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  1. I was able to package him and Schroder for wall in a 14 team deep league.
  2. The latest news doesn't say very much besides it looked worst than it is and not as serious. No timeline has been released until they see how he responds to treatment. He could very well still be out 2 weeks. The positive part is that it doesn't sound like itll be measured in weeks or months but more day to day.
  3. that is good news but Im still not very happy with my 1st round pick. I knew it going in he wasn't an elite 3 point shooter but was hoping he go back to his near 2.5/game clip the season before. His FT% as ppl mentioned is pretty bad too as a guard. Still early to say but hoping he picks it up as season comes alnog.
  4. Story posting soon: The Houston Rockets are making a renewed bid to acquire Minnesota All-Star Jimmy Butler, including four future first-round draft picks in their most recent trade offer, league sources tell ESPN. how much value does harden goes down if houston acquire butler?
  5. for people thinking of adding cameron payne....even starting end of last year for dunn while he was out he was very borderline production
  6. This guy needs to buy the mega million ticket.
  7. Pretty much what i said. Now that they are ahead they are just using their normal rotations. Not saying he will be completely useless
  8. yea i would much rather have Kemba and Ayton over Kat base on what we seen from Ayton so far. If it was Davis...that will a harder decision but for KAT I would much rather have the kemba side.
  9. are people going wait a few more games to see if his mins goes up? Last nights game was BS.
  10. Lamb didnt even do bad. These type of situations happen all the time in NBA when a team is down by a lot. Coaches stick with the hot unit. Next time they play and if game is relatively close you wont see lamb sitting on the bench.
  11. If anyone followed the game they were down by over 20 at one point. The coach just stuck with the group that was hot that brought them back. Doesn't mean itll be his night to night.
  12. yes sir - Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 4m4 minutes ago 49ers' RB Matt Breida (shoulder, ankle), WR Pierre Garcon (shoulder, knee) and TE George Kittle (knee) -- all listed as questionable for tonight's game in Green Bay against the Packers -- all are expected to play, per source. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
  13. I would package howard after a big game and Cooper and try to get either a upper tier rb/wr with more value than howard.
  14. Me and my Oppn are basically tied. He has jimmy graham left. I have the choice between Kettle and Marquez Valdes-Scantling (with cobb and allison potentially sitting out). half point ppr league. Who should i go with?
  15. I had first overall pick. I wanted AD but chose harden. Houston got 4-4-3 schedule vs 3-3-3 pelican schedule. That one extra game swung it for me although if both had similar schedule I go AD. I normally never missed a playoffs so getting in never been a problem.
  16. Ya made a bad move. I know Conleys pts/3's can be greater than bledsoe but bledsoe has steals/youth/playoff team on his side.
  17. Where are you guys taking him? I took him middle of the 4th round few spots ahead of bledsoe in 12 man league. If he stays healthy and grizzlies don't go full tank mode end of season i think it will pay off. He definitely has more opportunity then bledsoe giving he will be #1 scoring option there between him and gasol. Now looking back i probably should of played it safe in choosing players on teams that won't tank at fanatsy playoff time.
  18. I just won him with 12 dollar bid out of 100. 12 man league. Not a single person waivers him which I though was weird. O wells looks like I overspent
  19. with all this practicing his doing last couple days..anyone thinks he might play maybe 2 out of the 4 games next week? His on waivers right now and im thinking 2 games KD is better than 3 to 4 games most players..
  20. listed as questionable tomorrow. Surprised his not ruled out. Maybe it is not as bad as it seems.
  21. i think the trade and new cavs team is helping him a lot. His a decent thief too.
  22. wasted all of my moves this week and made a complete circle...dropped Rozier after hearing bledsoe is getting traded and picked up ulis, dropped him for James after the 1st game performance, now dropped James again and picked up Rozier after he cleared waivers. The position battle and risk of another PG coming back will hinder his value.
  23. I drafted him last year and he was fine all the way until the shutdown which was annoying because like everyone said he wasn't injured and it was more an management move. Yesterday while on the 3rd round after all the elite pgs were gone i was stuck with him again. Hope it pans out this time.
  24. Are you guys dropping? Only 2 more games and I'm hearing min 1 game suspension