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  2. Bucs' TEs through six weeks: O.J. Howard - 13/176/0 (18 targets) on 174 routes run Cameron Brate - 12/119/2 (14 targets) on 105 routes run
  3. I miss the Yankees - honestly the best team
  4. Is Ekeler such a difficult word to spell that not even CBS writers can get it right?
  5. Be thankful for one and some pen
  6. Just first and second - but still. Terrible
  7. Can we just close this thread until and unless he gets traded? 😂
  8. RW has become so obsessed with players they have lost faith in...players. It’s like Evan disciple Mensio and a bunch of people who still have no clue how to properly hyphenate
  9. Yep - if those guys are not rostered, just go pick both up. And count yourself exceedingly lucky.
  10. Not really - just saying the game hasn’t ended yet. Not so much of a prediction as a fact.
  11. Man...this game got out of hand in a hurry
  12. That’s right - he’s a frickin’ T-Rex who’s about to bite your head off!
  13. I’ll take it you missed my emoji
  14. You clearly have not been reading this thread for the past month or three. 😉
  15. Khan wouldn’t take two firsts for him. OJ and a first would be insulting.