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  1. Don’t the Reds have one of the best bullpen ERAs in all of baseball?
  2. Barry Bonds? He acted like a WWF star!
  3. Sale for Frazier it is, then.
  4. Awesome news! Better aim high if selling in the case of Chris Davis!
  5. Surprising candor from a manager.
  6. I think he was slashing .225/.301/.402 at the time of his fourth sit. (Not counting his last sit for health reasons.) He had played 17 consecutive games prior to that last sit for injury.
  7. This article indicates xwOBA accounts for park factors - and if you want to know the effect of the park factor, you need to focus on the difference between wOBA and xwOBA:
  8. If the Mariners fan is telling you not to start their best pitcher, you need to listen.
  9. Well, your wife and baby might be justified in rooting against him if you didn’t have him. (But seriously, interesting post, thanks!)
  10. Interesting question, I have no idea. Probably. But I’d never bet against Clemente’s ability to do just that.
  11. Too late - he already blew it in your reality!
  12. And fittingly Baez makes the last out! Good job Stripling on your win and Kenley on your save!
  13. Baez is lucky to still be in the game
  14. I’ll talk briefly about Jurado: avoid him if possible.
  15. Do they have any other healthy relievers left?
  16. Bruce made an amazing play on that ball!