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  1. It’s not really a “crowd” so much as an individual
  2. People have been talking up Hyde as a potential threat to overtake DW for pages upon pages earlier in this thread. There’s a whole separate thread dedicated to that concept. I’m simply reiterating how unlikely Hyde is - or ever was - to be relevant to the conversation. As you agree, Hyde really just isn’t a good RB. I do like Thompson and I’ll be looking to add him at the end of drafts if I can.
  3. Even better price these days - or you could just wait for him to get cut and enjoy super savings!
  4. The Athletic's Nate Taylor again left Carlos Hyde off his 53-man roster projection Tuesday. Hyde has been dreadful this preseason, forcing zero missed tackles despite his 6'/229 frame. He's rushed seven times for 25 yards (3.6 YPC) and one touchdown to go along with a fumble this past weekend against the Steelers. The Chiefs' starters played two series, and Damien Williams handled the first set with Hyde in on the second. Hyde was talked up by coach Andy Reid early in camp, but it's been quiet ever since as rookie Darwin Thompson has ran circles around him. Working against Hyde is he doesn't play special teams. Taylor has the Chiefs keeping Damien and Darrel Williams, Thompson, and converted-CB Tremon Smith in the backfield. The entire appeal with Hyde in fantasy was him donning a Chiefs uniform. If he's cut, he obviously has no value.
  5. This “Eovaldi to the rotation” idea is starting on the right foot
  6. So happy the Yanks skipped German in favor of CC...
  7. Really just flat-out embarrassing umpiring in the Yanks game. Manfred really has to step in at some point and make sure that these unqualified umpires are removed from ML duty before it gets any worse - just for the sake of the game.
  8. Definitely one of the stupider nicknames I’ve ever heard, whatever the reason for it. At least Allen Robinson dropped his equally stupid “AR15.”
  9. Don’t auctions use auction values - not “ADP”?
  10. The Athletic's Nate Taylor left Carlos Hyde off his latest 53-man roster projection for the Chiefs. Taylor's prediction is surely based on more than this, but his explanation in the article is mostly related to Hyde's quiet preseason opener. "Hyde can find his way back on the roster with a good performance against the Steelers," Taylor added. That's not usually how it works for a veteran like Hyde. His spot figures to be won or lost in practice. We would still guess Hyde makes it, though all signs in recent days have pointed toward Damien Williams maintaining a stranglehold on No. 1 duties
  12. Are people seriously thinking DHC was serious there? Wow.
  13. Yep. He was. CC’s return gave them a nice excuse to bump him.
  14. Devers...has been sorta hot recently.
  15. True. But that decision was made before you asked your question. Hard to say what to expect from here on out.
  16. 3A. Last season, 33% of Mike Williams fantasy points came on touchdowns, which ranked third-most among wide receivers.3B. He averaged just 41.5 receiving yards per game, which ranked 55th-most.3C. He scored 4.6 touchdowns above his expectation, which ranks as the 18th-largest positive differential this past decade.
  17. But what does that come to playing only 2-3 games?
  18. 8.5 per coming into his last start - leading the majors. I’ll take it.
  19. Can we just play the Orioles all season?
  20. Yanks don’t even know at the moment. I think they’ll play it by ear.