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  1. Standard scoring. Passing TDs - 4 points.
  2. I would pass, especially if TDs for QBs are 6 points.
  3. I would want more. Considering TE is such a hit or miss position on a weekly basis. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/768200-dynasty-trade-whir-leave-a-link/
  4. Rebuilding team approached me and offered this, I believe it’s a no brainer but I don’t know how much his stock has fallen if it has at all. Give: Miles Sanders Get: Leveon Bell QB: Wilson/Wentz RB: Barkley, Cook, Coleman, Sanders, Drake, Gore WR: Jones, JuJu, Robinson, Landry, Washington TE: Ertz Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex 10 Team PPR
  5. MVS but I could see the argument for both.
  6. PPR, I’m also starting the Patriots defense if that influences things.
  7. Really interesting one. Some surprising names.
  8. Hey guys I’ve been toying with cutting Posey and Votto in my dynasty league. I’ve had them for the last 7 and 3 years so maybe it’s a sentimental thing, but the league is OBP so Votto has some value. Cut Posey and pick up Sean Murphy? Cut Votto or Vogelbach? WHIR
  9. [...] Not surprising though he’s only 20.
  10. Solid team, you’re really going to have to hope Montgomery is the back in Chicago. Thanks for the help on mine.