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  1. He's batted lead off a few games with success... there's definitely a chance he moves up with continued consistent solid play
  2. Nice list man. Wondering if you had Gleyber higher before his TJ injury... and if so where was he?
  3. Would he carry the 2B tag over into next year for yahoo? I'd think he would..
  4. So will he get 2B eligibility in yahoo?
  5. I guess so lol... he's been so good I think he's basically must start everywhere but still I always think twice @ COL
  6. I know it's dirty by baseball rules but still in my eyes that's playing hard
  7. Ahhh just watched it.... not a dirty play imo
  8. He's been great... everybody starting @ COL?
  9. For his first taste of the bigs I'm impressed... having greats ABs. Seen him work walks after being down 0-2 a few times. Seems to have a good eye up there, not hacking at everything. Hitting the ball with authority and I've also seen him bunt for 2-3 base hits when he sees the 3B playing him back. His speed is very impressive watching him run. Also playing CF very well. He seems like a very heady baseball player... I'm buying long term. Him and Broxton are kind of a toss up ROS this yr in my eyes though. From watching the Cleveland games it sure seems like they want Zimmer to play and stay with the big league club and if he gets consistent time I'd take a shot on him over Brox.
  10. Hottest hitter in baseball
  11. Still needs 2 more 2B starts for yahoo eligibility correct?
  12. Watching the game today he looked FILTHY... really like this guy long term
  13. Been watching the CLE games recently. Zimmer looks good. Another 2/2 with 3rbis and a stl so far today
  14. Off Razzball: As if the Yankees needed more positive news, Gleyber Torres has been en fuego in June, hitting .333/.408/.548 with 2 homers, and 13 RBIs in 11 games. The Yankeestop prospect is showing contact, power, and approach at AAA, and he’s only 20. The 30% strikeout rate in June isn’t great, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping him yet.
  15. Man was it fun crushing you guys.