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  1. Possible injury. Maddon walk on to him in the 6th twice. Threw 2 pitches in between. Then pulled. Weird scene.
  2. Fulmer is a must own for sure.
  3. So, who is tje starting center? Bogut gone. Ezili free agent.
  4. Will there be an innings limit this year for him?
  5. Looked more like a hammy... but we dont know. I would expect to miss him at least one start.
  6. Position aside. Which will be the better player in 5 years? Sorry wrong thread...
  7. Why the heck was famlia in this in the first place? That was not a save situation an d he is not the person who needs the work.
  8. So,what is a realistic timetable for him to be in the bigs? Are we talking july? Or earlier?
  9. Thats not gonna happen. He plays in the completly wrong hine park for that to happen.
  10. Got tex and david peralta, currently DL. Add valencia, lamb, khris davis, duvall, napoli, ozuna, guyer over them?
  11. Position is no problem. Have arenado, pedroia and segura for those. They play every day. Need OF help.
  12. Bradley only on a hot streak? Or breakout? Will drury stick once peralta comes back. Who wojld yo rather add?
  13. Oh boy. It never ends with these cubs.
  14. Also depends on your matz replacement. Maybe you can add somebody like glasnow or taillon.
  15. Mazara Bradley is a streaky hitter. He is on his streak. i dont expect a season long streak.