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  1. Carlos Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Brutal upcoming schedule so a sit for me for now. How has his velocity looked? He always walked a few guys and had a few clunkers per season but his latest few starts are worrisome
  2. June Closer Thread 2018

    Can’t he wake up with a sore back on a Cubs off day or when they are getting pounded, which is far too often this year
  3. Pick up a FA C. Look to improve 1B. And you have 3 SP from losing teams so low chance of Wins. Use the waiver wire for some other Ps.
  4. Revised Judge Trade WHIR

    Junis will come back to earth-alrwDy has. So it’s a 3-1 pretty much. It’s close but i see more value in the 3
  5. Torres/Soto for Bryant

    I’d keep Torres and Soto. KB has a power outage this season. You shoukd look look to improve 1B since Aguilar is platooning now
  6. Sending Mookie

  7. Bauers Trade. WHIR

    On the surface it may look like a bunch of scrubs but this is an important trade in my league
  8. Bauers Trade. WHIR

    Bauers, Tepera, and Velazquez for Ian Happ, Taillon, and Hanram? which side you got and why?
  9. Corbin/Chris Taylor for Gregorious WHIR

    Didi side wins
  10. Keeper League Trade (WHIR)

    Keep Dozier too Mets chances for wins this year dwindle by the day.... help pls
  11. Trade Freeman???

    Keep Freddie help me out pls
  12. Go for Verlander. Sell high on Albies help me out too please
  13. Hanram, Deshields, or Dejong depends if you need power or steals
  14. Do I pull the trigger? My current MI is Brad Miller happ was supposed to be my MI but he’s been extremely disappointing so far. My staff if I deal MCCullers would be deGrom, CMart, Tanaka, Taillon, Caleb Smith, Chatwood, Junis and Manaea WHIR