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  1. As long as he's leading MLB in barrels per plate appearance. No way I'm dropping this guy.
  2. I was afraid to start him against Houston....didn't realize Correa was out. Great line again. Anyone catch the game?
  3. Clearly it should be Molson Cheap Canadian beer...stronger then most american beers (5% abv)... but still about as cheap as a PBR.
  4. It looked to me like he couldn't locate his fastball at all last night. Several times Jaso set up inside and he missed high and away. I think that's why you saw so many sliders/curveballs tonight. Considering how bad his fastball looked I was pretty impressed with that start.
  5. Agreed, I would trade him for grienke right now if I could. Should be able to do it considering grienke had a rough outing last night as he sometimes does. In a keeper/dynasty league I would consider trading him for bumgarner.
  6. Bump... Just wanteed to say great dicussion guys. Threads like these are what make this forum great. (Single tear)
  7. There has been a lot of talk about Lincecum's declining stats over the last couple of years. I know his stats have declined and typically I would be more worried about declining KK/BB but he has such a solid delivery that I'm just not sold on projections of this guy continuing to decline. In my mind he's a stud. Period. He's still fairly young and I could see him having a nice rebound in his K/BB ratio this year. I'll even go out on a limb and say that a rebound would be more likely than continued regression given he has put up some absolutely ridiculous numbers in the past. Basically I'm chalking last year's stats to post World Series off-season partying and think he will be refocused for this year (A-la Rihanna-less Matt Kemp Circa 2011). Bottom line: Studs are studs and I think he can be gotten at a good price in keeper and re-draft leagues.
  8. I know his numbers and velocity have been declining a bit, but despite the trend I think his numbers could easily improve this year. You have to remember he was coming off of a long playoff heading into last season. Generally speaking this guys mechanics are really solid, so injury risk is pretty low, and he could show the benefit of some added rest going into this year. I think if there's a time to buy low on Tim Lincecum it's this year. He's only 27....and despite his "decline" last two years he's still putting up top 10 pitching numbers.