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  1. Justin Upton 2018 Outlook

    Any chance he ends up on the DL? Would love to have that extra spot.
  2. Points league and I can stash either one. Who do you think is the better player now and in the future? Thanks!
  3. Harper or Baez in a Dynasty

    Yes, true Dynasty. It was more just in a vacuum question. I have Correa, Turner, Altuve, Arenado as an infield with Rendon.
  4. Harper or Baez in a Dynasty

    Thanks Backdoor! I remember during his MVP season you and me had to hoard off the haters on Harper - I like him but I feel like that’s a lot.
  5. Harper or Baez in a Dynasty

    Double Post
  6. Harper or Baez in a Dynasty

    Up for more. I have Baez but the guy wants him and either Vlad Jr/Eloy for Harper.
  7. In a 5x5 OBP besides AVG, just in vacuum who would you rather have? ESPN has Baez ranked a little higher (Karabell's Top 300). Just wanted to see what everyone says.
  8. Trade revised : Trout and Severino WHIR

  9. Amari Cooper or TY Hilton? WHIR!!!

    I’m a Hilton fan. Thanks so much for your help with mine.
  10. Rate My Team - WHIR Leave a Link

    Darnold. Guy was QB hungry. I didn’t care haha.
  11. Rate My Team - WHIR Leave a Link

    I had pick 2 in the rookie draft. Took Barkley
  12. Dynasty League Year 3. 10 Team. PPR. 2016: 7-7 2017: 6-8 QB: Wilson RB: Barkley RB: Hunt WR: Julio Jones WR: Landry WR: Allen Robinson TE: Graham FL: Cook DEF: Jaguars K: Gostkowski BN: Wentz, Drake, Ajayi, Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Cohen, JuJu Where should we upgrade? What would you look to package and who would you want in return?
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Discussion Thread

    Thanks guys. Those were the 2 I was following. I have a top 20 so far but wanted to make some comparisons. Awesome.
  14. 2018 NBA Draft Discussion Thread

    Best people to follow for draft information? Scouting reports and comparisons?