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  1. Actually, I've read the blurbs. Not only that, I go out of my way to find articles on Reyes. I don't rely on blurbs. I'm just telling you what it looks like to me. You don't send your top SP prospect back down to the minors to work 40-50 pitches in long relief, to call him back up as a long man eventually. He's been on a RP workload all Spring basically...they weren't gonna send him to Memphis on a 75 pitch limit. He has to work up to that point. That's why you see the manager reference 40-50. The manager of course isn't gonna divulge to the media that his goal is to get his shiny prospect pitcher back up to a starters workload. He wants to project a low pressure situation. The goal is to get this kid back as an elite starter. Period.
  2. Listen, I get it. I've seen the quotes on their approach going forward. But I'm reading between the lines and using basic logic. How smart would it be to continue going back and forth with him being a SP or an RP? I get it, they're using him as a limited pitch SP and using his bullpen days to work on his issues. Reading between the lines: "We're gonna try and get him on a starters routine and get him back on track. We're not messing with him in the bullpen in the Majors again, we saw what that did in the past". You expect me to believe that there's any shred of a chance that they call Reyes up as a RP after he's been on a limited SP routine? No way.
  3. There's no chance in hell they bring him back as a reliever after stretching him out. They tried that, and it failed miserably. Can't just keep toying with the kid. He's a starter now. I don't see them messing with him anymore.
  4. I don't know about lights out...Still walking his fair share and his command hasn't been great.
  5. I’m not so sure asking your MVP of the past 2 years (while trying to sign him) to move positions to make room for a prospect is a likely scenario. Defiantly not “easy”.
  6. Any report on velocity? Edit: Just saw the RW blurb on him; FB Sat in the high 80's and topped out at 90 a couple times. Lets hope he can raise that a couple ticks at some point in the season.
  7. Didn't realize I offered a projection.
  8. Hard to put much stock into your lofty comparison when you admittedly don't even watch the kid play... Many people in this thread have followed him for multiple years now and are well aware of his perceived ceiling. But thank god someone that watched his highlights loves him!
  9. He may have a few weeks on him, but I'm taking Eloy 10 times out of 10 over Robles. First couple weeks of the season will be a DISTANT MEMORY when Eloy is giving you AVG and power for your playoff run.
  10. I'd rather wait and see before I make any 100% assertions. I think he has a fair shot at making it.
  12. Cody Bellinger should be gaining RF eligibility pretty early on.
  13. This is a HUGE feature removal. It went from being instant, to having to click multiple links and navigate to a new page. Disaster of a decision. If it's not back, I'll be leaving ESPN next year. It's that much of a dealbreaker for me.
  14. After playing ESPN Hockey this season, I am seriously dreading re-activation for this season. I despise the new format. It's painfully slow to load and navigate. The removal of the Player Search Bar completely is a truly baffling decision. I can only hope they've re-added that feature back. Not really a fan of the player pictures on the Team page either. Also the "Display Preferences" option on your Team page is gone. No changing the stats you see (at least in Hockey) if you don't have ERA as a category in your league, you can't view it on your team page nor search Free Agents with it. If you prefer to navigate your team with Safari or some HTML browser on your phone...FORGET IT!....It's so broken it's not even funny. Get used to managing your team via the app!
  15. UCL Tear...Tommy John