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  1. Theo Riddick 2018 Outlook

    Guess so since he had a solid enough performance in the passing game on Sunday. Seems like he could be a solid pickup in PPR leagues, especially if you need a bye week filler.
  2. James White 2018 Outlook

    Your posts mystify me more than help anybody. Not sure why you post if the majority of it is just to crap on players. James White is one of the best pass catching backs in football. Sure, he's nothing special as a regular runner, but he's more than showed how good he is in the passing game over last season and this season. Onto more useful analysis... One can almost throw yesterday's game out completely. I'm actually doing that for several players as a lot of what happened yesterday (and even Thursday) made little sense. Several good matchups turned out to be epic blowouts. A lot of credit should go to the Titans and their coaching staff for defending the Pats properly, but even so, that wasn't anything like the Patriots normally are.
  3. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    Because it was about as bad of a performance from a team and coaching staff I've seen this season (not counting the Raiders). Actually, a lot of what happened in Week 10 made little sense. Epic blowouts in what should have been close games is definitely one thing. It's been a strange "week" of NFL football. You are right that they are better with Green, and it's obvious Boyd isn't all of sudden going to put up Green-type production, but I still think things will get better and that yesterday was about rock bottom for the team.
  4. Just hold and if things go south, then cut him. It's not like you can really trade him, and cutting him would obviously be the wrong move right now, so just enjoy his solid production for as long as it lasts.
  5. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Actually, ignoring fantasy analysts isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes you're better off ignoring them. Unfortunately they were right this time, but one thing does make it silly. Like somebody else said, the market for Howard wasn't very good, so it's not like he was a true sell high option anyways. I'm glad it makes you feel better that people are stuck with a RB that the coach doesn't want to use. Anybody else can say it's not Nagy's fault and that they don't need him, but yet he's the one that obviously doesn't like him and it's not like Howard hasn't had success in the past. You don't get 1,600+ total yards in your rookie year by accident, and you can almost throw out this year's YPC since he's being used horribly. He was being run up the middle over and over once the game was out of hand today.
  6. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    True, but this was probably an even worse performance by the team and coaching staff all around. I don't post as much as some people, so I never said he would (not saying you are implying I did), but he still should post good numbers more often than not when Green is out. Today's game was so bad you basically have to throw it out completely.
  7. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    The reason for his bad game today was that the Bengals team and coaches didn't show up for today's game. That was one of the worst displays of football from a playing and coaching perspective I've seen in a while. The defense literally might as well not even went out on the field because it would have made no difference, Dalton was awful, and hardly using Mixon after he was ripping off big gains early pretty much made it certain they had no chance even if Dalton was decent today. I still believe big enough things are ahead for Boyd even without Green. This was another in a sadly long line of games this week that made little sense.
  8. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    His stats haven't been good most of the time, but it doesn't help when you sit the bench most of the game. He had 2 carries in the first half. I'm guessing we'll never know what he did to Nagy in the preseason or early this season to get treated as an afterthought most of the time.
  9. 11/11/2018 Saints vs Bengals Game Day Thread

    The Saints are good, especially on offense obviously, but none of their players are this good. Watched most of the first half and it was as if their defense wasn't even on the field against the Saints. Even Dalton could have completed most of those passes. That TD pass to Ingram where he spun was the low point of the game.... until they let the Saints return the INT almost the length of the field and then let Brees throw a TD to Thomas on one play.
  10. I guess he did something we will likely never know about to Nagy at some point, either in preseason or early in the season.
  11. 11/11/2018 Patriots vs Titans Game Day Thread

    Can't disagree there. They really need a heavy dose of James White in the second half to get back in the game. Not just saying that because I own him either.
  12. Jeff Heuerman 2018 Outlook

    It is, but the TE position itself is brutal. Maybe it's hard to say this with complete certainty, but I'd say given the way the position is, his floor is likely a lot safer than some of the other options that would be sitting out there.
  13. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    That, and also the fact that he's only gotten more than 12 carries in a game twice this season. 31 carries in the last three weeks after he got a season high 19. I would love to trade for him for his Week 11 matchup against the Bengals since both of my starting RBs will be off that week, but the fact that they hardly run the ball kills any enthusiasm for him.
  14. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    Exactly. There's no reason to even look at his upcoming schedule. He's already proven it doesn't matter who he goes up against. The Jaguars shut him down, but that's literally the only team that has all season.
  15. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    So, I'm getting the impression that you don't have a Jordan Howard jersey hanging up in your closet...