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  1. Yes, relievers pop up every year. Grab the starter.
  2. If you get those 5 for Altuve, yes.
  3. I know right now it's lopsided but given age and this being a dynasty league. Give: Cueto Get: Teheran
  4. In a Dynasty League what would it take for you to trade away Teheran? Some guy approached me and asked and I don't know what fair value would be on him. WHIR- Leave a link.
  5. I don't understand why he'd trade someone that young.
  6. Ventura is such an absolute clown. If I were on his team Id be really sick of his act. If he wants to start all these issues, he should probably nut up and finish one one of these days. Hitting someone with a baseball on purpose needs a bigger suspension.
  7. Brawl between Ventura and Mochado apparently.
  8. No
  9. The Braun contract isn't bad either just to note.
  10. Ha, way to win a trade.
  11. Turner
  12. Everything I've read says he won't be a top 3 pick, crazy.
  13. .367 BABIP 2.71 FIP If he can get the control down...oh man.
  14. Anyone with WHIP as a category. Or knows that wild pitchers don't last.
  15. By that logic we should just suspend Thor for throwing too hard, because if he tries to throw anything on the inside corner in the future, the batter will be in substantially more danger than when he's aiming TWO feet behind them. I'll bet everything I own Thor has thrown 20+ pitches way closer to hitting someone than that. If his control sucks as bad and he missed that badly like you guys are insinuating, Utley would be better off being thrown at than having him aim for the zone I never said Thor has bad control I'm saying it just takes one pitch. Come on you're better than this, you knew exactly what I meant.