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  1. Eh, I feel like at least certain people are expecting he would receive an every-down role if he started and are drafting him as a handcuff accordingly.
  2. They gave him an overall 50.3 rating in 2017. I suppose that’s technically above average...
  3. On the menu? Piping hot meatballs.
  4. Wow...haven’t heard anything about that.
  5. Please: I have not “diminished” you or any other poster on this thread. Keep the conversation focused on the player and please refrain from unwarranted personal attacks.
  6. But you’re acting as if his supporters believe there is zero risk with him. I highly doubt that people actually feel that way - and that risk is factored into his current ADP.
  7. Thanks! I don’t own any shares of DW - I just don’t understand why it’s inconceivable to you that he could succeed this year as a lead back.
  8. Who’s arguing to the contrary? The point here, obviously, is DW was quite good when given a starting role. We are talking about what to expect in 2019, not what his fantasy production amounted to in 2018.
  9. I suppose I’d respond by saying that DW also showed he had some good RB traits at the NFL level prior to 2018.
  10. PFF’s advanced metrics do attempt to control for the contribution of each member of the offense - good or bad.
  11. Acting as if Reuben Droughns was the only age-26+ back to ever break out when given opportunity is misleading.
  12. Why not just keep it in-team then and cite Priest Holmes?
  13. Is age 26 prohibitively old for an RB? Opportunity is just as important as talent, if not moreso, in fantasy. Droughns got his due to injury.
  14. I don’t understand the Droughns analogy - can you explain?
  15. Yep - as we all know, the Rockies are an entirely different team on the road. Particularly down Dahl.
  16. The writer probably meant “ahead of” - still a safe option.
  17. I doubt it - but who knows, maybe 3/4 of the starting team will be hurt again next year.
  18. Although he stopped short of calling Tucker “untouchable,” Luhnow noted, “I see Tucker as a part of this team going forward.” He added that “it would be very difficult for us to move one of the top prospects in the game who is just starting his career and is still young and looks like he’s going to have a lot of upside.”
  19. That’s not how “efficiency” is measured.
  20. They do - hard to say exactly how often
  21. There will be once he’s ready
  22. Per PFF: There’s been some concern reflected in Damien Williams’ ADP that Hyde might eat heavily into his workload, and specifically around the end zone. I’d bet against that. Hyde has been our least efficient running back over the past two seasons, falling 71.0 fantasy points short of his expectation. He’s been especially bad near the end zone, falling 7.3 touchdowns shy of his expectation (ranks worst over this span). As I’ve argued this offseason, I’m betting on a big fantasy year in 2019 from Williams. Though, note (from our Hunt blurb), his volume might not be as good as Hunt’s production has implied.