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  1. In a 12 team league with 2 IR spots. I got klove and teague both back from IR so I need to consolidate bad and don't really have drop worthy players. I have 2 offers ready but not sure which one is better. Offer 1: Give up Ayton+jerami grant and receive CP3 Offer 2: Give up Ayton+gallo+Trae and receive Paul george+ Adams My Current roster is Pg: Harden, Trae, Teague, Dunn Sf/sg:Harris, Huerter, Issac, Grant, Prince, Gallo, Bodanovic Centers: Love, Whiteside, M. Gasol, Ayton
  2. lol not starting the 2nd half. No idea why they do that. Might as well give him 10 mins per half.
  3. his playing a lot right now. Are they going sit him the entire 2nd half until all star break is over after this amount of playing time..
  4. i did searching on lonzo ball and the only thing i found was Brad turner saying on LA times lonzo should return after the ASB. I think everyones hope was rondo would tear it up and steal the job so that even if lonzo was to return his role would be deminished. Rondo has been doing well until last game when he went to the bench. Tomorrow will be make it or break it for rondo.
  5. I want to drop him so bad for these hot pickups but his my teams leader in steals for awhile now. If he can just score a little more.
  6. Ill wait one more game. It might not be match up though because lakers as a whole is pretty big team. Rondo could of easily guarded riddick instead. There shooting guard kuzma is like 6'9 and ingram lebron all about the same so as a team their actually huge if it was just a match up thing.
  7. I traded him away for ariza. Might regret it but i own kevin love too. His versatile thats for sure.
  8. im high on him being one of the young core down the stretch for the cavs. If anything i think triston could be more the odd man out as season winds down.
  9. owning gasol last year while they were tank mode...they did sit him down but not much. Towards last few weeks of playoffs i remember he would sit a game here and there but wasn't a complete shut down.
  10. the end is near boys...will soon be drop city here
  11. if anythimg i see his assist numbers go up even higher since gasol was such a good passer and playmaker they lost.
  12. his staying with the grizllies. His going get even more shots up with no mack, gasol left. But i do worry about the playoff shut down for sure...i would look to handcuff delon wright as playoff comes close.
  13. so basically with jonas and JJJ in the starting line up...we can assume he will have the jamchael green type of production as 3rd big man off the bench? Not horrible but i would maybe hold a week to see what his numbers will be like.
  14. how is his outlook in toronto? I feel like its good but not great. Toronto is pretty deep and uses ibaka a lot as their big and go small ball.
  15. they are getting back jonas....not completely freed yet.
  16. someone offered me jimmy butler a week ago and i sold gasol to him. Both studs but kind of regretting it now. Gasol gives a little more verstile game.
  17. going get crowded real soon with crabbe, lavert back soon and possibly dwiddle after ASB.
  18. Just annouced. Sounds like they will just keep him on the shelf if no trade happens. Thats messed up though. Basically treating a superstar with the Kanter treatment Marc Stein‏Verified account @TheSteinLine 47s48 seconds ago If no trade materializes between now and the Feb. 7 buzzer, with the playoffs essentially out of reach, New Orleans has much more incentive to keep Anthony Davis shelved in the name of protecting its prized trade asset rather than playing him. As does Davis himself ... It has not been definitively decided that Anthony Davis has played his last game for the Pelicans, according to one source close to the situation. But the source said it is a scenario under consideration in the event New Orleans does not move Davis before next Thursday's deadline
  19. Just read pelicans already removed anthony davis from their twitter, facebook and social media pages. That sounds like they basically dont exepect him to play again for the team. Im guessing they trade him asap but if not...i would be selling him right now for chances of him not playing at all.
  20. its not too terrible as long as Otto gets better. Slomo also big upgrade over furguson. I would say for a 14 team league this would of been a better trade. can pick up guys that can do close to slomo value. Your basically hoping nurk+otto gives you more or same production as davis. While slomo has more value than ross.
  21. a beat writer today was writing that sumner guy may continue to start here on out.
  22. My trade hasnt even gone thru yet until tomorrow. Fantasy gods punished me.