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  1. Thank you. I actually strongly disagree here - mainly because it isn't something that potentially benefits only one player (a la Rice's stickum) but actually a multitude of players - potentially the entire offense. I specifically chose not to cite the fumbling study on the Patriots for the sake of not sidetracking the conversation, but it should be at least conceptually clear that illegally deflating footballs can affect multiple players on offense. Furthermore, as I expect you know, Brady's four-game suspension was not solely due to his violation of an equipment rule.
  2. Second. Sorry I honestly thought I had made that clear above in mentioning that Manning was the "GOAT" and Brady was close but not quite on the same level.
  3. No need to boggle further - simply explain why tampering illegally with football air pressure constitutes lower-level cheating.
  4. I've already provided my opinion that Manning is overall greater - I'm also bound to say I don't understand what you mean by "different levels" of cheating. Maybe it would help to hear your explanation of why you believe illicitly tampering with football air-pressure constitutes lower-level cheating.
  5. I might ask you the same - you admitted he cheated in a post above.
  6. It's one thing to express a preference regarding something - quite another to intentionally engage in a scheme to cheat in order to obtain said preference.
  7. I honestly have no idea how big a deal it is. I'm not an NFL QB. I do know that Brady reportedly complained about the air pressure of game footballs during and after games and lobbied the league (along with Manning) to allow teams to take control over supplying game-day footballs. In my experience, people don't instinctively cheat just on a lark - they do so to obtain some advantage - whether actual or only perceived.
  8. I wouldn't call anyone a "butthurt hater" mainly because it's an excellent way of shutting down meaningful discourse by signaling you don't care to hear differing opinions. You asked earlier whether anyone could bring something "new" to the table - I couldn't agree more that most other relevant points have been discussed extensively. I merely suggested that the fact that Brady cheated was a data point that should be taken into account in some fashion. I agree that "leaving it at that" is lazy analysis. For me, it is a decisive point in favoring Manning.
  9. Fair enough - you're entitled to your opinion. For me, the "GOAT" is Manning. The fact that this debate has extended beyond 26 pages is proof that it is a close question. And had Brady and Belichick not cheated, I might have selected Brady. For me, it's a fact that has to be factored into the analysis. It's hard for me to understand how you can simultaneously call those who don't agree with you "butthurt haters" while calling others "condescending."
  10. It wasn't meant to be "condescending" - it was more an expression of astonishment that the subject hadn't been discussed, as I believed it fell directly within the rubric of this thread. I personally believe the fact that Brady likely was complicit in a cheating scheme, coupled with the fact that his team and head coach had previously been punished for an unrelated cheating scheme, diminished Brady's accomplishments to a degree. Your thoughts?
  11. Ok - then please don't mischaracterize the facts. The fact that Pash was unable to cite "direct" evidence is not equivalent to an "admission" in court that there was "no credible evidence." If this statement were in fact true, it's unfathomable that Thomas Brady and the PA would have simply chosen to accept the punishment for his involvement in a scheme to cheat the game before exhausting his right of appeal.
  12. What exactly was "admitted" in court?
  13. I'd refer you to Impreza's post concerning the validity of the "evidence" cited in the Al-Jazeera report.
  14. Describe the evidence to which you are referring
  15. 26 pages...did Manning ever get suspended for a quarter of a season for cheating?
  16. It's up to three misspelled names and counting today in RW blurbs, combined with their typical grammatical errors and flawed analysis. Are they even trying anymore? I would be ashamed to put that gig on my resume if I were an aspiring sports writer.
  17. For someone so interested in pointing out another's allegedly wrong judgments, I'm not really seeing any "mea culpas" from you in any of the numerous player threads.
  18. A painful injury to be sure... Bills WR Marquise Goodwin is in the league's concussion protocol. Goodwin banged his head on the turd on the last play of the game. Prior to that, he roasted Darrelle Revis for an 84-yard touchdown. It will likely be the highlight of Goodwin's season, possibly even his career.
  19. Was that the sole problem with the write-up?
  20. That fish continues to swim about the barrel un-riddled with bullets...for now.
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    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    On this note: Someone posted this article over in the Colon thread and it had me literally in tears laughing:
  22. Good to have you back - and I was impressed with your entire round of recent posts.  Keep it up!

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      Thx brotha. Means a lot

  23. Love the Doyle Alexander ref
  24. It's sad picking on RW blurb writers - they are so so terrible in such an endless assortment of ways