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  1. Unless he starts the season in Double A. That would be quite a push.
  2. Dynasty League. Harvey owner is rebuilding and thinking of trading Harvey. I'm pretty skeptical because I know Harvey's type of injury has ended careers (recently I think Josh Becketts) However I asked him about Teheran for Harvey and he said he would ponder it over. If he declines should I add Betances? 5x5 H2H league, 10 teams, and holds is not a category. Worth the risk?
  3. Apparently according to a BA podcast Royce Lewis is flashing 6/7s across the board if he moves to CF.
  4. 2018* I meant available in a lot of fantasy leagues 2019 prospect drafts.
  5. Seth Beer should be 1-1 in 2019. He's absolutely dominating right now and had an awesome freshmen year.
  6. People forget the pedigree that Rendon had. If he stays healthy. He's a fantasy stud.
  7. Bingo, if you trade buy and sell at the right time you can have a stacked keeper league. It's funny, these boards praise people that are rebuilding and load up on top prospects and when you have someone who has a lot of them and they hit and their team becomes stacked it's "league is ruined".
  8. Draft and trade well in keeper leagues and get the typical "redraft your league it's a joke" responses. I always go offense and I don't trust Villar so I'd grab Donaldson for sure. Congrats on drafting and trading well.
  9. Forgot about Tellez. Saw him play and the sound off his bat was way different than others. He smacked a double and was patient. If Vlad can stick to 3B, that's awesome. I drafted him thinking he won't though.
  10. I live in Erie and sat with some scouts when he was here (saw him pitch against Frazier) he routinely hit 97-99.
  11. Acevedo out of those.
  12. Wow, that's a lot.
  13. OBP league, Votto owner is mauling over sending me Votto for Hosmer and Ellsbury. I think it's a clear trade to accept. I have Josh Bell waiting in the wings. It obviously helps me win now and the next 2 years. Bell good enough to take over in a few years for Votto? Or should I forget worrying about that and just take the trade?
  14. No Vlad Jr. A lot of guys I like on that list.