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  1. I agree with you that Drake makes for a nice counterpoint to Henry’s strengths. Tying it back to the Crabbs observation about an apparent lack of elite vision, I think it must be difficult to distinguish whether Henry is not seeing the holes or just lacks the quickness/agility to exploit them regularly. It does seem to me that, at times throughout the season (most notably the late JAX game), he attempts to compensate for that by relying on his innate speed and athleticism to divert runs to the edge. That may work for a time, but he’s simply not physically constructed like Reggie Bush. And eventually, if he doesn’t begin to run more like he did in the Chiefs game and follow the lines of the play as drawn up, teams will game-plan for those bounce-outs and stop him - much like they did against Bush ultimately.
  2. Sounds good. Sadly I don’t know Middlekauff’s exact age, but for reference he is a former Eagles scout and has been evaluating talent for years: Obviously he's had a massive season," Middlekauff said. "He's been an absolute workhorse. But as a pro prospect, I don't think he's an elite guy." ... Some of the foot quickness and short area explosion that would make him an elite prospect is lacking," Middlekauff said. "Alabama's offensive line relative to the team's that they're playing is so dominant. Most of the time in the NFL, you're not going to have to huge holes and huge creases, so I think people get nervous what he's going to be able to do at the next level when the hole's not all the way there. Just being able to cut back. Just being able to cut like three holes back. That's where maybe his lack of elite foot quickness comes into play.
  3. I honestly have no idea - are you insinuating that his company doesn’t perform its own research and analysis and instead simply parrots what they’ve read on other websites?!
  4. Indeed - if only NFL General Managers did nothing but scout talent and had no other responsibilities.
  5. Absolutely. But it eerily echoes what another well-established talent evaluation outfit - Pro Football Focus - had to say about Henry following the 2016 draft: After shoring up the right tackle position in the first round with Jack Conklin, the Titans continued to find personnel that fits the "exotic smashmouth" scheme they are trying to build by picking up the most physically imposing running back in the draft. Unfortunately, Henry doesn’t offer much of anything different than what DeMarco Murray already brings to the table, and they passed up a golden opportunity to shore up their offensive line even further. Henry is great at falling forward on downhill runs, but he’s chopped down easily in space and isn’t a natural receiver out of the backfield.
  6. It’s certainly the first I’ve heard of the notion that youth is some sort of bar to entry in talent evaluation.
  7. He makes no mention of Murray’s vision in the article posted.
  8. Here’s his LinkedIn profile if you’re interested: Not to get too sidetracked here, I just found it an interesting take by someone who studies NFL talent for a living and wanted to share it with the group.
  9. Kyle Crabbs is the founder/Director of Scouting of NDT Scouting Services, a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and the lead NFL Draft analyst for the FanRag Sports Network. As much as I’d count it an honor to have my own personal opinion count as much as a person who has dedicated himself professionally to scouting NFL talent, I will defer to his observations about Henry’s strengths and shortcomings, notably vision.
  10. Here’s an interesting take from a scout:
  11. Yes. So they must. Ken Whisenhunt? Not a possibility. After all, the last guy Jon Robinson selected to lead the team...Michael Mularkey. This is a can’t-miss improvement.
  12. It seems a little early to even bother speculating at this point. What do we even know about the ‘18 situation at the moment - essentially nothing?
  13. What an amazing comeback win! Looking forward to many more years of HC Michael Mularkey!
  14. Why wouldn't Joey Cora want to "unite" with Joey Cora?
  15. This thread MUST remain named in honor of The Chizz
  16. Is Jim trying to jinx this dude?
  17. Minor question: why does it look like he's batting lefty in that pic? EDIT: ok I see - you meant he's a switch hitter.
  18. Dude just take the deal! Brad Brach had his arbitration hearing Thursday. The decision is expected to come Friday. Brach filed for $3.05 million and the O's filed at $5.525 million when arbitration figures were exchanged in early January. The right-hander posted an excellent 2.05 ERA with 92 strikeouts in 79 innings last season out of the Baltimore bullpen.
  19. Thank you. I actually strongly disagree here - mainly because it isn't something that potentially benefits only one player (a la Rice's stickum) but actually a multitude of players - potentially the entire offense. I specifically chose not to cite the fumbling study on the Patriots for the sake of not sidetracking the conversation, but it should be at least conceptually clear that illegally deflating footballs can affect multiple players on offense. Furthermore, as I expect you know, Brady's four-game suspension was not solely due to his violation of an equipment rule.
  20. Second. Sorry I honestly thought I had made that clear above in mentioning that Manning was the "GOAT" and Brady was close but not quite on the same level.
  21. No need to boggle further - simply explain why tampering illegally with football air pressure constitutes lower-level cheating.
  22. I've already provided my opinion that Manning is overall greater - I'm also bound to say I don't understand what you mean by "different levels" of cheating. Maybe it would help to hear your explanation of why you believe illicitly tampering with football air-pressure constitutes lower-level cheating.
  23. I might ask you the same - you admitted he cheated in a post above.