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  1. Didn’t Luck have a top-5 OL last year?
  2. Not at all to do with Julio Jones, but why is Evan. Silva. Such a...fill in the blank. Talk about a guy who isn’t equipped to hear his own opinions challenged! It’s kind of sad
  3. I agree that he will move around. I maintain that DJ will primarily man second. I love your optimism that Tulo will be a long-term factor in any Yankee’s playing time.
  4. Tulo plays short - DJ was signed to play second.
  6. 12th-rated O-line (per PFF). Not going to cry about Julio’s or Matt’s chances playing behind that.
  7. Dude - don’t pay attention to RW blurbs.
  8. As long as he stops cheating, I’m a fan
  9. Sure - guys like Dion Lewis and Thomas Jones also come to mind on further reflection.
  10. Was just thinking of him! But he fell just shy of the “3-5-year” criterion.
  11. I’m sure there are several, but off the top of my head, a fellow KC guy named Priest Holmes comes to mind.
  12. I should state that obviously that is only my opinion (though I figured that was necessarily implied). Why? Because he’s the best back on the team currently and has earned Reid’s trust:
  13. Zeitler was pretty terrible as a run-blocker last year - hopefully that doesn’t impact Saquon too much.