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  1. Is this Joe Buck?’ Why, God, Why?
  2. Well, yes. Also the balls are ridiculous this year, and I hope MLB pays attention and stops this stupidity.
  3. I doubt it. He looks fairly injury-free at the moment. He had a rough start in his second appearance off the IL. Maybe he was shaking off some rust. Since then he has looked great outside of his latest outing. As someone who watches him like a hawk, he doesn’t appear injured at the moment.
  4. I’m just glad they keep paying Bonilla year after year
  5. Leaving aside my hatred of the “it is what it is” phrase, you have objectively lost out on a lot of production already if you wrote Riley off due to expected PD issues. Hell, Khris Davis has PD issues. You just need to adjust your roster accordingly to off-set the BA/OBP hit in order to take full advantage of the counting stats.
  6. I realize you traded him a short while ago and would like to see your decision justified. But there is absolutely no reason based in fact for believing this. Truthfully, this is misleading advice, unless you can back it up somehow factually.
  7. If you’re focusing on his ERA and WHIP over the past month, taking into account his lone terrible start, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you should just drop him and be rid of him, and allow some other hapless losing team to pick him up for free.
  8. Not sure at all he’ll be plarooned. He will be fine.
  9. Guess I’m grateful I’m not a Cubs fan!
  10. This is some stupid awesome stuff.
  11. I hear you but this must’ve been Opposite Day. You pull your starter there and entrust things to the pen. Your starter has clearly done all he could and has nothing left to give. The Doc obviously channeling his inner Francona there
  12. It’s official - Roberts is a f’n moron
  13. So a 20 AB stretch is about five games, give or take. Methinks the house is still standing.
  14. I just hope they make a corresponding move that allows all of those guys Counsell was referring to to keep “getting it going.” Because otherwise that would be...pretty weird, no?
  15. 50/50 to return this year?! That seems incredibly pessimistic. I’ll take those odds, personally.
  16. I hope you have no hitters in this one!
  17. Thanks so much for all your tireless chart-work, @ST. STEVEN! We all appreciate it!
  18. Kimbrel converts, but looked like he has some rust to shake off. Benefited by an excellent defensive play by Rizzo (where he forgot to cover) and a ball called strike three on McCann.
  19. The performance today was decidedly flaccid.
  20. It’s not even sneaky anymore - he’s just...really good. That lineup change worked wonders, apparently
  21. That and Atlanta’s ownership is essentially a real estate management company fronting as a baseball franchise at the moment.
  22. I think the antecedent of “that” is “sprain,” however inartfully tweeted.
  23. If you own anyone - forget about Franmil - you start him against Baltimore. Period.