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  1. 10 team .5 ppr 6 points QB TD pass 10th pick QB - Tom Brady WR - Ju Ju Smith Schuster WR - Adam Thielen WR - Calvin Ridley RB - James Conner RB - Devonta Freeman TE - Davis Njoku K - Robbie Gould D - Los Angeles Chargers B - Marlon Mack B - Philip Rivers B - Sterling Shepard B - AJ Green B - Tony Pollard B - Jimmy Graham B - Rob Gronkowski
  2. Like I said he is always hurt or battling something
  3. The topic is Mike Tauchman who is in his first year with them. Why would we care about data from previous years?
  5. So I guess next week will be a lost week for those in weekly leagues? As a first time owner I've really been disappointed. Outside of his blistering start the first couple of weeks he is either battling injuries or still waiting for another hot streak
  6. Gio has been slumping. He will be the odd man out. At most DJ sits once a week
  7. Anyone know if he is getting 2 starts this week?