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  1. I wouldn’t classify it as a re-write - he’s just not very good at all at this point. And apparently the Chiefs recognize that, and are about to cut him in favor of the likes of Darrel Williams.
  2. Improved mechanics should result in more fantasy points - as should an improved arsenal of receivers.
  3. I guess he ended up with the Cards a few weeks after his tryout. Point being, they really didn’t have any good receivers last season.
  4. Are we just not mentioning John Brown? Has Crabtree even signed with a team yet?
  6. Good move - go for some upside with that end-of-bench stash instead of a mediocre RB who’s about to get cut.
  7. What makes you think Hyde would even be startable for you if he were a Texan? Duke is a really good RB, and they paid a third for him - they’re going to use him plenty.
  8. He could be a leeg-winner: don’t discount him in the later rounds.
  9. Just remember: you are wrong about Lamar...
  10. @Sternes my condolences on this sad day
  11. How does the loss of Andrews affect your NE line rating?
  12. What are you basing this notion upon? I assure you he has more than one good pitch. Even if we just rely solely on pitch value (which - important note - is just essentially the ERA of a given pitch in a given season, and should not be equated with a “better-than-average” pitch), German’s change has a good pitch value as well - even better than the curve.
  13. Due to his age, though? He’s younger than Verlander. V will be 37 next year, for crissakes!
  14. That’s why it works as a “game-day” thread title.
  15. Max is a year younger than Verlander.
  16. They should really just rename this thread the “Whine About Your Pitchers” thread.
  17. Another great Paxton outing - sure wish I owned him. And I’d never drop him!
  18. I’m not even sure this guy is their second-best RB right now