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  1. I must say, that’s some odd decision-making if you feel like he just provides primarily mediocrity year after year. Just trade him if you don’t want him: I guarantee someone in your league would give you something useful in return.
  2. The good ones that don’t make mistakes put up dominant starts - not merely “good” ones. And even they don’t do that game after game. Plus, I’m just passing along info - info that may point to a new stretch of improved effectiveness. Pointing out that he made a few mistakes and got lucky doesn’t really relate to that point.
  3. Out of curiosity: why draft him if you think he is nothing more than a talentless tease?
  4. Not sure on his timeline. He’s close, though. Doubt he plays first.
  5. Yes, positive spin. Obviously he is trying to motivate DW to return to the field - just as he surely understands that you don’t rush players back from hamstring injuries. My point was in response to people interpreting that comment as a passing of the torch to Hyde as the new starter.
  6. Probably Mike Ford, who was just recalled.
  7. But you’re not helping by claiming he isn’t “any good” - he is quite good. When he’s on and right, he’s one of the most dominant starters in the game, just in terms of pure stuff. And he may have found an adjustment that will make him a more consistently dependable starter moving forward.
  8. It means he was designated a one-inning opener for tonight’s game
  9. Why the heck not? Another player for the IL Team’s canasta games.
  10. I read it more as he’s frustrated because he has high hopes for DW and wishes he was on the field and able to participate in practices. He’s putting a positive spin on a somewhat unfortunate situation - as all coaches do all the time.
  11. So Andy says Hyde is doing a “nice job” and it’s panic city? “Nice job”? It’s as if people don’t understand the meaning of “coachspeak.”
  12. One reason for renewed optimism is Paxton’s success coincided with a perceptible change in his pitch mix: he leaned far less on his heater/cutter in this one, opting for more sliders and curves (and even a few effective changeups). That might have been the adjustment he needed to make to succeed down the stretch this season.
  13. What starting pitcher doesn’t get away with a few mistakes on hangers/location in a good start?
  14. How many millions/loss are the Sox paying Sale again? He’s a loss machine!!
  15. Surprisingly little experience along that entire interior line. If Goff had performed better under pressure throughout his career, I wouldn’t be as concerned, but...
  16. Paxton with a great outing tonight against a tough opponent! Go Big Maple!
  17. Goedert is going to start garnering more targets this year as the Eagles continue transitioning to more 12 personnel. I’d actually prefer Kittle.
  18. Gleyber Torres with a 4 run HR.
  19. E-Rod struggling here in the first...
  20. Safe enough to make the situations analogous, in my view.