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  1. Actually the biggest difference is about 55 lbs (and 2").
  2. Agreed. I just thought it was ridiculous how he contradicted himself.
  3. Per Roto (piggybacking off of this^^^): Alderson addressed Smith's status when discussing Amed Rosario's promotion to the majors. "I think it's important for guys like Rosario and Smith to get more than just playing time in September," said Alderson. "I think to really make it meaningful, it needs to be a little bit longer than that." After the Mets traded Lucas Duda last week, it's just a matter of time. Smith has been on a tear with Triple-A Las Vegas of late and is batting .340/.394/.534 with 16 homers and 72 RBI over 106 games on the year. There's some question about the power, but he should be worth owning in deeper mixed leagues as soon as he gets the call. Can someone please explain to me how in one breathe he says it's important to get more than just September playing time...and then somehow STILL leaves Smith in Vegas? Why not just call them both up to get the adequate amount of playing time? To say you value that end of season experience, and then go ahead and push back his callup further, resulting in LESS experience...simply makes no sense. I can't imagine the 40 man being a primary factor in holding him back? They have a fairly decent hole (despite Walker and Rivera moving all around the diamond) at first and the perfect player to slot in there. Why delay the inevitable?
  4. This horse has been beaten enough.
  5. C'mon, there's a minors thread for a reason. You won't find a more relevant place for what you're looking for then the MiLB forum.
  6. Torn Hammy. Out up to 4 weeks.
  7. 10 HR in his last 10 games. Is that good?
  8. This is so important. The quicker people understand this, the better.
  9. My jaw dropped when it happened live. Taking THAT pitch deep ON AND 0-2 COUNT? Phenomenal swing.
  10. Bomb #2!! BEAST!
  11. And you're posting this in the Minor League Board because...
  12. Well, considering the name is just a username and not his real name, I'm not all that surprised they bleep it. True story: It's actually the real name of designer Ralph Lauren.
  13. So, does he come out when Kershaw comes back Friday? Hard to take him out when he's throwing this well.
  14. The Padres are throwing 7 Lefties at him. Hope him and Barnes have a good gameplan. Mow 'em down Jose