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  1. Started in Center Field last night, the versatility can only help speed up his arrival.
  2. 33 Swinging Strikes over the past two starts. Maybe the strikeout stuff is returning? Or just an anomaly.
  3. How many more games until he's eligible at SP? LOL you know I mean catching He still hasn't caught on back to back days and is still experiencing soreness. While I think he will play this year, he's not close.
  4. They're not benching Canha either If they wanted to give Burns a legit shot after Crisp returns...there is room in the lineup for all of them. There was small rumblings that Canha might have split time with Lawrie given his early struggles, but he has started hitting the ball recently. You could always stick Crisp in left, Burns in center, Canha at third & Lawrie at second. At least until Zobrist returns. But I don't know how good (or bad) Canha is at third.
  5. Anything is possible. If Peterson had continued to struggle and kept losing playing time to Gosselin and Callaspo, then I would say definitely. But Peterson has been doing a decent job over the last ten games. It makes sense for them to give him an extended look and make sure that he's not an answer anywhere. I would say that Peraza comes up some time in June.
  6. I don't think he's screwed, but I also don't think he's someone I would trade for at this point. As it has been pointed out earlier, the real difference here is the location and going to the fastball too much...the velocity and movement is still there, so I don't think he is hiding an injury.
  7. Is this good or bad? Bad...for a guy that had a 9.7% swinging strike rate last year...the highest in any start was against the Mets at 6.1%. Even last night against the was only 4%. If he doesn't get more swings and misses, the strikeouts are not going to return. If the strikeouts don't return, you go from having a potential #2/#3 starter to guy that is at best a streaming option (in 10 to 12 team mixed leagues). With that being said, it's still early. Given the analysis done in the recent Fangraphs article, the main culprit is his location. So if he can start locating pitches better and not have to rely on the fastball as much...he could rebound. But if you are wanting to sell, hope for a good outing against the Phillies and then see what you can get.
  8. Here are the swinging strikes he has gotten per start so far. 4/7 against MIA: 5 Swinging Strikes 4/12 against NYM: 6 Swinging Strikes 4/18 against TOR: 2 Swinging Strikes 4/24 against PHI: 4 Swinging Strikes 4/29 against WSH: 6 Swinging Strikes
  9. 4 K's through 2...might be on our way to a season high! Haha
  10. So basically he hasn't made any improvements in his underlying skills (he still chases), which is what my point was. What happens when pitchers start throwing more pitches out of the zone? I own Myers in a number of leagues and I am happy with what he is doing. But nothing I am seeing in his batting profile that suggests he will be this good all year. He will walk a little bit more than he has been, but chances are that he will strikeout closer to his career rates as well.
  11. Fences being moved in helped too. His lack of walks is troubling but i think he has something to prove after TB lost faith in him so he is being super aggressive at the plate. actually in an interview I heard, with Wil, he said that hes seeing way more strikes then he ever has in his life. Hes not the no 3-4 hitter he always has been, and people are coming in on him since hes atop a pretty potent lineup the numbers back it up. Hes seeing like 57% strikes this year as opposed to 43% career (as of a week or so ago), And hes swinging at a lower number of balls out of the strike zone (they didn't have the number) so the walks are just a matter of him taking what he is given, hes getting strikes, I could care less if hes walking unless hes chasing bad pitches, which he isnt The numbers don't back up a big improvement in that area. O-Swing 2014: 28.9% O-Swing 2015: 28.8%
  12. It's not? They currently bat Pujols, Joyce, Cron, Aybar, Iannetta after Trout. All 5 of those guys are below .200 on the season. Joyce is a horrible major league baseball player and sucks no matter how you look at it. The Angels are foolish for trading Hamilton who would immediately be a huge huge huge upgrade in that lineup. He would bat cleanup and play left field and no mattter what he did at the plate it would be better than Joyce. While Joyce maybe struggling right now...he's been a better major league baseball player than Josh Hamilton the last two seasons. Joyce's WAR for 2013 & 2014: 3.9 Hamilton's WAR for 2013 & 2014: 3.1 Even if you take into account Joyce's horrible start to this year, he still is the more valuable player. Just because Hamilton gets paid like someone good, doesn't mean he is.
  13. I think the comp is because Dickerson was also a free agent pick up during the season last year that helped out a lot of teams. He is implying that Travis is going to help teams in a similar way because he was likely a free agent pick up.
  14. Oh the irony of a user named Manny Machado calling out another young player acting immature.
  15. Walk rate is good... Strike out & Contact rates are still awful. A .600 BABIP is absurd. We shall see what happens in AA.