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  1. Commissioner's Corner (2017 Edition)

    It sounds like an unfortunate situation, but if this is how things have been in the past, they are pretty much stuck with it. Moving forward though, either move the keeper deadline closer to the draft date or allow teams to change keepers before the draft if there has been a significant injury. For example, one of my leagues allows a team to potential call back two players they cut off there roster, if one of their keepers was significantly injured during roster lock.
  2. So I have the second pick this year in a 14 team PPR Dynasty Draft and I know the guy picking first is taking Corey Davis. So who would you pick between McCaffrey, Fornette, and Cook? I figure those three are ahead of Mixon at this point. My team is below. Leave a link and I will respond. QB: Luck RB: Gurley WR: AJ Green, Hopkins, M. Thomas, Watkins TE: Reed, Hooper
  3. James Conner 2017 Season Outlook

    No, they don't. Williams is a free agent.
  4. July Closer Thread 2017

    I have no idea. But for those of you with Madson, if there is a save chance will be Madson. I can't understand pitching a guy with Doolittle's injury history in that situation, save the bullets for when it matters. Albers has been pretty decent for them this year and it seems like the perfect spot to use him and save Doolittle for tomorrow if he is needed.
  5. July Closer Thread 2017

    The bigger question is why do you pitch Doolittle when you are up by 6 when Albers was warmed up as well. Dusty is clueless when it comes to managing a bullpen
  6. Buster Posey 2017 Outlook

    I read somewhere that Strickland shook Posey off a few times before the bean ball, is that true? I can't find the entire AB anywhere. If that is the case and Posey knew that he was going to hit Harper, does he still deserve the criticism?
  7. May Closer Thread 2017

    Pretty easy inning for Maurer...somewhat surprisingly considering it came against Schwarber, Bryant, and Rizzo.
  8. Yasiel Puig 2017 Outlook

    Pretty much. It will be interesting to see if Taylor is passable in the outfield and continues to hit. I would imagine they will then rotate Puig, Pederson, and Taylor. And in another month or so, the shadow of Andre Ethier might play into the mix.
  9. May Closer Thread 2017
  10. Carter Capps 2017 Outlook

    He's working on his mechanics and command at their Spring Training complex.
  11. May Closer Thread 2017

    He should, he's been pretty good outside of tonight's outing and the latest update on Capps is that the Padres' may extend his rehab stint to work on mechanics and his command.
  12. @mmarino137 Sorry but I couldn't get the commitments in time and there was a lack of communication in the e-mail chain that we gave up on the idea of running the league for this year. We will try again next year. Thanks for your interest
  13. Hey all, we are trying to put together an auction keeper league for next weekend. We have 10 committed owners at this point and need two more to fill out the league. The league is run through Ottoneu/Fangraphs. Here is a link to the rules: If you are tried of playing in one off leagues and are looking for a committed group to playing year in and year out, then this could be the league for you. It will be the standard 5x5 settings. We are looking at drafting some time next weekend, preferably happening Saturday evening. Be aware that Ottoneu drafts tend to take a while, not uncommon to be 6+ hours. But there can be multiple sessions and you only need to complete your starting lineup during the draft (you can fill out the roster with free agents). If you are interested and have some time to draft next weekend, let me know. Send me a private message or leave your e-mail in the thread. I know that we are getting late in the season and that might scare some people off, but this is about establishing a league for the future just as much as playing in one this year. Thanks
  14. Two spots still open. I realize this has been up for a week, so as of right now the draft doesn't have a set date or time. But be aware that ottoneu league drafts can take a while, so this may require multiple sessions. If you are interested, shoot me a DM or post your email.