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  1. From a team-building, real-life perspective? Sure.
  2. Judging from how many people seem to believe this means nothing, this could be your last best window to sell.
  3. Quick threshold question: do you assume they are not both talking in the state of California?
  4. Looks like Mr. Brown may face both fines and imprisonment if I understand the penalties correctly. EDIT: Brown seems pretty chill about accepting fines.
  5. CA is a “two-party” consent state. Sounds like a violation of federal law barring some admission from Gruden that he permitted that recording.
  6. Doesn’t this violate wiretapping laws?
  7. Didn’t Moss ball out with this team?
  8. Come on. The Titans “let him play” plenty before December 2018. That said, I think he’ll be solid to excellent more often than not. The first month might be rough, though, sans Lewan.
  9. What it really reminds me of is Randy Moss after his time on the Vikings.
  10. Well, Thielen only received 12 targets for the last three games after DeFilippo was fired last season. And Diggs is the #2. Maybe I am wrong, but I would no longer be paying a WR2 price for Diggs and even Thielen is still being drafted as if his target volume will remain just as it was pre-Stefanski.
  11. Sounds a lot like Amari Cooper and his time with the team.
  12. Injury concerns aside, I just fear for that entire passing game. The HC ruthlessly fired a very well respected OC essentially for passing too much - and now the entire staff is of one mind in force-feeding the RBs. This won’t be the Vikings offense of yesteryear, back when Thielen was a surefire 1 and Diggs a solid 2.
  13. I actually went from DND to taking a flier on this guy - much better situation in terms of opportunity with Houston.
  14. You mean...Kirk Cousins? His former QB?
  15. James Paxton is just too good.
  16. Eh, as much as I may dislike Silva, he’s not affiliated with RW or its blurbs any longer. I think Silva’s take is that this will be a 3-man committee, and any time more than two RBs are involved, no one RB holds much fantasy value.
  17. He’s the closest thing to a WR cuff we’ve seen in recent memory.
  18. I agree - Reid even said he has to “see” whether McCoy plays Week 1. Total gamble to start him. DW I think is the preferred play. I would expect him to see nearly his full complement of touches (based on last season).
  19. I don’t even consider Thompson worth drafting anymore outside of a deep-league stash. I love the potential for any of those three guys, but right now, it’s hard to see anyone receiving more than 12-14 touches per game.
  20. If you are referring to high upside in relation to his current ADP, then I would have to agree. Part of the problem, though, is that this has the looks of a 3-man committee at least for the time being. Which saps the fantasy value of all backfield members until something changes.
  21. I appreciate your answer. And I largely agree with you. But you have to also understand that “high upside” and “31-year-old RB” rarely go hand in hand - regardless of situation. Particularly not with a guy who averaged less than 3 YPC with 6-6.5 in the box last year.
  22. Bills were easily in the top-half in RZ scoring efficiency in 2017 (over 60% scoring for around 7th in the league). That’s a lot of sand.