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  1. You clearly have not been reading this thread for the past month or three. 😉
  2. Khan wouldn’t take two firsts for him. OJ and a first would be insulting.
  3. Who was the Yanks fan bashing the LeMahieu signing? Jeez Louise
  4. Hey - I am just excited, Mr. B. Let’s root for our team and not hang on semantics! 😉
  5. Take that for the team like a boss
  6. Head out to a bar! Wow, wasn’t terribly pretty, but I’ll take that lead!
  7. How is it even possible to clear the protocol in four days? Honest question. For instance, I thought the fourth step required non-contact football activity for the duration of a full practice.
  8. Don’t want to dwell any more on what Peterson does with straps
  9. Hindsight is a heck of a teacher
  10. It’s gone the one way twice in a row - if it goes the other way, don’t start him.
  11. I lament your idiocy...I hope you find a way around that terrible decision.
  12. What do you think? It’s the TNF RW thread
  13. That’s why you have Lockett on returns
  14. far it looks there are stupider moves...
  15. You are permitted to be annoyed with why Lockett is used on returns...
  16. He’s practicing again today in some capacity
  17. If he’s not taking PEDs or assaulting chicks in night clubs? Pretty much, yes.
  18. Chicago would like a quick word...