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  1. own ertz. is he drop for one of those: fleener pitta clay brate hunter henry no space to add one of them without dropping ertz.
  2. Enjoy the nice game. Was on my bench... But to say its his backfield now is way too early. Its reid first of all. Next game the roles could easily reverse.
  3. Hurt in the first half.
  4. I know. Really tough one. First i wanted to keep baez for sure, because i expected that seguras numbers begin to fade...but they didnt. I have time to make the decision til march. The only way i can keep both would be not to keep another player. Cole or matz are the candidates. Both for health reasons. But its a little bit pitching heavy scoring. This is going to hunt me the whole winter.
  5. Segura or baez? Keep forever, cost-last round.
  6. Both questionable, but jeffrey plays SNF. And parker with a sweet matchup against the browns.
  7. Can start 2 out of the 4. Ware vs.jets, murray@Ten, freeman @saints, hyde@seahawks.
  8. yeah, tough one...also debating williams, because i have travis benjamin. and then wait and see whos the better one after allens injury.
  9. For one of these (ppr league) Tyrell williams Sharpe Kerley Eli rogers Agholor Cruz Steve smith sr. WR 3 slot. 1 and 2 are jeffrey and fitz.
  10. Will he stay? Or just a spot start?
  11. Wondering too. They have them starting saturday. On yahoo and espn nothing there.
  12. K-2, qs-5, w-4 points Shoemaker Koehler Musgrove Straily I have shoe. But debating to move on. Straily really good late, musgrove up to a good start...opinions?
  13. Title says it...
  14. I would take rodgers for sure. If thats the ss from COL. After that its margot or crawford. May depend on your needs.
  15. Whats about will smith? He could be next in line too.