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  1. Started in Center Field last night, the versatility can only help speed up his arrival.
  2. Anything is possible. If Peterson had continued to struggle and kept losing playing time to Gosselin and Callaspo, then I would say definitely. But Peterson has been doing a decent job over the last ten games. It makes sense for them to give him an extended look and make sure that he's not an answer anywhere. I would say that Peraza comes up some time in June.
  3. I don't think he's screwed, but I also don't think he's someone I would trade for at this point. As it has been pointed out earlier, the real difference here is the location and going to the fastball too much...the velocity and movement is still there, so I don't think he is hiding an injury.
  4. Is this good or bad? Bad...for a guy that had a 9.7% swinging strike rate last year...the highest in any start was against the Mets at 6.1%. Even last night against the was only 4%. If he doesn't get more swings and misses, the strikeouts are not going to return. If the strikeouts don't return, you go from having a potential #2/#3 starter to guy that is at best a streaming option (in 10 to 12 team mixed leagues). With that being said, it's still early. Given the analysis done in the recent Fangraphs article, the main culprit is his location. So if he can start locating pitches better and not have to rely on the fastball as much...he could rebound. But if you are wanting to sell, hope for a good outing against the Phillies and then see what you can get.
  5. Here are the swinging strikes he has gotten per start so far. 4/7 against MIA: 5 Swinging Strikes 4/12 against NYM: 6 Swinging Strikes 4/18 against TOR: 2 Swinging Strikes 4/24 against PHI: 4 Swinging Strikes 4/29 against WSH: 6 Swinging Strikes
  6. 4 K's through 2...might be on our way to a season high! Haha
  7. I think the comp is because Dickerson was also a free agent pick up during the season last year that helped out a lot of teams. He is implying that Travis is going to help teams in a similar way because he was likely a free agent pick up.
  8. Walk rate is good... Strike out & Contact rates are still awful. A .600 BABIP is absurd. We shall see what happens in AA.
  9. Isn't there a time limit on when they can do that? I want to say that a player has to be in the minors for 10 days before being recalled (after being optioned), but in the event of an injury...they can be recalled sooner than that. I could be completely wrong...but I think that is the case. So if Fowler was placed on the DL, he could be recalled immediately.
  10. I would imagine that if Fowler goes on the DL, they will probably recall Alcantara and he would probably play center.
  11. What wrist injury? Bautista has a shoulder injury Jose Bautista was unable to make warmup throws on Wednesday due to soreness in his right shoulder and could need a trip to the 15-day disabled list. Bautista had been dealing with shoulder soreness for over a week and aggravated it Tuesday when he tried to throw Delmon Young out at first base from his position in right field. Kevin Pillar is starting Wednesday in Bautista's place. "Joey Bats" slugged his fourth home run of the season in Tuesday's rout of the Orioles but he has an odd .149/.322/.426 overall batting line.
  12. Imagine you were thrown at by the same team about two weeks ago and now out of nowhere they throw another ball behind you. You would also think you were being thrown at. The O's are thugs and Joey has taught them a lesson every instance. How are the O's thugs? Because they threw at a guy? And no one can say for certain the Garcia threw that ball behind him on purpose...that guy simply doesn't know where the ball is going (there's a reason he was a Rule 5 pick). If the Orioles are thugs because they threw at a guy, then that label needs to be applied to a lot of teams. Congrats for Bautista for showing up some guy that will be back in the minors soon. Now I imagine that Ubaldo will get thrown out of tonight's game once he hits someone, which of course will be intentional...even though he's another guy with well documented control problems. And don't think that I dislike Bautista because I am an Orioles fan...I like Bautista and his passion for the game. But sometimes it is a little ridiculous. Trying to throw out Young at first and hurting himself because ridiculous.
  13. I find this funny that Bautista actually believes that Jason Garcia was throwing at him. Garcia doesn't know where the ball is going. He probably considered it a moral victory that he gave Bautista a ball to hit.
  14. He currently is sporting an BABIP of .351. His career rate is .278 and there is nothing in his batting profile to suggest that there is a skill change here to sport it. I think last year was a down year for him and I think he can get back to around 15 HRs and a batting average of around .250. Ride him while he's hot...but extremely unlikely he keeps it up
  15. yanks are willing to give up gary sanchez their big catching prospect, i wouldnt be surprised if it happened... If I'm the Braves, I would want more than Gary Sanchez. I know he has been young for his level coming up, but the numbers are somewhat underwhelming and there are real concerns about his future as a catcher. Considering that the Braves couldn't move him to First, it seems unlikely.