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  1. Full quote on Williams: “Obviously, he’s the starter. We need to make sure that Damien continues to do the things that he needs to do in order to help himself to be ready when called upon—things in the training room w/ Rick (Burkholder), and that’s going to take care of itself.”
  2. What did the Braves part with for Greene again?
  3. That he would be sent down - you were claiming it was imminent around a month ago. Predicting that he would lose PT once Inciarte returned wasn’t an insight, it was just common sense.
  4. You’ve been proven wrong about him multiple times already. Not that it matters particularly, and not that I expect you to admit it - just more a mental note for my future reference.
  5. Too soon to note he’s still up with the team? If so, I can give it another week.
  6. Certainly - but one of the main reasons Ballard has refused to exhaust the war chest in FA is to allow him to extend all of his key core players.
  7. No one gets “juiced” by taking opiates, but I get your drift.
  8. More salient question: your league dispenses rings?
  9. It’s also around that time of year that Evan Silva touts this guy only to disavow and avoid any further commentary once he does relatively nothing again. Draft at ye own peril.
  10. BMcP

    Ty France

    Close: 14 off of Joe Kelly.
  11. I mean, obviously, my first thought. But I didn’t figure it so much purely in terms of pre-season. DHC had that thing rolling from about January 1 onward.
  12. Top of my head? Derrick Henry.
  13. Spoiler alert: there will be talk of everyone looking good in training camp.
  14. You are truly both a dream and a dwightmare.
  15. Godley is hilariously bad. Sprint off to the showers.
  16. It’s a good read. As for “least a bit concerned,” I’m sure people are always concerned at least a bit whenever someone is injured.
  17. Needs to face Brian Dozier a little more often
  18. Dozier slightly more effective
  19. Parra needs to work on his secondaries. Serves him right for that stupid Shark song.
  20. Now Hicks hurt, too?! This has officially become ridiculous.
  21. No need to imagine that: Kitchens has repeatedly told anyone willing to listen that he will have multiple backs on the field on a regular basis. There should be plenty of opportunities for the two main backs to eat.
  22. Only nine earnies - not too bad for 4.2
  23. No @Cmilne23 rant about the Mariners getting no-hit? Has it come to this?