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  1. I wonder how his career pans out if he would of signed with the Brewers.
  2. If Soler got everyday ABs and stayed healthy I think he could put together a solid season.
  3. People severely underate defense. He had a bad year yes, but that doesn't mean WAR is a bad stat or unreliable. Defense is half the game for positional players. Also the Panda contract, Bill James works for the Sox, yes, that doesn't mean he chooses who they sign.
  4. Felix Hernandez or Jason Heyward?
  5. According to his criteria wouldn't Moncada still qualify?
  6. Yes, relievers pop up every year. Grab the starter.
  7. If you get those 5 for Altuve, yes.
  8. I know right now it's lopsided but given age and this being a dynasty league. Give: Cueto Get: Teheran
  9. In a Dynasty League what would it take for you to trade away Teheran? Some guy approached me and asked and I don't know what fair value would be on him. WHIR- Leave a link.
  10. I don't understand why he'd trade someone that young.
  11. Ventura is such an absolute clown. If I were on his team Id be really sick of his act. If he wants to start all these issues, he should probably nut up and finish one one of these days. Hitting someone with a baseball on purpose needs a bigger suspension.
  12. Brawl between Ventura and Mochado apparently.
  13. No
  14. The Braun contract isn't bad either just to note.
  15. Ha, way to win a trade.