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  1. It’s starting to look like arthurpete may be benching Yu all season. It’s hard to imagine this version of Yu walking two or less for three straight starts.
  2. Swarzak destined for middle relief?
  3. The whole NESN crew was talking about it throughout the AB and wondering if he would take the field
  4. When does MLB finally crack down on this bull****?
  5. I like how Bell is icing his own pitcher
  7. See Frazier, Clint. See also Williamson, Mac.
  8. He’s shocked to have received a save opp
  9. Newly arrived fans, welcome to the sport of baseball! You’re going to enjoy following it!
  10. Dahl “struggles” against lefties?
  11. Apparently it’s working! You’re welcome!
  12. He’s sucked for the better part of the season?
  13. I don’t know - Silva called the signing of backup lineman and former first-rounder Ereck Flowers as a possible converted guard and line depth for $2.5M by the Redskins the “stupidest” off-season move. So top that.
  14. Literally, who cares? His HC backed him up publicly on not serving as a mentor. Many famous QBs have not offered mentoring services to their backups. Why is this an ongoing discussion?