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  1. Good question. He has looked horrible so far, predictably.
  2. Biagini in in the 8th in a blowout?
  3. Are the capital letters a code of some sort?
  4. I’m happy I can finally bench Goldy
  5. Wasn’t Hamels the tough guy who decided to bean Harper as a “welcome to the big leagues” message? WTF
  6. didn’t stick with the vets? I’m confused.
  7. It’s not about disrespecting the curve - it’s about judging for yourself whether a given rookie has what it takes to succeed. Nothing better than the eye test, in my opinion.
  8. Did these dudes all party it up in the city last night after the game was called?
  9. Did the Mariners end up signing him?
  10. And we thought anal fissures were bad. Geez!
  11. Do people squeeze watermelons?
  12. Go BJs! I shall ever remember cs3’s commitment to the Toronto Blue Jays - and nothing else.