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  1. My bad, absknicks. A home run a little over every six games. Mea culpa. A 0.3 fWAR means he has been objectively above average.
  2. You’re right. I confused this with the Frazier thread. My mistake, carry on.
  3. The team literally told the media he needs to play every day. It has nothing to do with curbing workload.
  4. As scary as Grandal? Prob a bit scarier, I’d say.
  5. Could we shift gears from what a certain individual thinks about his trade value back to the player? Maybin is already hurt. I think they - rightly - want him to play everyday to work on his defense. He should be back up soon enough the way this team works this year.
  6. He had been struggling prior to his demotion. And doesn’t have many ML innings left this year. And the Padres have a ton of alternatives for the rotation.
  7. Only hitting a home run every five games played. Disappointing.
  8. “Done goofed”? That sounds like a stretch. Many reasons to drop him in many situations. That said, I hope he comes back and pitches well.
  9. Agreed. I’m not expert enough to know to what extent a drug like Ostarine (not an anabolic steroid) is damaging to one’s health, but I defer to those who both researched the facts and made a decision based on them.
  10. Staying healthy enough to continue pitching is an enhancement of performance.
  11. Are you guys still here? It’s over - go home!
  12. Yanks with their seventh straight! Who wouldn’t want to play for this team?
  13. Yeah - that’s not great but not bad, either. It may be time to adjust your expectations downward a notch or two, but he has looked better recently!
  14. Someone fire up the “Aaaaand he’s gone” gif.
  15. He just missed like three homers today
  16. He doesn’t have a ton of time to “smash” it
  17. Castillo doing his part to match incompetence
  18. The later date should help but I don’t see him smashing Bellinger’s rookie pre-ASB record in the NL. He might slightly beat it, I guess.
  19. Gents: even though he has self-promoted here in violation of the CoC, he still contributes on these forums - it seems unfair to pile on him. He presents his own insights and opinions, which, ultimately, is all you can do!
  20. Might be even easier to buy him after tonight’s performance