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  1. He already had a great game after coming back from his injury though. Yesterday's performance was a big disappointment. There's no getting around that, especially with almost every website that posts anything about fantasy football saying how good he should be going forward, but I'm also not giving up on him either. I'm still going to consider using him once again next week, as it was only one bad game out of 4.
  2. I don't think so. If anything, Tate would cut into Ross once he comes back. There's a reason why Boyd is leading the team in targets by a large margin (besides Green being hurt), and that's because he firmly established himself as a fixture of their offense last season.
  3. Thanks. That's something you would think I would have already know, but oh well. 😀
  4. While his return would obviously help with consistency, he's only had 2 bad games out of 6. He's been good to fantastic in the other 4, although it would be nice if he could come back for Week 10 so that game isn't another potential dud again. There are ways to get a player away from a CB shadowing you, but obviously they didn't do it at all. Even if you're shadowing a player, you're not always going to get over there in time to cover somebody if he's constantly in motion, and/or you line him up in the backfield at times and such. Humphrey obviously deserves credit for shutting him down, but I'm still putting some of the blame on the coaching staff as well for likely not attempting to get him separated from Humphrey.
  5. Might make it a bit confusing, but deleted what I'm actually replying too because it would have made my post too long. Anyways, how did he get 129 rushing yards after contact when he only had 124 rushing yards for the game? I could see maybe total yards since he had 159, and even if he lost yardage on some carries, that stat doesn't really add up. In his defense, if he was watching the game, they did announce it as Carson before realizing it was Prosise. Still, that obviously put him in a bad spot. I saw that Yahoo gave it to the wrong guy and immediately contacted them via chat and told them about it. Within a few minutes like somebody said, it was fixed.
  6. He finally catches the only tough pass of the day. Maybe the Cowboys will wake up in the 2nd half and he'll be able to salvage his day. It would be a gigantic disappointment otherwise as he was looking like a legit WR2 coming into today's cakewalk matchup.
  7. You are not wrong, but I can understand the "argument" from both sides. There's no guarantee Witten, Walker, or Henry give you much today. Witten has been pretty much a guaranteed handful of points, Walker was up until the last two weeks, and obviously Henry is a huge question mark as far as what he will end up doing as we have no idea how much he will (likely) actually play. It is true that even a few points can be the difference between a win and a loss for some, and if you have the option, I couldn't fault somebody for playing a "safer" option like Witten or Walker. Still, I can also see somebody being willing to take the gamble and play Henry given that there's no guarantee whoever they would play instead would do much of anything either. That and Pittsburgh isn't very good against good TEs, so I find it hard to believe Henry would produce a donut if he plays. That and I wouldn't drop anybody of any value to play somebody else instead of Henry out of the guys mentioned. Basically, as I'm sure most of the people in the discussion are, there's basically no truly good bye week fill-ins for this week, so gambling on Henry is definitely tempting regardless of the current outlook of his situation today.
  8. Just a heads up that all CSBs will continue to be deleted. Please create a thread in the Assistant Coach section if you really need to know what people are getting in return for Brown...
  9. Soto is the more complete hitter, but Acuna is obviously great overall too (and the more complete player for fantasy). Still, no real reason to compare the two as they are both two of the top young players in the game.
  10. It will indeed be a huge risk, as the coach as already basically said he will play "a few plays" (per Rotowire) if he's able to play on Sunday night. Obviously things could change depending on how the game is going and how he feels during the game, but there's no way anybody can deny that Henry is a risk for this week if he plays. Still, he's a great pickup for future weeks, and worth the gamble if you have absolutely no other worthwhile option for this week. Depending on how low you have to go if you have a TE on a bye week (or injured), I would say he'd be no worse of a gamble than some of those.
  11. From Rotowire... Henry (knee) remained limited at practice Thursday. Spin: That Henry was able to log another limited practice session implies that things went well for him in his return to the field Wednesday. It remains to be seen, however, if the tight end is a candidate to return to action this weekend against the Steelers, with Friday's final Week 6 injury report hopefully adding clarity on that front, especially given the team's 8:20 ET kickoff Sunday night.
  12. Ok, makes sense. You don't have a choice when White is your 3rd RB though.
  13. I don't think it matters if you start him at RB or FLEX... 😉 Definitely playing him tonight. He seems to be an every week play for some, but he should be an obvious play for all for games that Burkhead misses. He's expected to miss his second straight game tonight.
  14. I see playing time being an issue only if he has a bad Spring Training. It is true about Rogers, but he got hurt and disappeared, so I believe he has to really earn a shot at having a starting spot anywhere on the team going into next season. I don't disagree with it in this case, but it is Colorado we are talking about. They aren't going to just hand a starting role to a rookie unless they have no other option. They have multiple options, and for once they are solid ones. If McMahon doesn't fall on his face in Spring Training, which is unlikely but still possible given he wasn't anything special this season, I can see Hampson being the starting CF with Dahl and Blackmon on the corners. They also batted him 1st or 2nd for a lot of the final stretch of the season once he got hot, so there's at least some confidence in him there as well. Obviously we will see come next season.
  15. Here we go... Hopefully he takes advantage of his first start. I know Dalton isn't the greatest and their offensive line stinks, but there's plenty of opportunity here for Tate to have a sneaky good game.
  16. Same here. He was a fine pickup since they seem to actually have a QB now, but I don't think waiting and see how it all plays out (given him and Shepard both are slot receivers) is a bad idea at all.
  17. The only question is... will he actually line up in the slot? Both Tate and Shepard are slot receivers.
  18. He has had years like this in the past in his earlier years, but this was obviously unexpected. The K's you can chalk up to K's being up across the league as he's been a decent enough strikeout pitcher in the past, and he did do this for most of the season, but I would be hesitant to draft him as my #2ish starter as well even though it wasn't just a hot half of a season.
  19. Damn, I was somehow way too low on Alonso. Other than that and Robles not being even in sniffing distance of the NL ROY Award, pretty much nailed Pete Alonso's season.
  20. According to the article about Boddy on the team's website, he's going to mostly be working with their pitchers in the minors. Still, obviously can't hurt their pitchers in the majors.
  21. This is about the only one I disagree with on your list. While he did start off the season rocky, he was great for a lot of the season. I don't expect him to duplicate what he did over most of the season, but it's not like he wasn't really good in the past before he became a Yankee. I think he deserves to be considered at least a borderline fantasy ace. Still going to comment on this... I still disagree with Nick's notes there. I actually even posted a comment on their page about May. Several of the Dodgers he listed there have basically no chance of getting a rotation spot over their #1 pitching prospect. I don't think they'd waste him in the bullpen and just spot start him like they've done with several of their guys. I'd be very surprised if May wasn't given every opportunity to win a rotation spot next spring.
  22. I traded for him in September, and my offense overall was awful for a lot of the second half, so I'm going with that rather than an injury. 😀 Maybe it was an injury. Who knows, but it obviously hasn't changed anything for you and it hasn't for me either. He's still a guy you don't think about trading in a keeper/dynasty league, and I'd take him in the late part of the first round like somebody else said as well.
  23. Same here. Obviously I find it hard to believe he won't be a regular in their starting rotation next season, so he's definitely somebody I want in my keeper league. I actually think he wouldn't be a bad flier to take as one of your last keepers in a keeper/dynasty league if you have a spot open. He's been pretty solid after a somewhat bumpy start to his brief career so far.
  24. If a team is up by more than 3 runs when a pitcher comes in, then the tying run has to be on deck when the pitcher enters the game in order for the pitcher to get a save.