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  1. Interested in joining a money league if drafting tonight...preferably after 9 PM Eastern. Also prefer an auction, but am open to most settings. hanny2042@gmail.com
  2. $250 is a bit too rich for me...sorry. I am not able to draft during the day very often...sorry. Just looking for a last minute kind of thing.
  3. I shot you an email. I tried to pay and it says there is a $14 late fee that I would be charged to join.
  4. It is probably a bit too late to start one, but if we get a lot of replies, I can create one quickly.
  5. Late notice...but if there are any openings in any money league that are drafting tonight, I'm looking to join one last minute. I prefer an auction, but will consider a snake also. Thanks! hanny2042@gmail.com
  6. I will take Team #2 if it is still available! hanny2042@gmail.com
  7. Yep...as long as I am positive it won't draft until then.
  8. Go ahead and postpone it until 9...then hit me up
  9. I'd join...but can't draft until at least 9 PM Eastern at the earliest. If you can't find anyone and happen to push it back, feel free to email me and I'm in! hanny2042@gmail.com
  10. hanny2042@gmail.com I'm in tonight with pretty much any settings if it is around $100 and an auction!
  11. Did we bail on filling the league? No worries if so, just went to look and believe the league was deleted??
  12. I have 1 opening in a 3 sport money league (MLB, NFL, NBA). Each sport has 2 different leagues, thus each owner has 6 total teams. We are getting ready to kick off Trinity League Season 4 as MLB is the first sport we compete in. Each individual league has a small number of keepers. Below are a few of the league settings. Our MLB drafts are set to begin on Friday! If interested, shoot me an email and I can send you full settings, rosters, etc. **$160 total buy in (includes all 6 individual leagues – 25 buy in per league + 10 commish fee to set up draft pages, Google Spreadsheets, etc.) **Payouts to top 3 in each league & top 4 in overall standings **3 snake draft leagues & 3 auction leagues **MLB leagues keep up to 4 players/NFL & NBA keep up to 2 players (but do not have to keep any if you choose not to) **MLB snake draft league’s keeper ‘cost’: previous year’s draft position minus 3 rounds **NFL/NBA snake league’s keeper ‘cost’: previous year’s draft position minus 2 rounds **All auction league’s keeper ‘cost’: previous year’s salary + $5 [$260 budget] **12 owners **All slow drafts **All leagues operated on ESPN ** Leaguesafe Given our keeper rules in the snake draft leagues, MLB players drafted in the first 3 rounds and NFL/NBA players drafted in the first 2 rounds the previous year will always be available the next year. Therefore, there is always top tier talent in the drafts. The leagues were created with this in mind, wanting to make the drafts exciting every year. Thanks, Brett hanny2042@gmail.com
  13. I'm in if there are still any openings... hanny2042@gmail.com
  14. Probably too early in the drafting season for this late of a request to work, but if anyone is in a league drafting tonight, I'm in. It has to be money, though...preferably $40 or less. If anyone is up for it, shoot me an email or respond on here. hanny2042@gmail.com