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  1. Who was the chump who allowed a homer to Dee?
  2. They need Brooks Pounders in relief of Flexen
  3. Source? I can say that Hinch recently shot down any speculation about a 6-man.
  4. Oh heck yeah - give them the.25 W
  5. After nearly sweeping the series?
  6. Well, Brad looks to be on the outside looking in at the moment - not starting this weekend...
  7. Anyone see what happened to Desmond? Or is his new thing to get one AB every three days or so?
  8. Many of us...probably very few are here because we care about 2018.
  9. Aaaaand he is out of the game after one AB
  10. LOL - no pressure, Derek! Thanks, skip!
  11. I hear scouts are kinda "meh" on meh.
  12. I like it - move aside, Cody!
  13. Batting behind new call-up Fisher today...
  14. Concerning BB:K rate...