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  1. Even if - somehow - he inexplicably avoided any official suspension from either MLB or his own team, I feel sure they will suppress his usage in the second half on account of the fan backlash. It’s unavoidable, just face it. Even the most die-hard Brewers fan or “Lord Hader” worshiper must understand this is really serious.
  2. He’s been learning spelling from since-deleted Alex Bregman tweets referencing “flees.”
  3. “What has changed about your thinking?” ”Nothing.” ”Nothing has changed?!” (barely understandable muttering, while trailing off)
  4. Did someone tell Strippy this game has to end?
  5. Lord Hader - this is a sad day for the Empire...
  6. All Hail the Rebellion - Lord Hader has been vanquished.
  7. Blackmon: I’m so sorry they subjected you to having to talk to Joe Buck endlessly.
  8. Instead of ordering @Flyman75 to do all your work for you, why don’t you do it yourself?! You’re the one trying to prove a point. I, for one, appreciate the illustration that good SPs do not have nearly as high a percentage of terrible starts as you are suggesting.
  9. Pointing out that a pitcher has a terrible start literally half the time isn’t “cherry-picking.” It’s just accepting reality.
  10. In literally half of his starts, he’s had an ERA of 5.40 or above and a WHIP of 1.60 or above. I’m taking the over on that line.
  11. Both of thos guys were called up from Triple-A. And neither one has been very productive yet. But yes, this 38-page thread is certainly a sign that you’re not alone in wanting to see him called up ASAP.
  12. If only this guy would make some contact...
  13. Just out of curiosity, who besides Soto were these highly rated peers you speak of?
  14. Lord Hader looked more like Peon Hader this evening
  15. Not at all. They will just do DL shenanigans, but they won’t demote Hill
  16. I fondly remember the days when everyone tried to vote in every Royal.
  17. Lighten up, man. Learn to look on the bright side from time to time, Satane.