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  1. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Cole isn't an ace #1 SP.. more like a good #2 or great #3 in my eyes
  2. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    Cashman!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Alex Collins 2017 Season Outlook

    You guys think there is dynasty value here? Possible top 10-15 RB next year?
  4. Shohei Ohtani - SP/OF Japan (was: Otani)

    He'll look great in pinstripes 😉
  5. Patrick Mahomes II 2017 Season Outlook

    Hope we get a glimpse of him sometime soon
  6. Austin Ekeler 2017 Season Outlook

    He also consistently averages under 4 yards per carry. Those are volume points. Eckeler will still get his touches and he doesn't need many to produce
  7. Austin Ekeler 2017 Season Outlook

    This guy is going to produce down the stretch especially in PPR leagues. Looked too explosive to not use going forward. Gordon has long underproduced given the amount of touches he gets. Gordon gives the coaches no reason to not use Eckeler. I think he will be worth using at flex or as an RB2 in PPR leagues with a healthy Gordon. If Gordon goes down he's an RB1
  8. WSIS WR ? (WHIR)

    Thanks for the help. I'd go Ginn and TY for a safer play this week... I'd go TY and Doctson if you're shooting for the moon upside this week.
  9. Kamara for Mahomes Dynasty Trade WHIR

    Mahomes upside so enticing lol
  10. Trading some guys - WHIR

    I'd hold bro you're trading the best players in the deal imo
  11. HELP: Trade A. Kamara for K. Allen? WHIR

    In a vacuum I wouldn't make that trade but seeing as how you are absolutely stacked at RB may as well move him for a WR upgrade
  12. Kamara for Mahomes Dynasty Trade WHIR

    That's true but Luck got hurt this year and it totally ruined my season I'm thinking having 3 QBs isn't a bad thing
  13. It's a 2QB 1PPR full dynasty league... we start 2QB 3wr 2rb 1te 2 flex If you're not basing this trade on position need but only player value would you trade Kamara for Mahomes? I love Kamara but Mahomes always impressed me. Considering how often RBs get hurt longterm and that I'm rebuilding currently.. I'm thinking if Mahomes reaches his ceiling he's a safer bigger upside play longterm. What do you guys think who do you like more for their careers? Leave a link and I WHIR Even though i don't want answers based on team need I'll list my squad: QBs Winston Luck WRs Mike Evans TY Martavis Doctson Allen Robinson Paul Richardson Lockett Treadwell Perriman RBs kamara Ameer Abdullah tarik Cohen Alex Collins Prosise TEs Hooper Gerald Everett Kittle
  14. T.Y. Hilton 2017 Season Outlook

    Some of you guys are crazy questioning his connection with Luck. He's top 5-10 WR play weekly with luck
  15. Wayne Gallman 2017 Season Outlook

    Does this guy move the needle in dynasty's?