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  1. Thanks for alerting me to him guys. Remembered he went crazy for a portion of last year. Worthy scoop
  2. Incorrect AGAIN. They are battling for playing time and Hampson plays EVERYWHERE. 2B/SS/OF... oh and he’s just better 🙂 Do not listen to anybody who advocates Franchy over The Franimal or McMahon over Hampson fellas. You’ve been warned
  3. You should check the Rockies starting lineup today and see who is leading off....... one clue... it ain’t Mr.Mehh McMahon!
  4. He’d be great and might actually start a game this year if it wasn’t for the superstar mega beast in the making, The Franimal!!!! See ya in the minors Cordero 👋🏻😎
  5. Out of those choices I’d go India personally. Love Mize but you’re correct SPs are one injury away from a sunken stock. India looks like a 5 tool player and if he stick @3B in Cincy I think he’ll be great for fantasy.
  6. Just sick of Bird man. I know his swing looks so good when he connects but his bat is slow in my opinion. Constantly beaten by good fastballs. Pitchers pipe heat right at him with no fear the last few years and he can’t stop it. I watch almost every Yankee game and while obviously I’m not a talent evaluator I think Voit’s bat is superior. Voit mashes fastballs and is good against off speed stuff as well. Bird’s defense is superior I will say that but it’s just not enough to start him over Voit for me. The Yankees have been trying to HAND the 1B position to Bird for the last 3-4 years and he hasn’t taken advantage. Enough already. Give Voit first opportunity, it’s only fair.
  7. Can’t stand hearing about that HR anymore. As a yankee fan I couldn’t give a rats a** about that HR at this point. Greeeeeeeeat he had one good ab VS Miller years ago. Let’s plan his HOF commencement speech! Done with Bird. Let Voit loose!!
  8. He was their most clutch hitter last year. I think they have to find room for him
  9. See what happens when you doubt Hampson!
  10. Reminds me of Lincecum. Love this guy
  11. As a dynasty owner hoping he goes to the Phills. Be a monster in that park and I feel like his demeanor fits that city. Plus I can just picture him in that uni way more than LA or SF for sure lol
  12. 2-2 /3RBI /2R /1HR That’s how you start ST Hampson!!
  13. The injury’s do scare me a bit with kershaw. The back is worrisome but I’d be trading away a SP anyways and they are all risky.
  14. 10 team/ 5x5 dynasty keep 17 league I was offered Clayton Kershaw for my Forrest Whitley. Both round values are equal. I am in position to make a run at a championship this year. I really love Whitley and am excited to see him but I’m thinking this offer should be accepted. What do you guys think? Leave a link and I will help with yours