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  1. didnt zeke report back the same week still played? i wonder if there is still a chance he suits up
  2. I need him to play this sunday and get 4 tds to make up for the 3 weeks he sat out.
  3. I don't trust Peterson at all this year. Seems the coach just hates him. Even at the goal line last week at the 1 yard line with 3 downs....All 3 downs Peterson was not there for any of them.
  4. This reminds me of 2 years back when david Johnson went out for the season with wrist injury and everyone burned their waivers on there back up...don't even remember his name anymore and no real RB emerged at the end as a pick up for that team. I still think for non-faab leagues he is still worth spending a #1 because you may hold onto that #1 all season and miss out on other potential adds when holding on to it. It almost a burden to have when holding that #1 waiver.
  5. I don't even think it is the coach. Look at last year...Rodgers threw a total of only 25 TD! That's a big difference from his 30-40 tds days. Main difference is last year Rodgers just zoned in on Adams every game. Basically the only guy he threw to consistently. If that happens again this year...wonderful but I think Rodgers days of being a TD machine are over...they really should of not let Jordy go. He was still dominant with Rodgers even till the end.
  6. the team hasn't been the same since Jordy left. Nowadays you get use to Rodgers 200 yard 1-2 td games. Back in the days, he would have that by half time.
  7. I'm not complaining. There are so many others rbs drafted before him that are performing worst or in a bad situation. NE has a cake schedule for 80% of ROS so I see his usage being high.
  8. NE doesn't play a respectable oppn for a shoot out until maybe the Ravens 7 weeks from now. Its going be a lot of score big in early and run the ball. Unless Brown gets cut..Gordon and Edelman and brown are all wr2 and wr3 level. Don't see wr1 numbers emerging from any patriots wr...too many weopons for brady to choose from.
  9. I wouldnt be suprrised if he surpassed Marvin already. He always had the talent but staying healthy was his problem. His been healthy for awhile now so maybe his role will continue.
  10. Lets not forget Jared cook had a few big games last year but overall very inconsistent. His first game last year blew up and then duds came along the way. I rather have Hock too if choosing between the 2 just cause of what others have said...1st round draft TE and the team is way more well rounded. Once teams realize carr only throws to tyrell and waller they will start clamping down.
  11. He unfollowed Raiders and derrick carr on instagram. Safe to say he already knows his days are numbered.
  12. LMAO read the GM's wiki right now Oakland Raiders On December 31, 2018, Mayock was hired to be the general manager of the Oakland Raiders.[3] One of Mayock's first splashes as general manager was trading for embittered Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. In his first draft with the team, Mayock used the team's three first-round picks on Clelin Ferrell, Josh Jacobs, and Johnathan Abram. Secretly employed by the Chargers to help ruin the Raiders , despite the fact they don't need any help with Chucky at the helm. He also went 10 rounds with AB in his office. A lot of punches thrown however, business was not boomin'. Mayock is from Meek Mill country. He is tough.
  13. Jesus one of worst lines i seen this year so far.
  14. His not listed on the nba injury report yet which maybe a good sign.
  15. no news at all yet....i want to drop him already if they annouce his in concussion protocal
  16. everyday im getting a new injury. First westbrook gets suspended, cousins injured, then love, then smart gets injected, then ariza pulls a grion. This is all within the same league. Down 2-5 in 9 cat league head to head. Going need a miracle.
  17. im getting a hard on just watching score on every possesion the last 5 mins. His single handling winning the game
  18. using olynk more and adebayo and now james johnson in picture looks like end of whiteside.
  19. Hoping nothing serious but I would think he would of gotten a night off back to back games regardless.
  20. His been a cancer to my team all year long. I need to drop him too
  21. I dont know what happened but his shooting the ball so much better now. Valentine's day did him right.
  22. amazing how after all this time of seeing specialist accordingly twice now...they finally decide to get a MRI after the all star break is over. Looks like they are just prolonging his shutdown from happening.
  23. very westbrookie line at the all star game. I know why lebron traded him to the other team...his single handling letting team lebron back into the game.
  24. Chriss came into the game before he did. Now i don't feel too good about love getting steady mins.