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  1. That has to be the best starting lineup ever for the World, right?
  2. We can't make cuts until our league has it's "Opening" so I just posted the whole roster.
  3. Thanks Beatles.
  4. I was just going off lowest owned. I like Enunwa and with doing the 2 for 1 deal, I will only have to cut 3.
  5. 10 Team/PPR/Dyansty League QBs: Rivers, Wentz, Romo RBs: Woodhead, Coleman, Blount, Duke Johnson, Charles, Rawls, Lewis WRs: Julio Jones, Robinson, Watkins, Landry, Crowder, Enunwa TEs: Bennett DEF: Patriots K: Prater Have to get down to 15 and got an offer: Give: Crowder and Charles Get: Ajayi I'm assuming no brainer or should I try to go bigger with Crowder? Cut: Romo, Lewis, Rawls and Enunwa?
  6. I remember the boards talking about him a few years ago then I believe he got hurt. Nice to see he's rebounded a little bit.
  7. Ah you beat me to it! He's very interesting for sure!
  8. I live in Erie and hope he's here soon.
  9. No that's why I said even deal.
  10. Hader will be a middle reliever eventually and Puig sucks. Easily.
  11. Even deal. Rather have Sale in a points league.
  12. Easily.
  13. Up again.
  14. Go away.
  15. Give; Todd Frazier Get; Nick Gordon Give; Anthony Rendon Get; Carlos Carrasco 5x5, OBP instead of average. I have Arenado and Donaldson just looking to clear space but wanted a pitcher since Price, Hamels, Thor are all on the DL.