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  1. Andy Reid smh run the freakin ball
  2. Need graham and rawls to outscore seattle D by 17. They arent even getting f'n touches.
  3. so much for the big games I needed for Rawls and Graham today....
  4. Rawls and Graham down 20 vs Seattle D. ready for a 0 pt first quarter. terrific.
  5. Up 13, vs Brees and spiller, idiot NO kicker misses game winning 30 harder. First OT drive 22 f'ing point 80 yard bomb to spiller, give me a GD break.
  6. Where is Charles man?!
  7. Ugh they can't even get foster a welcome back td....def done for day
  8. Giants going ultra conservative with terrible runs. And they wonder why they blow 4th quarter leads.
  9. So worst case scenario for foster me
  10. Aj green still playing? 2nd half disappearance
  11. I find these accents somewhat relaxing tbh Enjoy away then! There's 1 more game in London later this year right?
  12. Not sure what's more annoying: Marshalls first 5 minutes or these ads being read in a British accent
  13. Bad week to go against Marshall ugh
  14. Always fun to see your opponent(Marshall) get a 58 yard deep ball from a QB who doesn't throw deep ball....