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  1. Also has a .70 ERA in that span...
  2. In his last 9 starts he's allowed more than 3 hits twice! Gone 7 IP in five of them...and had 70 strikeouts in those 56 innings. Possessed right now.
  3. Not to be rude, but everyone who frequents the Mize thread is well aware of all of this. He's recovering from shoulder inflammation. I'm sure I'm not alone when I ask: Can we not bump this thread with random thoughts about the kid? Lets keep it to updates on his recovery.
  4. Judging by Melvins comments recently I doubt it it. He touched on not only the goal of having Luzardo reach 100 pitches in an outing, but also the need to pitch well for a stretch. Can't see him expediting that because of a suspension to someone else. Luzardo certainly deserves being called up. Lets hope Melvin just says "screw it"....
  5. The PERFECT GIF for this lol. It's amazing Boone's done what he has with all the injuries....he comes across as an absolute amateur.
  6. Regardless of Martinez, Reyes will be getting a rotation spot when Moleziak thinks he's ready. Getting Reyes back on track is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE for this organization. Reyes isn't being jerked around anymore. He's getting a couple starts where they have a DH, then he's moving up to (likely) Memphis, where everyone and their mother is praying he continues to progress after a few starts. There is no player who stands in front of Alex Reyes when he is deemed ready. Can we all just get on that page already? This stuff is blatantly obvious.
  7. Maybe I should clarify...Instead of "pay site" I should have said "newspaper site"(maybe the SF Chronicle?). All articles are generally locked behind a paywall. That's normal.
  8. I found the report, but it's a pay-site. Could only read a paragraph. I Tweeted to her asking for more information about her August/September projection, and she never responded.
  9. ://
  10. Seeing Luzardo's name at the top of the page... ....*sighs*....but, what a snails pace recovery. Makes me worry about him long term. My patience has been challenged greatly...
  11. Actually, I've read the blurbs. Not only that, I go out of my way to find articles on Reyes. I don't rely on blurbs. I'm just telling you what it looks like to me. You don't send your top SP prospect back down to the minors to work 40-50 pitches in long relief, to call him back up as a long man eventually. He's been on a RP workload all Spring basically...they weren't gonna send him to Memphis on a 75 pitch limit. He has to work up to that point. That's why you see the manager reference 40-50. The manager of course isn't gonna divulge to the media that his goal is to get his shiny prospect pitcher back up to a starters workload. He wants to project a low pressure situation. The goal is to get this kid back as an elite starter. Period.
  12. Listen, I get it. I've seen the quotes on their approach going forward. But I'm reading between the lines and using basic logic. How smart would it be to continue going back and forth with him being a SP or an RP? I get it, they're using him as a limited pitch SP and using his bullpen days to work on his issues. Reading between the lines: "We're gonna try and get him on a starters routine and get him back on track. We're not messing with him in the bullpen in the Majors again, we saw what that did in the past". You expect me to believe that there's any shred of a chance that they call Reyes up as a RP after he's been on a limited SP routine? No way.