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  1. Ok. That sounds really bad. I need another keeper looks like. Maybe berrios will fill in. But its sad. Kid was really good.
  2. Who are others with that surgery? And came back?
  3. ROS- points league- w=4, QS=5- K=2 Guerra Blach Chase anderson Mccarthy Jimmy nelson CC Best 2 ROS?
  4. On espn they say lingering issue. Will be out for a while. Anything out of the astros on a timeframe?
  5. At the moment against the sorry. On my bench for this one.
  6. I gues add first, ask questions later is the motto those days....with injuries left and right. But its tough with sims or newcomp also looming.
  7. Faria?
  8. Rank them. Points. W=4-qs=5 Have to drop one of them with guerra coming off DL.
  9. Thats it for brach. Confidence will be gone.
  10. Best cubs hitter atm: ian happ. Crazy.
  11. Hurt? Out after 5 innings and only 70 pitches.
  12. stat lines look solid recently. will he be up this summer. or only in september?
  13. Holds 3 points, saves 5. leaning towards making the move.
  14. Brach struggeled but is the closer Knebel is lights out but only could be the closer.
  15. Folks, its the pirates... ok he pitched a really good game. But that is not a mlb lineup atm.