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  1. As no. 7 or 8 who you would take? Morton Smyly Corbin Wood (dodgers) Iwakuma Brett anderson Chen Pick 2!
  2. Depends...more upside/risk norris. Maybe better this year (also better park-divison) cotton.
  3. Someone give baez more playing time #maddon
  4. This springs looks really ugly!
  5. choose one. its my last pick. thinking long term. braxton garrett matt manning aj puk dylan cease adrian morejan
  6. ff
  7. Thinking long term. So more of the performance the next 5 years, not only next year. Who should i keep (both last round value): Javier baez (cubs)or Jean segura (mariners)?
  8. Would not be surprised to see a 2run HR now.
  9. Cant argue with the chapman move. Its your closer, overworked but better than the other options. The one that was all wrong, was taking out hendricks so early.
  10. Kluber will not go much longer. But 4-5 innings will be pitched by the indians bullpen with no runs.
  11. Normally Indians will win. Kluber is dealing now-bullpen will do the rest.
  12. own ertz. is he drop for one of those: fleener pitta clay brate hunter henry no space to add one of them without dropping ertz.
  13. Enjoy the nice game. Was on my bench... But to say its his backfield now is way too early. Its reid first of all. Next game the roles could easily reverse.
  14. Hurt in the first half.
  15. I know. Really tough one. First i wanted to keep baez for sure, because i expected that seguras numbers begin to fade...but they didnt. I have time to make the decision til march. The only way i can keep both would be not to keep another player. Cole or matz are the candidates. Both for health reasons. But its a little bit pitching heavy scoring. This is going to hunt me the whole winter.