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  1. I'm choosing DeGrom over Sale every day of the week. Sale is a ticking time bomb
  2. Yea I don't understand why people continue to post that kind of stuff
  3. I'm in a 14 team head to head points league where elite pitchers are worth more than elite bats. I have the 6th overall pick and will def take a pitcher first. Hopefully Scherzer. My question is since the amount of truly elite pitchers bottoms out after 15 or so pitchers do you think if One of Nola,Bauer or Buehler are there when I make my third round pick to take one of them which would give me 2 elite pitchers and then go all hitting for the next 5 rounds or take my second pitcher in the 4th/5th round and hope Flaherty,Clevinger or Wheeler are still there?
  4. Andrew Friedman is really the wrong guy to quote regarding the topic since he refuses to do any long term deals for free agents
  5. I think the injury had more to do with his lack of performance than anything else. he even alluded to it
  6. Because to the average fan you see the passed balls more. Now don't get me wrong the passed balls are most def an issue. On the other hand he catches a lot of pitchers that throw such nasty pitches. He had a bad year all around last year. He wasn't as bad defensively the year before and yes there is a most def NY overreaction
  7. While he does have issues blocking he is an above average game caller,Pitch framer and throwing runners out
  8. Are you saying the original Arod deal was a mistake?
  9. How did the "best" bullpen on paper do last year?
  10. 12 million for DJ is not a depth move. That is starter money