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  1. Started in Center Field last night, the versatility can only help speed up his arrival.
  2. Anything is possible. If Peterson had continued to struggle and kept losing playing time to Gosselin and Callaspo, then I would say definitely. But Peterson has been doing a decent job over the last ten games. It makes sense for them to give him an extended look and make sure that he's not an answer anywhere. I would say that Peraza comes up some time in June.
  3. Walk rate is good... Strike out & Contact rates are still awful. A .600 BABIP is absurd. We shall see what happens in AA.
  4. He currently is sporting an BABIP of .351. His career rate is .278 and there is nothing in his batting profile to suggest that there is a skill change here to sport it. I think last year was a down year for him and I think he can get back to around 15 HRs and a batting average of around .250. Ride him while he's hot...but extremely unlikely he keeps it up
  5. yanks are willing to give up gary sanchez their big catching prospect, i wouldnt be surprised if it happened... If I'm the Braves, I would want more than Gary Sanchez. I know he has been young for his level coming up, but the numbers are somewhat underwhelming and there are real concerns about his future as a catcher. Considering that the Braves couldn't move him to First, it seems unlikely.
  6. I haven't actually seen him this may be way off. But from reading reports about him, I think of Jay Buhner for some reason. Am I just completely off on that?
  7. I just hope he doesn't end up just another name that the Orioles destroyed because of their development practices. I actually hope he has a great year and the Orioles trade him. I'd rather see him succeed somewhere else than be another causality.
  8. I doubt Rosario steals many at bats from him considering Rosario's defense is horrible.
  9. I'm sure you are looking for the Javier Baez thread. Buxton and Wood have nothing in common outside of being top prospects at one time or another.
  10. Rube Baker Alert! Maybe he needs to start looking at Playboy (for the articles). In all seriousness though, I hope it's just a minor blip for him.
  11. I offered a guy a 4th round pick in this year's draft for Justin Hunter (salary cap dynasty league), knowing that the guy was going to cut Hunter based on the rest of his team. He countered and asked for my first round pick. While even a 4th round pick might have been too high for a guy I ended up getting for free in free agency...I don't understand why he didn't want something for nothing.
  12. Why would that force Gausman to the pen? It's not like the Orioles are busting at the seems with long term pitchers. Outside of Tillman and Jimenez...there's no one else that's really locked into the rotation a year or two from now.
  13. According to Brooks Baseball...Anderson threw 33 sliders last night. As far as his TJS, he had that surgery in June of he is pretty far removed from that to where him throwing over a 100 pitches shouldn't matter. I am only surprised they let him throw that many pitches because of the time he missed during spring training due to that collision.
  14. Ah hell...
  15. I like Brett Anderson for this year, obvious if you look at my team below. While the low strikeout rate is a concern, he posted his strongest swinging strike rate last year (small sample, I know). I also believe that there is still potential for him to increase it the further he gets from Tommy John as well. But here's what we know, he's a groundball heavy pitcher that pitches in a big park. He has showed very good skills when he gets on the mound and can provide great value for where he is going in drafts and his price tag in auctions. But the big negative on him is the injuries. I am optimistic that he will make 30 starts this year, maybe give and take a few either way. But in the past, most of the time he missed due to injuries, were related to his elbow. But with Tommy John he is coming back stronger. It is also said that the replacement ligments last on average 400 innings after replacement. Check out his transactions report for injury details. I think that Anderson will be top 30 right now, if healthy, with no improvements on what he is. But if he can match his 2009 strikeout rate with the other skills displayed last season...he could easily be top 15.