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  1. They won’t need a fifth starter until the 10th, by which time VV might be ok. But yes, I’d assume he’d be the first option for a spot start.
  2. You forgot unlimited free sunflower seeds, bubble gum and Gatorade!
  3. Prior to the trade, he relied much more heavily on his four-seamer and sinker, generating plus GB rates. He wasn’t a “fly ball” pitcher.
  4. Heck, he’s even throwing in some RBIs these days!
  5. Man, they’re so bad their beat writers can’t even write a proper sentence.
  6. I mean, it’s possible. But it’s highly unlikely in an initial hearing - the first appearance was likely an arraignment.
  7. It is a virtual certainty that everything will not be determined at an initial hearing.
  8. Possibly heat exhaustion, apparently
  9. Did something happen to Eddie Ro?
  10. Oh handling the ninth in a tie game currently - doesn’t look bad at all
  11. Heck, he’s even throwing in some RBIs finally!
  12. · 15m Breaking: Jacob deGrom won't start tonight to take care of "family issues," per Mickey Callaway. He will start tomorrow. Corey Oswalt will start tonight for the Mets.
  13. FYI, DeGrom is not pitching tonight.
  14. Ha! I think I was busy watching Rendon flail away in vain against Nola and got my signals crossed!
  15. I hear you - I actually didn’t even see it, so I totally defer. Thought you didn’t notice at first and thought you’d like to know that he was charged with a hit. No offense intended!
  16. Ah. Probably because you own Rendon?
  17. There was both a single and error.