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  1. will be on a pitch count. so only 4-5 innings, per cbs.
  2. syndergaard is an interesting choice. feels like boom or complete bust @coors.
  3. only 2 weeks to go in my Points League. Smith gone quite. make the move?
  4. no. but maybe could trade for Tatis. with my Robles included.
  5. who will be better? both could be potential keepers. Points league.
  6. it is over. looney gone, KD gone. no chance. they escaped today. wont happen again and potentialy then once again.
  7. harper is the best Player in the deal. i think you dont Need the upgrade in pitching for a Downgrade in OF. i wouldnt do it.
  8. but duplantier was already up. so you think Gallen is the better prospect? i was leaning the same but prospect sites seems to disagree...
  9. its a keeper league. so both Long term and ROS. who to stash?
  10. dont know where to post this Question. so ill do it here. where can i find stats including Swinging strikes for pitching? looked at fangraphs but couldnt find anything, or its for subscribers only there?
  11. Jose Ramirez? who was dropped….but hitting .200.