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  1. Only 11mins in 1st half is a concern. No foul trouble or matchup issues. Jabari w 13mins
  2. "Coach Erik Spoelstra had Nunn penciled into the starting lineup from the start. Herro’s insertion came only after Butler was ruled out."
  3. Sorry Cheddarboi, we are now full, paid up and drafting. Thanks for interest though.
  4. Decided to drop overall # of teams to 10. So 1 spot remaining. New managers will get draft pick #1 or #6 and pick 5 players each from this list: Nikola Jokic: Yahoo Rank 6 (1 years left) Jimmy Butler: Yahoo Rank 14 (4 years left) Jrue Holiday: Yahoo Rank 15 (2 years left) Ben Simmons: Yahoo Rank 28 (2 years left) D'Angelo Russell: Yahoo Rank 39 (1 years left) Mike Conley: Yahoo Rank 40 (1 years left) Blake Griffin: Yahoo Rank 42 (4 years left) Khris Middleton: Yahoo Rank 45 (2 years left) LaMarcus Aldridge: Yahoo Rank 46 (1 years left) Kyle Lowry: Yahoo Rank 55 (4 years left) Thomas Bryant: Yahoo Rank 66 (4 years left) Terry Rozier: Yahoo Rank 66 (4 years left) Kelly Oubre Jr.: Yahoo Rank 70 (4 years left) Larry Nance Jr.: Yahoo Rank 70 (3 years left) Steven Adams: Yahoo Rank 76 (3 years left) Fred VanVleet: Yahoo Rank 83 (4 years left) Caris LeVert: Yahoo Rank 85 (4 years left) Mini draft to happen with other new owner asap, and then main draft Sunday 10pm US ET
  5. If you were looking for $100 one on Yahoo, then here:
  6. Yes still looking. We were looking at 10pm Sunday US ET. Would that work for you?
  7. Entering our 11th season, so very established, long running keeper league. BUY-IN: $100 STYLE: 12 Teams, Roto, Semi-KeeperSCORING: Default, 8 Category KEEPER RULES: Keep 5 players each year. A player can only be kept for 5 years before they are put back into draft pool. No other conditions. PAYOUTS: 1st - $600 | 2nd - $400 | 3rd - $200 Go into mini snake-order draft with the 4 new managers to pick your 5 keepers each from this list: Nikola Jokic Jimmy Butler Jrue Holiday Andre Drummond Ben Simmons D'Angelo Russell Mike Conley Blake Griffin Khris Middleton LaMarcus Aldridge Kyle Lowry Aaron Gordon Terry Rozier Thomas Bryant Larry Nance Jr. Kelly Oubre Jr. Steven Adams Marvin Bagley III Caris LeVert Delon Wright Jarrett Allen Collin Sexton John Wall Then new managers will get pick #1, #3, #6, #10 in main draft (reverse order to mini-draft) which headlined by following players: Steph Curry Zion Williamson Lebron James Kevin Durant Rudy Gobert Russell Westbrook PM or reply here if interested or have other questions. Looking to do main draft of 11 rounds one of the weekend evenings at 10pm US ET So teams could potentially look like: Team 1 Nikola Jokic Khris Middleton Thomas Bryant Caris LeVert Larry Nance Jr. Ja Morant Team 2 Jimmy Butler Rudy Gobert Blake Griffin Mike Conley Aaron Gordon Kelly Oubre Jr. Team 3 Zion Williamson Jrue Holiday D'Angelo Russell LaMarcus Aldridge Kyle Lowry Jarrett Allen Team 4 Steph Curry Andre Drummond Ben Simmons Terry Rozier Marvin Bagley III Steven Adams
  8. If anyone is interested, but reluctant because of the lack of LeagueSafe, please reply. If switching to LeagueSafe means filling the league, we'll consider making the change and making the internationals go through one of the US guys.
  9. Bump. Will now draft next week as we wait to fill the league. First year entry fee is discounted fee of $80 to entice new managers. 66% chance at either Steph Curry or Zion for 5 years.
  10. Wouldn't let me edit, but this is quick summary: PLATFORM: Yahoo!BUY-IN: $100 via PayPal/Bank Transfer. Players from all over world, which is why we haven't used LeagueSafe. Established league for 10+ years with lots of history here on Rotoworld forums.STYLE: 12 Teams, Roto, Semi-KeeperSCORING: Default, 8 Category KEEPER RULES: Keep 5 players each year. A player can only be kept for 5 years before they are put back into draft pool. No other conditions.MAIN DRAFT: Sunday, October 13th, 10:00pm US ET DRAFT STYLE: SnakeDRAFT ORDER: Reverse standings from prev season MINI DRAFT: Once all 3 new managers paid, order randomized and 5 picks each to be made via email from list of players below for their keepers.PAYOUTS: 1st - $600 | 2nd - $400 | 3rd - $200 PAYMENT DEADLINE: 24 Hours After 3 new spots filledPOSITIONS: 1 PG | 1 SG | 2 G | 1 SF | 1 PF | 2 F | 2 C | 2 UTIL | 4 Bench | 1 IR