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  1. I am very familiar with runyourpool.com. however, it is not a collection site, only a way for a group to join the same pool. the pools I joined through this site, I had to pay a specific person, who then paid out to the winners. In other words, the site itself is fine, but the admin of your league is the one to worry about if you have doubts.
  2. Does anyone use CBS??

    why are you suing league safe?
  3. Enough to sell my Mookie?

    I do that trade all day long
  4. If your leagues are so good, why do you search for 11 or 12 participants for each 12 team league ? Fact is, your method is not straight forward regarding your free shot at the pot, a pot which is not whole. Helping you? Ha, you really are a mental midget if you think FF was helping you because it was the opposite: FF was warning people. Anyhow, thanks for calling us 'dummies' multiple times, another fine example of your leadership. Your league mates must be so proud.
  5. If you are going to insult someone's intelligence, at least use proper spelling. It is "too", not "to". I emailed to see what your pitch is and you choose to not include your real name. Why? As in "why would anyone join a league in which 1/ you won't give up your real name and 2/ you take a cut of the pot off the top". Your email reeked of desperation with 10 reasons why someone should join. Funniest example "you had to write a thread and post it on an internet site"...<<< this is worth $500? You would have been better off keeping your mouth shut instead of writing a long useless message to FF. He is only warning the naive about something that any legitimate commish should write up front: THAT YOU TAKE A CUT OF THE PRIZE FUND. People who had a little sympathy most certainly are joining the group which detests you and your methods. I would love to read an explanation from just one person who joined your league explaining why they don't mind you stealing from the pot. Just one. That is all...
  6. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    It might not be a one year deal but the phils are still paying arrieta a top 5 or 6 salary of all time...do you really think he is worth that?
  7. Greg Holland 2018 Outlook

    Thanks for the link. I was just coming here to say magoo was correct. Teams can lose draft picks, among other things.
  8. Yoan Moncada 2018 Outlook

    Because I don't agree with your analysis, I should use common sense? Dude, Moncada crushed triple A in 2017. 12hr, 17sb, .377onbase%, 14% walk rate in half a season of at bats. You said he didn't show any signs. Common sense tells me you have trouble admitting you are wrong. And I am not a white sox fan, just a fan of baseball...
  9. Greg Holland 2018 Outlook

    The guy has to get a $50,000,000 offer for any penalty. Which team is offering him $50,000,000?
  10. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    I illustrated statistics of arrieta, ie. his massive loss of innings per game started over the past three seasons as well as loss of 3 mph, the comment certainly deserves to be in the jake arrieta thread. As for no factual basis of philly being a world series contender in 2018, the team isn't very good, so no point in heading on over to that thread to discuss the obvious. And it isn't that I think he is going to stink (your words). I think $30,000,000 in 2018 is a huge overpay for something that happened three years ago. Even $25,000,000 next season is too much...
  11. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    229 198 169 Innings pitched starting with 2015, through 2017. Same number of starts Besides losing 60 innings per season, Arrieta also lost 3 mph on his fast ball. Spending $30,000,000 for a season of Jake when philly just isn't going to be a world series contender is, um, silly.
  12. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    If there is anything that is most obvious this winter is that teams are tired of being on the hook for dead money. How about if the angels didn't have poo-holes? Or the Yanks didn't have Ellsbury? etc etc etc. When you talking $20 or $25 million in a single season, that is a lot of money regardless of the name of the team on the front of the jersey. Arrieta has lost 3 mph off his fastball. Philly is silly for ignoring this most important fact and it's going to cost them because they could have went elsewhere.
  13. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    We'll agree to disagree because regardless of how much money a team has, jake arrieta is not worth $30,000,000.
  14. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    This signing is worse than the hosmer signing. $30,000,000 in year one. j.a. can opt out. Is philly even close to being a real world series contender? $60,000,000 for Santana! I know who has my vote for worst off season...