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  1. How many people do you have?
  2. Story for $25 and Arenado for $41
  3. And he continues to invest a lot in hitting
  4. The closer situation in the NL is a mess after Jansen, Melancon and Oh. So I think I would definitely keep Jansen in this scenario. Turner would be my second choice. I am not a big fan of Gordon, but I understand the rationale behind keeping him. With him and Turner you have a very good start to SBs. But I think I would rather have Arrieta or Story. Any chance you could package Story and another player for Marte? I am making the assumption that the reason the guy asked for Turner was because he was looking for a middle infielder. If you have a fear of Arrieta regressing, then I would keep Story. So if you can't make a trade...Jansen, Turner, and Story. Then just try to grab Peraza or Gordon back during the draft. Or wait for someone like Jankowski who should get a lot of playing time while Dickerson is out.
  5. He doesn't have a thread in the main forum? (I didn't look) He's doing okay in the Spring. 3.24 ERA through 16.2 innings. Struck out 20 and walked 5. I think he is tabbed to begin the year in the rotation, I think roster resource has him as their #4 behind Feldman, Finnegan, and Stephenson. Ideally it would probably be best for him to start the year in the minors and work some stuff out, but I think with the injury to Desclafani he's going to have more growing pains in the majors. There's some decent potential with him, but I wouldn't expect huge improvements this year...might be baby steps with him.
  6. Just remember that your value picks or "sleepers" that you have your eye on towards the end game, may also be the infatuation of another owner as well. So it's always a good idea to bring that guy out when there are still a few alternatives that you wouldn't mind having instead, if the price gets too high. For example, I had my NL-Only auction this it's a keeper league, so inflation is differently in play. I believe the inflation rate was around 35% before the first player was thrown out. So Brandon Maurer was one of my keepers and I had Carter Capps tabbed as an end game target for me (I know in these types of settings, Capps hardly qualifies as a sleeper), but with the budget I had available at the draft and the fact that I had Maurer, I was willing to pay about $8 for Capps. Figuring that would be the price that I would have to pay and it wouldn't make sense for anyone to really pay more than that considering they don't have Maurer and Capps may start the season on the DL. Well one guy saved his last $12 for Capps and I wasn't willing to pay that kind of price for Capps. So instead I ended up with a $3 Daniel Hudson and $1 Koda Glover. (Closer situation in an NL-Only is really ugly this year). Moral of this is don't back yourself into a corner where you have to get your "value pick" or you are stuck with someone you really don't want.
  7. Saw something on twitter about how Kang is trying to appeal his DUI ruling to get it ruled down to a court fine, so it would be easier for him to get a Work Visa. Not sure how credible this is, this is the only place I have seen this mentioned.
  8. Averaged 93.84 on his fastball in his fast outing and 94.48 in his second outing.|SI|FC|SL|CU|CS|KN|CH|FS|SB&time=game&minmax=ci&var=mph&s_type=2&startDate=01/01/2017&endDate=01/01/2018
  9. McMahon got re-assigned to minor league camp on Friday. But I believe Tapia is still in camp. But I would think that he makes the team now. But I can definitely see a rotation of Parra, Reynolds, and Tapia between the two open spots.
  10. I might throw one or two dollars more on your claim if you really want him. Parra did play 19 games at first last year, so I could see them installing Parra there while Desmond is recovering. I think this means that is it more likely that Tapia will make the opening day roster now to cover for Dahl until he comes back. But the Rockies could always sign someone...or Mark Reynolds makes the opening day roster. But I think between the injuries to Dahl and Desmond should open up quite a bit of playing time for Parra.
  11. It is applied across the board. So if the total of all the players kept are similar to what all those players would cost if they were exposed to the auction...there would be no inflation. Basically there is $3600 to spend in your league, take what all those players are being kept at and compare them to what they would all cost in the auction, assuming they were all available (clean slate). If all the keepers add up to be $1500 across all teams, but they would cost $1800 if they were all exposed...then that is $300 extra dollars that should be applied to the players available in your auction (as a percentage). Here's a link from fangraphs that will likely do a better job at explaining this than I have. This helps you more accurately project what the players in your auction SHOULD go for. Lets say that everyone in your league uses the same cheat sheet and it says that Josh Donaldson should cost $46. Well if you are applying a inflation rate and the rest of your league isn't, you will realize that paying a few dollars more for Donaldson isn't a bad idea at all and that you are actually paying Market price for him compared to the rest of your league under pricing him.
  12. Even if you don't know the final list of keepers until 2 days before, you should at least have a general idea of who teams are going to keep. There might be one or two things that shock you, but you should have a general idea. And I'm not saying you have to use that auction calculator to calculate inflation. You would do it with any sort of cheat sheet you use for your auction prices from. For example, say a team is keeping 10 players for $100...but you're cheat sheet says that those 10 players would cost $175 dollars if they were in the auction. For keeper league auction drafts, I think inflation is a very important thing to you can accurately read the market available.
  13. If you are using fangraphs auction calculator to provide you with prices on free agents, they have an option to add keepers I believe. Your inflation will be based on how much "savings" there is from players being kept below their market (list) price.
  14. I would try to move Arrieta. I like Arrieta more than Verlander, but Arrieta should give you more of a return than Verlander. @jsellers34065 is right, there may be people in your league that think Arrieta is still capable of his 2015 season (but a lot of his numbers went in the wrong direction last year).