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  1. how is his outlook in toronto? I feel like its good but not great. Toronto is pretty deep and uses ibaka a lot as their big and go small ball.
  2. they are getting back jonas....not completely freed yet.
  3. someone offered me jimmy butler a week ago and i sold gasol to him. Both studs but kind of regretting it now. Gasol gives a little more verstile game.
  4. going get crowded real soon with crabbe, lavert back soon and possibly dwiddle after ASB.
  5. Just annouced. Sounds like they will just keep him on the shelf if no trade happens. Thats messed up though. Basically treating a superstar with the Kanter treatment Marc Stein‏Verified account @TheSteinLine 47s48 seconds ago If no trade materializes between now and the Feb. 7 buzzer, with the playoffs essentially out of reach, New Orleans has much more incentive to keep Anthony Davis shelved in the name of protecting its prized trade asset rather than playing him. As does Davis himself ... It has not been definitively decided that Anthony Davis has played his last game for the Pelicans, according to one source close to the situation. But the source said it is a scenario under consideration in the event New Orleans does not move Davis before next Thursday's deadline
  6. Just read pelicans already removed anthony davis from their twitter, facebook and social media pages. That sounds like they basically dont exepect him to play again for the team. Im guessing they trade him asap but if not...i would be selling him right now for chances of him not playing at all.
  7. its not too terrible as long as Otto gets better. Slomo also big upgrade over furguson. I would say for a 14 team league this would of been a better trade. can pick up guys that can do close to slomo value. Your basically hoping nurk+otto gives you more or same production as davis. While slomo has more value than ross.
  8. a beat writer today was writing that sumner guy may continue to start here on out.
  9. My trade hasnt even gone thru yet until tomorrow. Fantasy gods punished me.
  10. Im guessing retirement or some team that will use him minimally
  11. its a good place for him to land but i dont see how he gets mins if jabari parker can barely get any. K.C. Johnson‏Verified account @KCJHoop 20s20 seconds ago Carmelo Anthony is unlikely to remain member of Bulls, per source.
  12. Adrian Wojnarowski‏Verified account @wojespn 4m4 minutes ago The Houston Rockets have agreed to trade Carmelo Anthony and cash to the Chicago Bulls, league sources tell ESPN.
  13. I got him in one league but his no sure fire. More an assist specialist. Both lebron and ingram can play point so they could just roll with josh hart more.
  14. Its a $20 yahoo proleague. You do get some tacos in those leagues. His dropping bam who is pretty low value so it could help his roster a bit with depth.
  15. I was able to get a trade accepted in 12 man league with a bottom standing manager. Gave up bogdon from sac and tomas and getting dipo.
  16. The Lakers defense arent even guarding him outside anymore. Giving him the draymond green treatment.
  17. Reoccuring theme where I look at his stat line 1st quarter and he has just as many TO's as missed shots. Then I relook end of game and he gets an unefficient triple double.
  18. My team would be much better off if i picked anyone else in the 1st round.
  19. his aiming for that all star ballot. If he continues this pace he deserves it.
  20. if only westbrook can play against the cavs every game.
  21. i grabbed both in a 14 team league. I would think Korver is the winner here in this trade for guys who looking for 3s. Burk can always score but his expiring contract might mean he is not part of Cavs long term plan so that will not bold well. I would say Kyle Korver value up. Burk will be a wait and see.