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  1. And you're posting this in the Minor League Board because...
  2. Well, considering the name is just a username and not his real name, I'm not all that surprised they bleep it. True story: It's actually the real name of designer Ralph Lauren.
  3. So, does he come out when Kershaw comes back Friday? Hard to take him out when he's throwing this well.
  4. The Padres are throwing 7 Lefties at him. Hope him and Barnes have a good gameplan. Mow 'em down Jose
  5. Threw 3 IP tonight, around 35 pitches.
  6. and for ESPN owners, that means he's playing in his 7th game as 1b. only 3 more for 1b eligibility for the playoffs!
  7. Promoted to Triple A
  8. I haven't been this excited for a Prospect debut since Kris Bryant. It's been a loooooong year stashing him. Great situation to start lets hope he has instant success!
  9. I read about this recently. They do need to protect him, I believe.
  10. Chill out. I'm well aware what a manager and GM do. I would imagine Roberts does however have some say in a prospect joining his teams rotation though to some extent. No need to lump me into "people always". Citing Roberts was just a simplistic way of mentioning it on my part. Funny thing is, as I submitted that post I thought "someone's gonna point out that Roberts isn't the GM", and boom goes the dynamite. So, thanks for that at least.
  11. BTW, ESPN and's LAD 40 Man Rosters don't match. ESPN doesn't have Puig on the 40 man period.
  12. Does Roberts really suck it up and recall him for the Bullpen or let him continue to start for OKC in the Playoffs? I'm thinking he's staying down. From what I've seen, Roberts has given ZERO indication that De Leon even simply could be called. Nothing. Not to mention Anderson and McCarthy are nearing returns. I'd say there's about a 5% chance he's recalled.
  13. Good point. Easy to get lost in all the hype and just assume he's a lock to perform well. I would say however that given all the facts/stats/eye-test...his stuff looks like it will translate well...But we could say the same about Berrios and we know what his stuff has translated to so far. Berrios doesn't have the command of JDL though. Given that Brock Stewart is having success, I'd say it's a great chance JDL does just fine.
  14. The OKC Dodgers will be in the playoffs soon, and you can bet they'll have their ace on the mound. Especially judging by everything Dave Roberts has spewed on the matter so far. Zero inclination of recalling him. And of course Brock Stewart had a decent outing yesterday. Don't hold your breathe guys.
  15. So depressing.