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  1. Just providing facts - do with them whatever you will. Point being he wasn’t a “crap” player.
  2. Arizona had Jermaine Gresham, a former first-rounder and two-time Pro Bowler, who was basically the second-most prolific receiver on the Bengals for years before the arrival of Eifert. He’s not “crap” - Arians just chose not to feature him.
  3. I will honestly admit that it’s a crying shame that he wasn’t claimed earlier in drafts if that happens.
  4. Yes. He will definitely put up 20 fantasy points for you next week. Start him.
  5. Yes - a player can appeal placement on the list.
  6. At least he’s not a serial killer, cheater or drug user, Shake.
  7. Yikes. If you could get even Jeffery for him at this point I think you should pull the trigger. What a loser this guy is!
  8. Yeah. You can’t really read anything into “ypc” through two (whole?) games, one of which he was playing while injured. He had a great Week 1 fantasy-wise - not seeing a “train wreck” situation here just because he bruised his knee.
  9. Adoree’ Jackson was routinely burned by anyone and everyone he was asked to shadow last season: the matchup is no reason to bench Chark if you believe in him.
  10. much is the payout on this bet?
  11. Speaking last week, A.J. Green (ankle) said he expected to be sidelined longer than his publicly reported 6-8 week timetable. Green went down in the opening days of camp in late July. 6-8 weeks would have had him near a return now. Green said that won't be the case. "I don’t know where they got the 6-8 weeks from. It’s going to be longer than that," were Green's words last Wednesday. "It’s just one of those things that has to heal on its own. When I feel I’m healthy enough to play at the level I’m used to playing, I just want to make sure it’s at 100 percent." Contract-year Green sounds like someone who won't be taking the field until he is either 100 percent healthy, extended or both. Fantasy stashers should not count on Green playing in the month of September.
  13. Fair enough, but AJ seems like the complete opposite of “optimistic” about his injury.
  14. At least Kalil coming out of retirement to save the line is working out swimmingly.
  15. Let’s go Falk! Lead the Jets to glory in 2019!
  16. My condolences to all who drafted Bell in the first..
  17. Priceless contributions. Keep being you, P-Dog.
  18. Love these MNF threads - and LOL at people bashing Chubb only a few minutes ago! 😂
  19. Asked Arians why things haven’t clicked for O.J. Howard: “You’d probably have to ask him. He has so much talent. He can play a heck of a lot better than he’s playing.” (Beat reporter)
  20. Frank Gore averaged 4.6 ypc last year - at age 35. He’s averaged well over 3 ypc every single year of his 45-year-long career.
  21. It’s essentially the same scheme LaFleur ran last season.
  22. Walkthrough practice...tough to make too much of this.