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  1. How do you know all of this? Are you their RBs coach?
  2. Drake is still in Gase’s doghouse? Adam, let him out already!
  3. Agreed - hell of a lot off-base about that comment you responded to. Clearly not a football watcher.
  4. Bob: That comment wasn’t “happy” but was certainly “little.”
  5. Ah, fond memories of the “Brate is a non-factor” conversation...
  6. It pleasures me to know I beat the odds! The one-homer bettors didn’t cash in! (Also to have him ready for the playoffs.)
  7. Still shaking my head that people were drafting him this high after getting a sneak-peek into the new Stefanski offense last year. He’s averaged fewer than five targets/game since he took over as OC. Still might be able to sell him for a low-end WR2 if you act quickly and people assume this game was just an anomaly.
  8. “Asked why the potential breakout candidate has yet to break out in 2019, Bucs coach Bruce Arians told reporters to ask Howard. ‘You'd probably have to ask him," Arians said. "He's got so much talent and he can play a heck of a lot better than he's playing.’” Sounded a heck of a lot like his coach was calling him out publicly for not playing well after the first two weeks. But I’m not Bruce Arians, so take my interpretation with a grain of salt.
  9. That line would take me by surprise - and I’m an owner.
  10. Maybe a long-shot - but it’s a good situation to be in for a backup RB.
  11. Does he play this week? NM: Thinking of Goodwin.
  12. Exactly. Heck, I thought they might want to know what a first-round RB with accomplished passing skills could do for them when healthy.
  13. His own coach called him out publicly just a couple of weeks ago for not playing well. I’d say it’s deserved.
  14. Yes he has - Reid stated at the presser announcing the McCoy signing that Damien was still viewed as the starter. The fact that he also envisioned a committee RB approach doesn’t invalidate that fact.
  15. The Jonas Brothers are in even less of a timeshare than KC’s RBs this year.
  16. Actually that’s precisely what I did - feel free to look up for yourself how he produced on the Bengals pre-Eifert. Not sure how quarreling with me is going to make you feel better about wasting a high pick on Howard, but to each his own.
  17. Just providing facts - do with them whatever you will. Point being he wasn’t a “crap” player.
  18. Arizona had Jermaine Gresham, a former first-rounder and two-time Pro Bowler, who was basically the second-most prolific receiver on the Bengals for years before the arrival of Eifert. He’s not “crap” - Arians just chose not to feature him.
  19. I will honestly admit that it’s a crying shame that he wasn’t claimed earlier in drafts if that happens.
  20. Yes. He will definitely put up 20 fantasy points for you next week. Start him.
  21. Yes - a player can appeal placement on the list.