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  1. im getting a hard on just watching score on every possesion the last 5 mins. His single handling winning the game
  2. using olynk more and adebayo and now james johnson in picture looks like end of whiteside.
  3. Hoping nothing serious but I would think he would of gotten a night off back to back games regardless.
  4. His been a cancer to my team all year long. I need to drop him too
  5. I dont know what happened but his shooting the ball so much better now. Valentine's day did him right.
  6. amazing how after all this time of seeing specialist accordingly twice now...they finally decide to get a MRI after the all star break is over. Looks like they are just prolonging his shutdown from happening.
  7. very westbrookie line at the all star game. I know why lebron traded him to the other team...his single handling letting team lebron back into the game.
  8. Chriss came into the game before he did. Now i don't feel too good about love getting steady mins.
  9. Osman is back and Lance is to the bench tonight. Anziz starting...crazy drew
  10. will he play behind nurkic or could he possibly start at PF?...its harkless in there now.
  11. as much as i want to grab him...the nuggets are the worst team he can be on. People are even dropping gary harris in the 5 leagues im in and imagine when harris is back. They got back ups for their back ups playing starter mins right now and doing well. If anything their front court can use more personal but there backcourt is as stacked as any in the nba.
  12. i would pick up roco, diwwide/dragic/white. I think there roles are most secured once they come back. Tj warren i feel suns are going try to develop bridges/josh more as season winds down. I would drop shamet then rozier and faried actually. I think there long term value is limited.
  13. stick with conley. I got shares of both and conley been a stud all year. I would take a risk of his shut down possiblity over gasol's questionable role on the raptors team.
  14. Bill Oram‏Verified account @billoram 8m8 minutes ago The Lakers defense has slipped considerably without Lonzo Ball. Ball is in the fourth week of a 4-6 week recovery from a sprained ankle. He is running on the antigravity treadmill back in LA but has not yet progressed to on-court work. Official update expected after All-Star wknd more negative news for rondo. If his running i would think after the ASB he could be practicing soon