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  1. Tacked on another run so they let him just finish it out, I presume
  2. Maybe you shouldn't have tattooed your fingers with "Rant"?
  3. And he is stuck on the Mets...the place where injured players go to die.
  4. Right. Not attempting to compare them - just comparing what I am seeing in terms of their being hobbled and playing through it.
  5. I don't own him anywhere. Yes, that thought has occurred to me. But I don't believe that's the problem. He just looks hurt - I'm having flashbacks to watching Pujols try to play through plantar fasciitis.
  6. They did it two years ago
  7. Well, I mean you were just talking about how he is struggling now that he has been "exposed." I'm just suggesting he isn't himself right now, and that's being reflected in his performance.
  8. ...has two strikeouts and zero earned runs through one inning? Yes, I agree.
  9. He's clearly not at "full strength" - looks like he is trying to play through a leg injury
  10. Unless it is this sentence.
  11. Not terribly - Roberts pulls starters at the drop of a hat. Except Hill. For some inexplicable reason.
  12. I hear you. But "knee soreness" might be the best injury ever to hope for for a pitcher.
  13. Norris: "I don't expect to miss any time."
  14. Yep the old pop out to...wait...