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  1. In a points league, this guy is annoying. His stat line is great and then you look at his FGs and you lose a good amount of the points right there haha.
  2. Len looks so pissed off.
  3. I hate when ESPN states that a player will miss a game a day before and still doesn't make them IR eligible.
  4. Agree with the above, how much do you have to spend though?
  5. This class so far to me is Lewis and the rest.
  6. I think last year was a complete fluke and he puts up 2015 numbers. Villar does about 70% of what he did last year.
  7. I have Turner and expect .265/10 HRs/35 SBs this year. I would side slightly with Turner now because I see people taking him in the top 12. Then maybe trading him for someone more stable.
  8. I'd actually take Seager Sale. I don't think Villar repeats.
  9. That's the case in my league. If the player has no MLB experience he can't be picked up and stashed. People complained that it watered down the draft.
  10. I wish the projections weren't so corny. Give us an actual MLB Comparison haha.
  11. Just read. As a Gators fan I like Faedo however, if I'm drafting a Gator I'm probably leaning Schwartz.
  12. Damn man your team is stacked. I honestly would trade Springer (IF you want to) for a pitcher.
  13. Yeah, it was brought up that he's the following year. I mentioned 1-1 for that draft. I think he was responding to that.
  14. This isn't even a debate. Harper. Easily.
  15. Thanks ncbobcats.