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  1. @mmarino137 Sorry but I couldn't get the commitments in time and there was a lack of communication in the e-mail chain that we gave up on the idea of running the league for this year. We will try again next year. Thanks for your interest
  2. Hey all, we are trying to put together an auction keeper league for next weekend. We have 10 committed owners at this point and need two more to fill out the league. The league is run through Ottoneu/Fangraphs. Here is a link to the rules: If you are tried of playing in one off leagues and are looking for a committed group to playing year in and year out, then this could be the league for you. It will be the standard 5x5 settings. We are looking at drafting some time next weekend, preferably happening Saturday evening. Be aware that Ottoneu drafts tend to take a while, not uncommon to be 6+ hours. But there can be multiple sessions and you only need to complete your starting lineup during the draft (you can fill out the roster with free agents). If you are interested and have some time to draft next weekend, let me know. Send me a private message or leave your e-mail in the thread. I know that we are getting late in the season and that might scare some people off, but this is about establishing a league for the future just as much as playing in one this year. Thanks
  3. Two spots still open. I realize this has been up for a week, so as of right now the draft doesn't have a set date or time. But be aware that ottoneu league drafts can take a while, so this may require multiple sessions. If you are interested, shoot me a DM or post your email.
  4. Still three spots, looking to draft in the later half of the upcoming week.
  5. Three spots still open. Give me your e-mail address or send me a DM if you're interested.
  6. Still have 5 spots open. Let me know if you are interested.
  7. Settings: 5x5 (Avg, Runs, RBIs, HRs & Steals x Wins, ERA, Strikeouts, WHIP & Saves) 12 Team League Auction Draft Keeper League Rules: If you are not familiar with how Ottoneu leagues work, please follow the link provide below. Buy-In: $49.99 paid through the Ottoneu site Draft Date: Thursday or Saturday...once we get a full league, we will determine what works best for everyone. If you are interested, please provide me an e-mail address or send me a DM, so I can get you in touch with the commish.
  8. Sorry, I forgot to post this in the ad up above. This would be a $49.99 league. You pay through ottoneu/fangraphs.
  9. We currently have 9 out of 12 owners needed to draft. It would be the classic 5x5 roto settings. We are trying to either draft Thursday night or Saturday evening, I don't have the exact times (not running the league). If you don't know what ottoneu is, here is a link to the standard rules. If you are interested, please let me know. EIther respond to the thread or send me a DM.
  10. With Spangenberg getting sent down, he should play most days.
  11. No, it will likely be Milone.
  12. Unfortunately I will be tied up at work on Saturday morning. But I appreciate the offer. If anyone else has an opening to their leagues on Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon and it matches what I am looking for, let me know.
  13. I prefer deep leagues. So I would prefer an AL-Only, NL-Only or a deep mixed 5x5 roto leagues Looking for something that has some sort of money on the line (doesn't need to be a lot), something between $25 to $100 would work. I have drafts tomorrow night at 9:30 and Friday Night at 7:30. I know I am putting myself in a particular box with this, but I figured I would see what's out there. If you have a league that you thinks fits this, send me a private message with the details. Good luck to those drafting this weekend.
  14. Posting for a league I randomly joined. It's an AL Only keeper league drafting tomorrow night (3/29) at 8 PM Eastern Guy running wants 12 teams, but will draft if we get 10. It's a cheap keeper league ($20), so for those that don't want to invest a lot of money into a keeper league.