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  1. Right. I would expect him to be available to start in the PS.
  2. His schedule looks pretty scary in terms of secondaries he will be facing.
  3. Whoa - for as much as I criticize Henry, I won’t deny the fact that he has elite open-field speed, particularly for a man of his size. He had two of the fastest speeds on TDs for two years running, even faster than Tyreek Hill in 2017.
  4. Sevy should be ready by then. He’s due to face live hitters by the end of this week.
  5. For all the gloom and doom surrounding the rotation, in actuality it’s been almost exactly average overall. And Paxton and Tanaka have been on an upswing. German has been consistently good all season (apart from injury). They can compete in the PS with those three.
  6. Would you mind posting some links next time?
  7. Not really - the line still projects to be horrid.
  8. Let’s see him get back onto the practice field before predicting RB1 numbers...
  9. Ok. Rotoworld. Now - maybe back to the player.
  10. For all the W’s flying around - still don’t get this!?
  11. Yeah. I really don’t think it’s luck at this point with the Bombers versus Baltimore
  12. If you ignore the fact that the Yanks have scored 62 more runs in just two more games? Sure.
  13. Umm...I wouldn’t say “best” offense - but yeah, he should be done.
  14. Jays offense is officially en fuego
  15. Was there a thread about him previously that I missed?
  16. I think it’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the Astros coax the best out of every starter who walks in the door. Who’s to say that level continues with a different organization. Or that a 35-year-old continues to defy all odds by throwing harder than he ever has in his entire career? I also have no idea whether he had any interest in pitching outside of Florida, or to what extent Cashman tried to obtain him.
  17. He probably will see some preseason action at some point. The league has changed - people are lobbying to reduce the number of preseason games, or abolish them altogether. And many teams just don’t play certain starters at all in the preseason. If you’re concerned about his health, just track beat-writer practice reports.
  18. Sure, maybe hitters who can utilize RF well. I just don’t think it’s fair to dismiss the efforts of a GM who has a proven skill at identifying under-appreciated hitting talents and acquiring them at bargain-basement prices just because of the dimensions of the park. Apologies if I misinterpreted your comment.
  19. If you’re expecting NFL starters to play three quarters in the preseason in 2019, you’re going about things incorrectly.
  20. I’m just wondering what the park dimensions have to do with anything. I mean, it’s not like every player to ever wear pinstripes became a hitting god.
  21. Would someone who listened mind actually just summing up what the coach said?
  22. Statistically insignificant sample size
  23. Pain.... Seriously, I have him in multiple leagues and I wouldn’t start anyone at the moment at Toronto.