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  1. There was both a single and error.
  2. You can put them back on now - blown accomplished.
  3. Another homer off a lefty - he’s going to hit that ceiling pretty quickly...
  4. Username checks out (minus the “r”)
  5. Fightin’ Halos on the comeback trail against Porcello
  6. Seranthony warming in the seventh
  7. They finally threw the damn towel
  8. Tidy 9-pitch save for Peralta - now 2-2
  9. He’s either joking or had his head bashed one too many times by an Ent.
  10. Joshua Hader in a non-save situation with the Brewers losing giving up a couple of hits and an earned run.
  11. .400/3/7 last week. Beware the 26-homer ceiling.
  12. This brings frightening new meaning to the Tomahawk Chop
  13. He is, according to all sources.
  14. The Lerners are notoriously cheap and stingy. It sucks.
  15. He was the pitcher of record when his team obtained a lead
  16. I appreciate it - I agree that he came out of LF as an option and admit I didn’t understand it at first. I used to watch him regularly (due to his intriguing upside) and I felt like he had conditioning issues that prevented him from remaining effective into the middle innings. I think the appeal here is, maybe he follows the failed-starter-cum-effective reliever trajectory a la Davis, Betances, etc. I’m interested to see what he can do with the role.
  17. I mean, 4-5 if he retains the role does not seem realistic whatsoever. As has been long established, there is a very weak correlation between team-caliber and save opportunities, so I assume this has to do with his perceived lack of makeup/stuff. He sports an unusually diverse arsenal for a closer, and routinely neared the top of the list for average FB velo as a starter in his time. Perhaps I missed your explanation of why you believe he won’t be successful, but I will cycle back to find it.
  18. But it is fundamentally unknowable due to the nature of reality - no one knows what the future holds. No need to apologize for providing a differing opinion - but if you’re making a prediction, perhaps it would be more helpful to explain your projection and accompanying rationale, rather than fixate on one particular number you disagree with.
  19. That’s not a reason for believing they wouldn’t use him as a closer - it’s a reason for believing they would.
  20. Why is it important to prove this point? How does this advance the conversation? Clearly, the point here is that Peralta could offer considerable value for anyone chasing saves. Who cares exactly how many he notches?