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  1. Solid again. Less Ks this time but 0er, qs and in line for the W.
  2. DL stint coming...hammy running to first.
  3. Looked solid again.... i dont know. Pitches @ redsox next. Maybe i camn be decent there ill add.
  4. So what? See you mid/end 2018 i guess....
  5. Greene looked very good. One walk was intentional. To gardner, who is killing it lately. His FB had good movement. Good changeup. To be elite he lacks absolute control.
  6. Anybody watching the WSH broadcast? Are they updating on it?
  7. who Closes in baltimore ROS? britton or brach?
  8. so he will be closing ROS?
  9. Landing spots? Cubs, dodgers?
  10. He is not hitting recently. Thats all. Am i worried? A little bit.
  11. Brutal.
  12. Pick 1. Innings limit i cant go over. So only one possible. Points: w=4-qs=5-k=2 Darvish @ KC Matz against rockies
  13. rainout possible @ baltimore?