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  1. Go Profar! That's all I've got so far...
  2. Exactly, and you should be taking fliers on guys with your late round picks. Obviously they don't always work, but while Kang has been dreadful so far, I still think he qualifies for the HR potential alone. Again, he definitely has been dreadful, but you also can't completely write somebody off just because of what they've done in Spring Training. Maybe he really is done, but I had no problem taking a flier on him. If he ends up sucking, then I cut bait and move on. It's not like I'm going to lose my league because I took a chance on somebody who could make a real difference once the games actually matter.
  3. I don't think anybody would argue that Joc is awesome or that he really should be starting over Verdugo. It's a matter of what Dave Roberts and the team does rather than what is honestly the best move.
  4. The person who wrote the blurb for Rotoworld can spin it however he wants, but that's a pretty ridiculous move by Baltimore. I'm guessing the 60 ABs he got in 2017 doesn't mean a whole lot for his service time, but regardless, he's probably been their best hitter in Spring Training. Players don't need to play in AAA, which has been proven over the last few years. This is coming from somebody who missed out on picking him up, so I'm not biased.
  5. Agreed. It doesn't matter how much he plays as he's completely forgotten how to shoot. It's not just a slump either because he's been dreadful from the field all month (except for one game). He's firmly riding my bench, especially since he's barely providing anything in any category anymore. Can't even counter the horrid shooting. Maybe next season, as he has plenty of ability to contribute in several categories, but he's been so bad in FG% that none of it matters anymore. I've said it before, but it's weird that his shooting is so much worse than it was as a rookie. The main problem is he's gone from a good 3-point shooter to a mediocre one at best.
  6. Didn't do much in the 2nd half of the game, but can't complain at all when as he did enough damage in the 1st half to cover his whole night. The Clippers had no answer for him in the 1st half.
  7. The Mets keep Pete Alonso up to start the season... by accident.
  8. He shouldn't need to be stashed though. At this point, it'd be ridiculous if he didn't start the season in their rotation.
  9. It's possible, but it's also not like they are the manager and know exactly what he will write down come Opening Day. Regardless, this isn't anything we haven't discussed before. We all knew Robles was going to bat low in the lineup, at least initially. He's still going to have solid value, if for nothing else besides a solid average and potentially elite SBs.
  10. It's not so much that everybody doesn't view him as a potential valuable player in fantasy eventually. It's just that he might be a better guy to own in a year or two once his power develops more. Basically, a better investment in a keeper/dynasty league right now than a re-draft league.
  11. Yeah, that's just getting caught up in the hype. Obviously he is capable of doing that, but he's definitely not guaranteed to reach that even though he's likely to be able to put a stranglehold on the CF job now that Taylor is out of the picture for however long. Now the temptation to play both is gone, and if Robles rolls along early, then it's all his. Getting back on track though, Robles has had issues with sliding past the bag and getting caught stealing in the past, so I'd be hesitant to say he's a lock for even 40 SBs yet until he shows he's gotten over that. It seems like it's a product of his great speed and his desire to go all out, which are both great things of course, but hopefully he will learn to keep it under control a bit in the future.
  12. Couldn't agree more for re-draft leagues. In keeper/dynasty leagues, I think they are extremely close, but Bauer should still be more valuable for this season regardless. I don't think it would be that much of a surprise if Bauer finished as a Top 5 SP (or pretty darn close).
  13. I'm not sure the reasoning, but RosterResource changed their projected lineup then since they had Stewart hitting 2nd as recently as Saturday according to another person here. I'm fine with either spot. It would just change him from being a potential contributor in Runs with minimal RBI opportunities to a guy who could contribute in RBIs with potentially minimal Runs.
  14. True, he did, but Nick Pollack did comment on him as well a few days before that article and said Kelly was his #1 SP sleeper. It pretty much kicks off Alex's article there. I wish I could give you an actual answer to the question, but I have little knowledge on the foreign leagues.