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  1. @Cmilne23 Thank you so so much for Paxton!
  3. Bucs' TEs through six weeks: O.J. Howard - 13/176/0 (18 targets) on 174 routes run Cameron Brate - 12/119/2 (14 targets) on 105 routes run
  4. I miss the Yankees - honestly the best team
  5. Is Ekeler such a difficult word to spell that not even CBS writers can get it right?
  6. Be thankful for one and some pen
  7. Just first and second - but still. Terrible
  8. Can we just close this thread until and unless he gets traded? 😂
  9. RW has become so obsessed with players they have lost faith in...players. It’s like Evan disciple Mensio and a bunch of people who still have no clue how to properly hyphenate
  10. Yep - if those guys are not rostered, just go pick both up. And count yourself exceedingly lucky.
  11. Not really - just saying the game hasn’t ended yet. Not so much of a prediction as a fact.
  12. Man...this game got out of hand in a hurry
  13. That’s right - he’s a frickin’ T-Rex who’s about to bite your head off!
  14. I’ll take it you missed my emoji