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  1. Are victory laps now perimissible?
  2. It is true - he played through a torn hip labrum for most of the season.
  3. Brate was seriously injured basically all season.
  4. No. But I do expect Howard to look disappointing going forward. For a fifth-rounder.
  5. A. Clown is doomed this season - just s karma thing.
  6. What did the Saints do to deserve this officiating karma?!
  7. DeShaun and DeAndre...thing of beauty
  8. We should all be able to agree on one thing at least: Joe Buck is frickin’ terrible.
  9. Let’s not get crazy. He still sucks in terms of real-world fundamentals. Opportunity is very nice, though.
  10. It’s Paxton? He sucks, right? You’re golden!
  11. LOL! My friend, you are the very epitome of making “bold statements”! Back on track, I gleaned that the concerns we went around and around discussing months ago look well founded.
  12. I know you’re joking - I wished you all good luck. It’s not that anyone is “doomed” - but it’s definitely not an auspicious first look.
  13. You, DHC? Of all people? Talking about Week 1 victory laps?!
  14. I hope I at least convinced a few of you to steer clear due to concerns about Arians, Brate, etc. For the rest of you, I wish you luck.
  15. Dombrowski is Lara Croft: Farm Raider. You should be happy he’s gone.
  16. Davey D done-so. No more prospects left to trade, apparently. He and his kid can watch the playoffs from their couch now!
  17. Pats are collecting all the troubled persons. Love it!