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  1. OK guys, I have 3 openings for my ESPN online auction Monday March 18 7:00 central 12 team NL only REDRAFT (not keeper) $200 entry fee pays $1350, $700,$350 League safe w majority approval Standard 5X5 roto w 900 IP minimum Weekly lineups Weekly pickups via FAAB 14 hitters, 9 pitchers and 5 man bench We do use only 1C and have a second utility spot. Please email
  2. Quick update guys. The draft will be Sunday March 17 at 4:00 central. I had a couple owners w conflicts on the 16. This is 100% set now. Looks like I have 1 spot left
  3. I have 3 openings in a AL only online auction Saturday March 16 at 4:00 central time. 12 teams. $200 entry fee. 100% payouts $1,350 first, $700 second, $350 third. League uses league safe. Standard 5X5 roto. The only two things different are we use 1c and 2U. Due to ESPN setup we also must purchase our 5 man bench so your budget is $265 instead of $260. Great long term existing league w great owners. Please email me at for a faster reply
  4. I'm not in this one but I've done 3 others of yours. I just received clearance from the boss to do "1 more!" If you do one later tonight or possibly even later Wednesday
  5. I'm paid....league site says draft not scheduled yet. .it is for 9:00 Eastern correct?