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  1. Brach solid as usual. On walk. DP to get the save.
  2. Also he has a little finger issue. Said he s playing at 80%. He ll be fine.
  3. How is leake looking? Solid stat line so far again against hot brewers.
  4. Pederson not doing much and sitting sometimes. Altherr looks like to take off...
  5. No. Players want to play. Hammys could be tricky and linger. Reinjury is always possible...
  6. Mccarthy or leake over boyd?
  7. Points. 5 qs, 4w, 2 per k Vargas Leake Mccarthy Morton Jordon montgomery Hector santiago
  8. So. Whats the neris-benoit situation? A 75-25 % save situation split in favor of neris? Is neris the closer?
  9. Atm looks like blach will start. Stratton to the pen. Idk why organisations always hold back their best prospects. I know, finances, control blabla... But clearly a chance for a talented kid and they block him.
  10. Is happ really going to be better than baez? ( thats what you are saying, metioning benintendi) I know, its hard to predict. Has he better plate discipline? Would be a hint in that direction. But i dont know. Baez looks like the real deal too, if he sorts out some things.... Also they have eloy and almora around. Which could hurt his longterm value within the cubs. Debating myself to give up on baez and add happ in a long term keeper league. But its a really hard move to make now....
  11. Kelley in trouble. FB single suzuki followed by a walk.
  12. He looks unhitable.
  13. Theres also definitely a chance those morons in detroit will send him down after one outing.
  14. Talent. Stuff. K-potential. Pretty much all. You name it.
  15. Nope. Jimenez is better.