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  1. Let’s fill it up and have some fun
  2. Looking for new league

    Badassbaseballleague.proboards.com. Check out the rules, if interested in one of the last two spots let me know theteddyk@hotmail.com
  3. Only 2 spots left for the active league you are looking for..... theteddyk@hotmail.com for owners interested
  4. Still looking for 4 owners so we can get this league underway with an early MLB draft to allow for some hot stove fun during this soon to be long winter.
  5. 4 spots left. Filling fast, but still room for some active fantasy baseball geeks
  6. Still have a couple spots left for active GMs
  7. A few more still needed for this exciting start up league!
  8. We are half full. Still looking for 6 more passionate owners to fill out this new exciting league.
  9. theteddyk@hotmail.com is my contact for interested owners
  10. apparently the attachment is not opening for some. http://teddykbaseballleague.proboards.com That link is to the leagues offseason home, You can find the league constitution under the league rules tab. This is accessable as a guest to the proboards site, no log in or registration neccessary to view most of the content.
  11. Badass Baseball League TABLE OF CONTENTS Title a. Introduction 1 Services and Fees 2 Scoring and Standings 3 Teams and Rosters 4 Drafts 5 Position Eligibility 6 Trades 7 Waivers 8 Free Agents Eligibility 9 Minor Leagues a) INTRODUCTION This will be a dynasty league using a H2H-style 6x6 scoring format fantasy baseball league. Its intent is to provide a forum for like minded baseball fans to participate as owner/gm/manager of a team and experience all the jubilations and disappointments that it entails. This league is intended to span multiple seasons and teams will retain their rosters for each successive season. I. SERVICES AND FEES 1.1 The league will be conducted using the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball service. The Yahoo database will be used for all scoring and player eligibility requirements. 1.2 The league will also have its own forum board, which this post currently resides. This forum will be used to host the leagues guidelines, provide a forum for discussion including trades, drafts and general league status. It will be the point of origin for the beginning of each season with the commencement of the Minor League Draft and the site which we will use to run our active offseason. 1.3 The league fee is $25 per team. All money is collected and distributed by Yahoo. Prize money will be awarded as follows: 1st place - $200 and league championship trophy ($25 value on yahoo fantasy shop) 2nd place - $50 3rd place -$25 II. SCORING AND STANDINGS 2.1 This is a head to head 6x6 category league. 2.2 The scoring categories for this league are as follows: Offensive Categories Pitching Categories ------------------------- ----------------------- Runs (R) Wins (W) Home Runs (HR) Saves (SV) Runs Batted In (RBI) Holds (HLD) Stolen Bases (SB) Strikeouts (K) On Base Plus Slugging (OPS)** Earned Run Average (ERA)** Batting Average (AVG)** Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched (WHIP)** ** - denotes aggregate stats - all other stats are counting stats. 2.3 In case of ties in the playoffs, whatever YAHOO sets as the default will be the tiebreaker. III. TEAM AND ROSTERS 3.1 There are 12 total owners, with a pool consisting of both American and National league players. Each team will consist of two rosters; a 30 player Major League roster and a 30 player Minor League roster. 3.2 A team's Major League roster consists of the following players: 1 Catcher 1 First Basemen 1 Second Baseman 1 Third Baseman 1 Shortstop 1 Left Fielder (exclusively) 1 Center Fielder (exclusively) 1 Right fielder (exclusively) 1 Outfielder (can be any RF/LF/CF) 1 Middle Infielder(2B/SS) 1 Corner Infielder(1B/3B) 1 Utility player (non-pitcher who can be any offensive player) 5 Starting Pitchers 5 Relief pitchers 8 Bench (Can be hitters or pitchers as owner sees fit due to team dynamics) 4 DL slots(in season only) 3.3 A teams Minor League roster will consist of a max. of 30 players (any position) and will conform to the guidelines outlined in section entitled Minor Leagues. 3.4 No later than one week before the minor league draft (February 23rd) all teams must trim their Major League rosters down to 30 players; i.e. players must be removed from the DL and placed back on the Major League roster or be released. Players who have exhausted Minor League Eligibility (see the thresholds in section 9.5) must also be moved to the Major League Roster or risk losing them to the draft pool. Every team must submit a final list to the league commissioner no later than one week before the draft. This list is binding and will be posted on the TeddyK’s Dynasty League Baseball Forum board. IV DRAFT 4.1 The league’s annual Minor League is done to populate the Minor League rosters. Every year the league will hold the Minor League Draft on February 1st on the Badass Baseball League site. 4.2 All slow drafts (conducted on the Badass Baseball League proboards site (http://badassbaseballleague.proboards.com) will have a time limit of 24 hours for owners to make their selections to facilitate a fluid draft. TEAMS DO NOT HAVE TO USE THE ENTIRE TIME LIMIT PERIOD TO POST THEIR SELECTION and are encouraged to post their selection as soon as their turn is up and they are ready. Teams that fail to post their selection in the allotted time will be skipped and can make up their pick when they log on. In case of an extremely slow draft, the 24 hour time limit may be changed to 12 hours. It shouldn’t be a problem to check the league after waking up, after work, or even right before bed. 4.3 The draft pool consists of previously undrafted prospects, international signings, and prospects from the previous year’s MLB draft. For more specific guidelines, refer to the Minor Leagues section of the constitution. 4.4 The draft order is primarily determined by the inverse of the regular season standings in regards to all the draft picks not counting the finalists. The winner of the previous year always picks last and the runner up always picks second to last. The rest of the draft is always determined by the inverse order of the regular season standings and is to be conducted by a standard (non-snake) draft. 4.5 The only eligible players for the draft are the preceding year's draft class (for example, the 2019 draft will come from the 2018 MLB draft), and all unowned minor leaguers (prospects that aren't on a team's squad and are currently eligible). High schoolers, college players, and foreign players not yet signed are ineligible. ***Also, if any foreign player signs with a MLB team during our draft, that player CAN NOT be picked. He must wait until the next year’s draft. 4.6.1 The draft ends when all teams are done with the five round draft or when a team gets the max. number of 30 minor league players they are finished drafting. (for example, if a team has 29 minor league players they can only draft one minor leaguer. The team could also trade a prospect to make room for another pick). 4.6.2 Owners need to submit their final rosters by December 31st. Owners may only use their draft picks if they have room on their roster for additions as to not exceed the max limit of players allowed (30 minor league players). Owners may not add/drop players with minor league rights, to either Major league or minor league rosters, after December 31st until after the conclusion of the draft. A list will be made to make sure all are aware as to how many minor league spots are available on each owner's roster and therefore how many draft picks they are allowed. Year one we will draft 15 players Year two we will draft 15 more. Then it will be 5 players drafted each year. Trading of draft picks is allowed. V. POSITION ELIGIBILITY 5.1 Position eligibility will be determined by the YAHOO database service. No player may be played at any position for which he has not acquired eligibility for that position. 5.2 Utility players are not position specific. Any position player may occupy the Utility slot. 5.3 Outfielders ARE exclusive slots not generic slots. A specific LF, CF and RF slot is on each roster and may only be occupied by players with position eligibility at that position. 5.4 Pitchers are broken down into two categories; Starting Pitchers (SP) and Relief Pitchers (RP). Both closers and relief pitcher fall under the Relief Pitcher category. VI. TRADES 6.1 Trades are allowed at all times of the year, with the exception of the final few weeks of the regular season. The league trade deadline is always the second Sunday in August. 6.2 There are no limits to the number of trades a team may make during the season. 6.3 Minor league draft picks may be traded ONLY for the next available Minor League Draft. There will be no 2, 3 or 4 year “future” draft picks traded. 6.4 Positions in the Minor League Draft can be swapped in a trade. Example: Team A picking 4th “trades down” with Team B who picks 13th as part of a trade concession. 6.5 All trades are subject to Veto. A veto will only be conducted when obvious collusion or “tanking” (throwing the season and/or ridding a team of talent with intent to leave the league) is involved. Proof of collusion or tanking a team will result in a veto of the trade and possible disciplinary measures of whatever the commissioner sees fit. Under no circumstances will a trade be vetoed if both owners were acting in good will. ***Example Mike Trout can be traded for say Austin Meadows and a first round pick….this would be allowed If I deem both parties are acting in good faith. VII. WAIVERS 7.1 Each team in the league has a waiver priority from 1 (highest) to 12 (lowest) based on the inverse of major league draft order. Thereafter, teams exercising successful Waiver claims immediately assume the lowest priority (12) and those who were below them in priority move up one spot. - During the offseason there are no waivers, free agents are claimed first come, first served basis. This ensures that those active in our offseason have an edge. 7.2 Any player may be released at any time by his team. All released player automatically are placed on Waivers for a 2 day period. After those 2 days, the team with the highest priority who has an active claim for the player acquires the player. 7.3 After the 2 day waiver period has passed, if the player has not been claimed, he immediately becomes a free agent and is available to all teams on a first come-first serve basis. 7.4 The team who waived the player can claim the player off waivers but also will assume the lowest priority (12) after making the claim. 7.5 Teams must create an open Major League roster spot for a Waiver claim to be processed. 7.6 The waiver position for seasons end carries over to the following season. VIII. FREE AGENCY 8.1 Any player who is in the Yahoo player pool, not owned by another team (major league or minors), and not currently on the waiver list may be acquired as a free agent. 8.2 After a player is released to the free agent pool, he must clear Waivers before he may be claimed as a Free Agent. Free Agent claiming is on a first-come, first-served basis and is immediately processed. 8.3 Teams must have an open Major League roster spot open to claim Free Agents. 8.4 Any minor league player who has no MLB experience but has been added to the Yahoo player pool, and whose rights are not already owned by a team in the league, may be added to a team's major league roster directly. Such players: a) Must be dropped at the end of the season, and made available in the draft. - Once the player has appeared in a MLB game, these restrictions no longer apply and they are treated as any other player. 8.5 There will be a weekly player acquisition limit of 7 acquisitions weekly during the yahoo regular season and playoffs. IX. MINOR LEAGUES 9.1 When a player is drafted in the minor league draft, he is placed on the team's minor league roster. This protects a team's rights to that player. 9.2 Once a player is activated by his fantasy team, that player loses his minor league status. A player cannot be added back to the minor league roster after he is added to the regular 30 man roster. 9.3 A minor league player may be retained from one season to the next as long as he does not meet the following thresholds in Major League playing time: Position Players: Less than or equal to 250 At Bats (AB). Pitchers: Less than or equal to 100 Innings Pitched (IP). Any player who has exceeded these thresholds will have been considered to have exhausted his Minor League Eligibility and must be called up during the next off season. 9.4 Each team has a maximum of 30 minor league players he may retain from one season to the next. In the minor league draft, a team may only draft enough players to reach the 30 man minor league roster limit. 9.5 A player is considered to have minor league status when he is signed by a major league club. High School, College, and foreign players do not have the right to be drafted in the minor league draft. If any player is drafted in the MLB draft and does not sign With his MLB team (for example, from the 2018 MLB draft Carter Stewart did not sign with Atlanta) he can't be drafted in that years Badass Baseball League draft. X. GOVERNANCE 10.1 The decision of the Commissioners (TeddyK and Russ) supersedes the rules herein and is final in any disputes. We also have the power to change a rule with an unforeseen loophole post de facto (After the fact) for the benefit of the league. The overall good of the league as a whole will be greater than the benefit to any sum of its constituents. This is not to say that this league is a dictatorship. Often, things will be going to a vote; the current system is in place for ease.
  12. 12 team league needs one owner replacement. This is a free league. We have both a minor league and major league roster for each owner. We conduct a 5 round minor league draft each offseason and are active year round. We use yahoo fantasy for our regular season and use a proboards site for conducting our offseason. The league is intense and challenging. League constitution is attached, If you are interested in more info please contact me and i can send you league info so you can check it out. Thanks Teddyk constitution.docx