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  1. everyday im getting a new injury. First westbrook gets suspended, cousins injured, then love, then smart gets injected, then ariza pulls a grion. This is all within the same league. Down 2-5 in 9 cat league head to head. Going need a miracle. 

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  2. as much as i want to grab him...the nuggets are the worst team he can be on. People are even dropping gary harris in the 5 leagues im in and imagine when harris is back. They got back ups for their back ups playing starter mins right now and doing well. If anything their front court can use more personal but there backcourt is as stacked as any in the nba.

  3. Bill OramVerified account @billoram 8m8 minutes ago


    The Lakers defense has slipped considerably without Lonzo Ball. Ball is in the fourth week of a 4-6 week recovery from a sprained ankle. He is running on the antigravity treadmill back in LA but has not yet progressed to on-court work. Official update expected after All-Star wknd



    more negative news for rondo. If his running i would think after the ASB he could be practicing soon

  4. 1 hour ago, richg24 said:

    Again do not listen to the guys in here talking about TT or love making nance not good. For one nance has greatly improved especially his 3 ball. Love not gonna play like normal he is going to be trash and prolly average 25 min. TT is literal trash and team couldn't care less about him. He reminds them of lebron pushing them around. Posters in here got ppl to drop nance earlier don't listen to them again. Bad fantasy players. Nance will average about 28 or 30 mpg with them back

    I think the point is that right now Lance is getting those crazy lines he wasn't getting earlier in the year because they had triston or whoever in the lineup. For the last 2 weeks since his back from injury the team has been banged out (no osman, no tristan, barely a love) and therefore his getting a larger load in terms of scoring/rbds. His defensive stats and his valuable assist as a big will always be there but he will take a hit in scoring/rebounds if and when they get back to full speed. Love is definately not trash either. Base on what he did last game he has plenty left in the tank. Im pretty sure Love himself is getting tired of being called a injury prone player so I can easily vision him playing out rest of the season. I can see Nance still being a dbl/dbl guy with good steal/assist numbers though. I just think for people who could sell him right now while his value is at the highest point to do so like that other poster who got a offer of booker for him.