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  1. Interested in joining a money league if drafting tonight...preferably after 9 PM Eastern. Also prefer an auction, but am open to most settings. hanny2042@gmail.com
  2. $250 is a bit too rich for me...sorry. I am not able to draft during the day very often...sorry. Just looking for a last minute kind of thing.
  3. I shot you an email. I tried to pay and it says there is a $14 late fee that I would be charged to join.
  4. It is probably a bit too late to start one, but if we get a lot of replies, I can create one quickly.
  5. Late notice...but if there are any openings in any money league that are drafting tonight, I'm looking to join one last minute. I prefer an auction, but will consider a snake also. Thanks! hanny2042@gmail.com
  6. I will take Team #2 if it is still available! hanny2042@gmail.com
  7. Yep...as long as I am positive it won't draft until then.
  8. Go ahead and postpone it until 9...then hit me up
  9. I'd join...but can't draft until at least 9 PM Eastern at the earliest. If you can't find anyone and happen to push it back, feel free to email me and I'm in! hanny2042@gmail.com
  10. hanny2042@gmail.com I'm in tonight with pretty much any settings if it is around $100 and an auction!