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  1. He appeared to be sitting 89-90 throughout the game. The announcers commented on it, too, by around the second or third inning. Maybe he just had trouble getting loose? I’m not sure why.
  2. So no one is concerned about the velo downtick on his primary offering? Feels like it should at least be mentioned.
  3. To be fair, it’s only ridiculous due to one individual’s “contributions.”
  4. They pulled him before the rain delay. Benefited from a lot of hard-hit balls right at fielders. This could have been much worse than the line suggests.
  5. Arrieta departs the game in the fifth for a PH to a loudly screamed “f---!”
  6. They won’t need a fifth starter until the 10th, by which time VV might be ok. But yes, I’d assume he’d be the first option for a spot start.
  7. You forgot unlimited free sunflower seeds, bubble gum and Gatorade!
  8. Prior to the trade, he relied much more heavily on his four-seamer and sinker, generating plus GB rates. He wasn’t a “fly ball” pitcher.
  9. Heck, he’s even throwing in some RBIs these days!
  10. Man, they’re so bad their beat writers can’t even write a proper sentence.