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  1. Sox still have prospects left to trade under Davey D?
  2. Giles hasn’t been traded. Maybe hurt or a personal matter?
  3. It is the C-squad announcing team.
  4. Maybe a decision next time for our friend McKay - but not against the Baltimore Orioles.
  5. Another very nice 5-inning start for McKay.
  6. Still just enough time to break Maroth’s record at this pace
  7. Unlike FIP/xFIP, SIERA focuses closely on the quality and nature of balls in play. SIERA rates strikeouts more highly as strikeout artists tend to generate weaker contact, for example.
  8. Sigh. Guess I’ll come back in a month or so...
  9. I have become even more fascinated by the sheer amount of daily off-season boosterism for Henry. Speaking totally honestly, I hope DHC gets a chance to meet DH one day. If there is any justice in this world, it will happen one day.
  10. How are the umps supposed to determine whether someone “broke for first”? A step? Two or three? What if you feint that way just to draw a throw in the hopes of bringing in a man from third on an overthrow or advancing the runner on second? 🤔
  11. Needs to face more O’s pitchers
  12. Soooooo...hope no one streamed Bundy.
  13. I have to assume everyone forgot how to hit a baseball after such a long break.
  14. This thread wouldn’t be complete without the annual “first half-second half” rant.
  15. Glad we can now finally move on from the “Will he be the starter?” question, at least.
  16. Well, he hit .100 over a week. Time to bail, I guess.
  17. Chris Davis used to be one of the most valuable hitters in fantasy. I would take that comp all day!
  18. They asked for Torres from the Yanks. So that’s not happening.
  19. If you are expecting the Rays not to baby his arm, you will be disappointed
  20. I hope he doesn’t end up in perdition myself!
  21. I agree that was a very confusing statement by @sportsfreak2744. He can’t mean he’s a 30-homer hitter over the course of a full season, right? At least, I hope he’s not trying to argue that.
  22. I’ll check back with you then, in that case.