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  1. Not sure what kind of chicks gravitate toward a sell/buy class, but they sound a little wild.
  2. Dodgers offense is white-hot right now. Maybe if you hope for a hangover after tonight’s O-party
  3. He’s been almost as bad as Brent Suter tonight
  4. Fortunately Pawnham won’t be around much longer
  5. KABLAMZO CODY! Bellinger is his Gen. Zod
  6. I think we’ve already seen his “floor” is lower than this - but it was an encouraging bounceback.
  7. He appeared to be sitting 89-90 throughout the game. The announcers commented on it, too, by around the second or third inning. Maybe he just had trouble getting loose? I’m not sure why.
  8. So no one is concerned about the velo downtick on his primary offering? Feels like it should at least be mentioned.
  9. To be fair, it’s only ridiculous due to one individual’s “contributions.”