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  1. Here we go fellas
  2. Haha please come in here more often. Story needs your support bruhh
  3. Coach George knows his stuff when it comes to the prospects. I'd hush up and take notes..
  4. What's most impressive to me about Thames is what he does when he's not homering.
  5. 30/30 potential? I dont see that but that's all opinion so no need to argue it. He improved last year and wasn't on a 30/30 pace. More like a 20/15 pace. He's walking more? Dude he has 4 walks all year and he has 25Ks in 50abs... he's stringing out half the time. Not good
  6. Yea I agree I don't think they're looking to make a move..... yet. I was thinking down the line a bit say post ASB if Baez is still hitting around .200. Then I think it could get interesting if Happ keeps going Thames in the minors.
  7. I know the Cubs definitely value Baez's defensive and his flexibility but you have to question at what point do they get frustrated with him if he simply can't hit.
  8. Personally I'd trade Baez if I were the Cubs. Happ looks legit
  9. 8 game hitting streak.. top 20 player over the last week. Top 100 over the past 2 weeks. He'll be fine.
  10. What do you guys see Happ's upside as an MLB player? .280/25/15 type?
  11. Was dropped in my league.. Can they really take him out of the lineup when Desmond and Dahl come back?
  12. This guys been great.. just hit another bomb
  13. Picking him up at this point. What do you guys see his upside as? .250 25?
  14. Boom goes the dynamite!
  15. Going off the info in this thread hes had 3 appearances at 2B