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  1. I play in a 10 team 1pt PPR DYNASTY league. We start 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 2Flex (WR, RB or TE) Without team needs coming into play who would you rather own straight up in a dynasty league? MVS or Darren Waller? Here’s my team just for the hell of it. Starting lineup QB1- Mahomes QB2 - Rivers WR1 - OBJ WR2 - John Brown WR3 - Mecole Hardman RB1 - CMC RB2 - Chubb TE- Waller Flex - Austin Hooper Flex - been rotating my bench guys here Bench Goedart Ronald Jones Mostert Malcolm Brown Preston Williams Jakeem Grant keke Coutee Gardner Minshew II Leave a link to your question and I will help
  2. I started a legendary thread. I’m so proud rn.
  3. I don’t own Harry so I’m not so sure how easy of a tell it is lol. I could call you a Josh Gordon homer as well the way you speak of him but I’m purely analyzing the situation like we all should be. Getting back to analyzing the situation Harry imo is one Gordon mistake from possible WR 1/2 value and the odds are in Harry’s favor if you’ve payed attention to Josh’s Gordon’s career. They also drafted this kid in the first round. Bill doesn’t f--- around with draft picks
  4. It matters bro. It’s been an issue Gordon’s whole career. You can’t move the chains if you can’t play and get suspended again. Everybody trusts Josh Gordon to have his head on straight and play a full productive season now?
  5. Gordon isn’t the most stable individual
  6. Really no thread for Harry yet?? Big body WR the Pats took round 1. I’m loving his situation even for a rookie WR. What are you guys thinking in both redraft and dynasty’s?
  7. over/under Aristides Aquino HRs tonight @ 2moonshots..... Im taking the over.
  8. Stud.. the next Aaron Judge. Dont @me
  9. Open the Aquino thread so we can troll absknicks please 🙏🏻
  10. Chubb is a monster y’all worried about Hunt need a Klonopin and chill
  11. It’s not wrong it’s just funny when the guy hits 3 moonshots the next day 😆
  12. Who’s got the Aristides highlight?? Feed me!!!
  13. This guy is getting me very exciiiiiiiiiiite
  14. Anybody got the Yordan 💣 highlight??