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  1. “There’s lies, damn lies and...”
  2. DC has been relocated to the rain forest - it just rains. Every day, every night. Non-stop. Though it’s only drizzling at the moment. Odd...
  3. “And there was much rejoicing...”
  4. I’ll reiteratively say “Phew!”
  5. Justin Upton is day to day. X-rays did not indicate any fracture, per the Angels.
  6. Thanks, man! It’s awesome to have this group of like-minded die-hards! You guys are the best!
  7. It’s my birthday, guys! Love you all!
  8. Shirt unbuttoned to about her navel
  9. The breaking of the Cubs is now complete...
  10. He got hit pretty hard in the face/clavicle on one of the last pitches yesterday. Probably just giving him a day to recover.
  11. Kemp and Puig looking like Kemp and Puig
  12. It was just a ****show of atrocious fielding, idiotic defensive alignments, and non-existent hitting against a complete nobody. Buehler actually pitched well
  13. The Dodgers are comically terrible - wonder who replaces Roberts?
  14. Why was that scored error “hilarious”?!