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  1. 27 minutes ago, YouSnoozeYouLose said:

    Yep. I proposed a trade request for Lavine in my league. Trade was rejected. Proposed another trade for VanVleet which is currently being considered. I don't think Chris Paul is a player anyone wants to hold during playoff weeks.

    funny you mention that...I just sold vanvleet for steven adams in one league. His been doing well but I got him in 10th round and currently stacked with guards. That might be selling way too low for cp3 though

  2. 45 minutes ago, Monkeyking69 said:


    I doubt he'll replicate his 20ppg. Like OP mentioned above they had love, Tristan  and Larry JR rest up sporadically throughout the year.. Cedi is probably gonna get a slight improvement. maybe  sexton will have a 13/2/3 .. however if you're not over reaching during draft and have him at later rounds then definitely grab him


    End of the season pretty sure they will not hestitate resting love and Tristan again. The way they rest love last year was ridiculous...he would get rested even when it wasn't back to back just random nights off. End of season sexton and garland going get all the run they can handle. I see him as a very budget Lavine lite. High points, 1.5-2 3's, medicore assist and low stocks. His 3 pointer went leaps and bounds over the course of last year so he has a lot of value base on points/3s for a guy in the late rounds. 

  3. I already dropped dhoward in my 14 team league. I own McGee also. I just don't see anymore than 15 mins a game if that. Like others have said, the entire preaseson there was no Kuz. The ultimate death line up for the lakers will be Davis at the 5, Lebron, Kuz, and rest of the line up surrounded by shooters and wings for small ball game. Unless there are blow outs which there maybe with how good they looked then there will be more minutes to spare for dhoward. The opportunity situation just isn't there for the crowded lakers. FYI...I'm keeping guys like pj Washington and IT over him just base on opportunity alone. Lakers are crowded this year. 

  4. dropped dhoward for him. I looked at Wizards entire roster and half the names I never heard of. At least theres opportunity there. At Denver it was always too crowded and lakers he had to play with a crowded group too. Finally a fresh start where he can be alpha B to next to Beal. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, StifleTower2 said:

    I would.  But some people have a hard on for young players and CP3 has injury risk so it’s borderline.  I’d look at where they were drafted in your league and go from there. 



    yea that is the only thing i see here is cp3 injury/phased out if untradeable in okc. Otherwise if beal and cp3 played all season i would think that is much higher value than fox/russell. Beal/cp3 was 1st/3rd round while fox and russell was 3rd/4th round in 12 team league.

  6. 18 minutes ago, crocp said:

    Explain why?

    I have 6th in my draft Saturday (14 man 9 cat H2H) and I am leaning Jokic (but debated going with Dame for a whole week..but now I'm set on Joker) 

    My reason of Jokic over Dame and Embiid:

    1) Embiid will be lucky to play 65 games....thats a big NOPE from me in a H2H league. I need my first pick to give me 75+ games

    2) Dame provides VERY similar stats to Kemba (Kemba gives same points, same rebounds, 1 less assist, same 3's), and Kemba is going around pick 15-20 in most leagues....Dame does not do anything special for a PG to warrant a 6th pick. I got him last year at the turn of my 14 man league.

    3) I really value out of position stats, and Jokic is great at assists (higher than Dame even)...and pretty easy to build around




    I had 7th spot last night in 14 teamer and chose Beal over Lillard, Embiid. Embiid for the same reason you mentioned. health and back to back sits. I chose beal over lillard because of steals and shot opportunity. Rest of there stats are very similar. Beal actually has higher fg% 47% last season. But I am concerned about load management at end of season for beal.