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  1. So Andy says Hyde is doing a “nice job” and it’s panic city? “Nice job”? It’s as if people don’t understand the meaning of “coachspeak.”
  2. One reason for renewed optimism is Paxton’s success coincided with a perceptible change in his pitch mix: he leaned far less on his heater/cutter in this one, opting for more sliders and curves (and even a few effective changeups). That might have been the adjustment he needed to make to succeed down the stretch this season.
  3. What starting pitcher doesn’t get away with a few mistakes on hangers/location in a good start?
  4. How many millions/loss are the Sox paying Sale again? He’s a loss machine!!
  5. Surprisingly little experience along that entire interior line. If Goff had performed better under pressure throughout his career, I wouldn’t be as concerned, but...
  6. Paxton with a great outing tonight against a tough opponent! Go Big Maple!
  7. Goedert is going to start garnering more targets this year as the Eagles continue transitioning to more 12 personnel. I’d actually prefer Kittle.
  8. Gleyber Torres with a 4 run HR.
  9. E-Rod struggling here in the first...
  10. Safe enough to make the situations analogous, in my view.
  11. It’s not really a question of “talent” - it’s just that I don’t think Hyde is a realistic threat to usurp a healthy Williams’s starting role, based on what the team has publicly stated thus far.
  12. Yes - I think trying to extrapolate from last year’s numbers what to expect from any Vikings WR this year isn’t going to work. They made a hard (and conscious) turn to the run game late last year, and that is, in all likelihood, about to continue. Maybe focus on patterns from those late-season games - like a steep decline in targets for Thielen.
  13. He’s another example of a starting RB with a lower-body injury that the team took it easy on throughout training camp and the pre-season to properly let the injury heal.
  14. I don’t really have a problem with that analogy. I don’t believe anyone is suggesting they are analogous talent-wise.
  15. “Extortionate” in that teams fully understood the Yankees’ predicament and used that against them to ratchet up the price. It has nothing to do with a “conspiracy.” Describing these guys as “spare parts” is a little off-base, IMO. They are both very good players, as they have shown. Trying to extrapolate from Frazier his yearly average WAR is a fool’s errand at the moment. Yeah, I think they were right not to cave for even more than was offered for Wheeler, of all people.
  16. Understood - but presumably that was a sourced story.
  17. Eh. Asher has been basically their best of late.
  18. The interior line is a question mark right now. I still think he performs well, but if you’re on the fence, that might be a tie-breaker.
  19. You’re right. Crazy on their part. And shows how extortionate these offers were that Cashman was considering.
  20. I think it’s the Yanks who turned that down - as they should have.