Rivers RB: Jay Ajayi RB: Dalvin Cook WR: Julio Jones WR: Sammie Watkins WR: Allen Robinson TE: Martellus Bennett FL: Jarvis Landry DEF: Patriots K: Matt Prater BN: Carson Wentz, Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Kareem Hunt, Danny Woodhead, 2 spots left on my team. I have the first Waiver Wire selection. Deciding between Marshawn Lynch and Martavious Bryant. Leaning Bryant. Trades: Jameson Crowder, Thomas Rawls, Jamaal Charles for Jay Ajayi LeGarrette Blount for draft pick (used to take Hunt)