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  1. End of the season pretty sure they will not hestitate resting love and Tristan again. The way they rest love last year was ridiculous...he would get rested even when it wasn't back to back just random nights off. End of season sexton and garland going get all the run they can handle. I see him as a very budget Lavine lite. High points, 1.5-2 3's, medicore assist and low stocks. His 3 pointer went leaps and bounds over the course of last year so he has a lot of value base on points/3s for a guy in the late rounds.
  2. Shams Charania @ShamsCharania · 8s Pelicans rookie star Zion Williamson underwent arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus in right knee and will be out 6-to-8 weeks.
  3. I already dropped dhoward in my 14 team league. I own McGee also. I just don't see anymore than 15 mins a game if that. Like others have said, the entire preaseson there was no Kuz. The ultimate death line up for the lakers will be Davis at the 5, Lebron, Kuz, and rest of the line up surrounded by shooters and wings for small ball game. Unless there are blow outs which there maybe with how good they looked then there will be more minutes to spare for dhoward. The opportunity situation just isn't there for the crowded lakers. FYI...I'm keeping guys like pj Washington and IT over him just base on opportunity alone. Lakers are crowded this year.
  4. dropped dhoward for him. I looked at Wizards entire roster and half the names I never heard of. At least theres opportunity there. At Denver it was always too crowded and lakers he had to play with a crowded group too. Finally a fresh start where he can be alpha B to next to Beal.
  5. I'm looking to a join a standard h2h 9 cat yahoo league ($20-50) range. PM me please
  6. any chance can change it to standard 9 cat instead of points league? I think there will be more interest if its standard h2h. I'll join if so.
  7. I had him in mutiple leagues last yr. His first few months was terrible but his improvement last few months was big.
  8. yea that is the only thing i see here is cp3 injury/phased out if untradeable in okc. Otherwise if beal and cp3 played all season i would think that is much higher value than fox/russell. Beal/cp3 was 1st/3rd round while fox and russell was 3rd/4th round in 12 team league.
  9. Not sure if this belongs here but someone just traded away beal and cp3 for fox and deangelo russell in one league. Does that sound veto worthy?
  10. I would rank McGee over him. I grabbed both just to see how this shakes out. I can see davis being center and they play small ball with kuzma and LeBron and bunch of shooters. We haven't seen a game with kuzma there yet.
  11. This year some reason there are not many time slots for yahoo pro leagues. Past years there were a ton but this year there is only like 1-2 per day and all at odd hours of the day. Not sure whats up with them.
  12. I had 7th spot last night in 14 teamer and chose Beal over Lillard, Embiid. Embiid for the same reason you mentioned. health and back to back sits. I chose beal over lillard because of steals and shot opportunity. Rest of there stats are very similar. Beal actually has higher fg% 47% last season. But I am concerned about load management at end of season for beal.
  13. I had the 7th pick and took him over lilard, embiid, lebron. For me it was either going be him or lillard. At the end i chose beal because his going be a much more volume shooter. Lillard has been the last 3 years stuck in the 26 point range while beal for a good chunk last year was avg 30 pts/game. Beal also has much higher steal, a category you really want your first pick guard to have. The only drawback I see is lillard has better track record of playing every game and portland being competitive. Beal still played every game last season on a tanking wizards team but they did limit his mins the last few games.
  14. Ya I agree. He should get a ton of opportunity with the bulls...main concern is Bulls not tanking. That's another factor. I'm hoping that since he wants to be an all star this year then Bulls will try not to tank and sit there players.
  15. I got him last night at late 4th round in a 12 team league. Later on in the 8th got Lou Williams. How is he much different than say lou Williams? Little bump in points (5 pts max I say) but then lou will gets to the FT line and helps in ft's a lot. 3 pointers there sort of wash. Assist is a wash too. They both give very mediocre defensive stats. Lou will got the edge on health.
  16. I didnt realize when drafting him but chargers got a very tough schedule basically till the end. Bunch of elite defense teams
  17. I don't agree with Lillard...that guy doesn't miss games and is on a competitive team. Those guys their health and shut down risk is factored into their draft rankings. If Lavine actually played full seasons few years in a row his rank would be much higher.
  18. I think a good judgement call to start him on sunday is whether another rb is active that day besides ekler and Gordon. If that practice squad guy is active too then I would just wait until next week. Depends on size of league of course and what options you got besides him.
  19. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 2m #Packers WR Davante Adams had his MRI today on his toe injury, and sources say it’s not believed to be serious. The team will be careful with their star pass-catcher. But if he misses time, it may not be much.
  20. his practiced 2 days in a row now. I'm thinking they let him play.
  21. last thing the coach said yesterday was he didn't rule out Gordon playing Sunday yet so there is hope.
  22. Justin Jackson is in a walking boot. Higher chance he suits up now?
  23. I feel he suits up this week. Every win counts in getting into the playoffs standings...currently tied with the raiders...I can see them throwing him out there so he will be even more ready for the broncos next wee. Real question is do we start him if he does suit up.
  24. he has upside and will probably need to throw or run a lot of catch up in scoring. NE defense is still yet to be tested by a legitimate team. I don't even count Miami and Jets to be a good judgement on how good there defense are.